How to make an inexpensive renovation that looks decent

How to make an inexpensive renovation that looks decent Tips from designers and builders - no one will believe that you made repairs for a penny with your own hands

Naturally, renovation is a rather expensive undertaking, because you need to decide on the color palette for wall decoration, choose a standing floor covering, as well as hang a beautiful ceiling, and choose lamps. And the electrician and plumbing do stand like an airplane wing! How to make an inexpensive repair in an apartment?

There is an option - builders and designers were able to come up with and highlight several "chips" that will help update and make your family "nest" more modern and stylish. reasonable prices. So, how do you make expensive repairs cheap?

Builders' Tip # 1 - Estimation and Planning

In order for you to meet your budget, it's worth taking the time to think things through - to do it spontaneously repair is definitely not worth it. First, assess the condition of the apartment, materials for decoration and decide what can be restored and what exactly needs to be replaced.

At this stage, you should pay special attention to the following points:

  1. Doors. If they are in good condition, then you can restore them yourself - remove the old finish layer, sand the canvas and paint. Another option for reconstruction would be to glue a self-adhesive film with an imitation of natural material on the surface of the canvas, and you can also use wallpaper canvases, which can also be covered with PVA glue or varnish on top. Often the surfaces are artificially aged or decoupage techniques are used. In general, replacing glass in interior doors, painting and using additional slats will help transform old doors and not spend 10,000 rubles each on buying new ones (we are talking about models of the middle price category + accessories + installation).

  2. Window structures - it is best not to change old wooden frames, but to restore them if they are worn out by no more than 60%, because otherwise they will be replaced necessary. To restore window frames, it is required to completely remove the paint layer, and then replace the glazing beads and install the seal.
  3. Assess the condition of the floor covering. Naturally, if you have parquet or boards, the degree of wear of which is more than 60%, then it would be more expedient to make a complete replacement. If the damage is small, then you can repair the surface yourself.

    To do this, you will need to remove the top paint layer. Also, decorative drawings, patterns using stencils, painting individual boards will look unusual - there are many options for decorating a natural floor design.

It is not so difficult to restore an old floor, especially since it is much more environmentally friendly than laying laminate or linoleum.

Council of builders # 2 - rules of economy when buying building materials

After the preliminary assessment is carried out, you should start planning. It is imperative to draw up a clear repair plan and calculate how much materials you need.

There is no need to buy end-to-end - it is better to increase the amount from 10 to 15%, so that after that you do not have to run, look for and buy wallpaper or rolls of wallpaper from that particular batch. It is best that you agree in advance in the store about a possible return - often outlets with building materials accept surpluses back.

Repair for a penny in the literal sense is simply impossible, but if you have a count on the exact amount of materials, then you can start looking for the best prices. You should go to large outlets in advance, view the collections or order everything you need in online stores

The latter option has many advantages:

  • Shipping from offline stores is often free.
  • Online stores offer favorable prices, because the cost of the goods will not include the salaries of the administration, consultants, as well as the rent of premises and utility costs.

  • When ordering a large volume, you will receive an additional discount.

Good advice! It is worth keeping an eye on promotional offers, as well as sales that are held from time to time in all outlets. Moreover, stores often markdown exhibition samples, and if the product is of excellent quality at a bargain price, then the presence of branded packaging is not so important.

Recommendations from designers

Here you can find TOP-7 tips from professionals in their field that will help you make repairs inexpensively and beautifully.

No wallpaper - only decorative plaster

This wall covering option is suitable for those who have small children or pets in the house.

On this surface, you can freely draw, smear plasticine, slime and even scratch. All this is easy to wash, tear off and there will be no damage to the appearance. But the most important thing is that the plaster is durable. If you make a choice in favor of the mineral, then it will last up to 30 years, and the silicone up to 60 years; polymer samples are completely capable of lasting 50 years, but the same cannot be said about wallpaper. The most reliable ways to hold out for a maximum of 20 years.

There are a lot of types of plaster, and this pleasure is not the cheapest, but you can find inexpensive options, for example, textured plaster. It can be of several types - "lamb" (when the composition contains stone grains of different sizes), "fur coat" (the surface of which is rough, in the form of a little hairiness) and the popular "bark beetle", which in appearance resembles the surface of eaten wood. 1 square meter will be from 250 rubles.

Stretch ceiling

The question of choosing ceilings (stretch or painting) arises very often, and I want everything to be beautiful, practical as well as inexpensive. The stretch ceiling can be installed in a few hours, and the preparatory work is minimal, and after installation, there is no dust or dirt.

But for painting, the surface of the ceiling will need to be cleaned, primed and plastered. What's more, stretch ceilings made of PVC are ways to prevent leaks and withstand a lot of water. It does not require special care and the material is durable in use. As for the cost, then 1 sq. a meter of stretch ceiling with installation work will cost from 300 rubles.

Paint will cost about the same price, but there is much more trouble with it, and stretch ceilings are popular because they are practical and convenient.

The ideal floor is laminate

To make an inexpensive renovation, you should pay attention to the choice of flooring. The question of which floor is better is difficult because it depends a lot on budget as well as preference. We suggest considering all the options. Solid wood planks are a versatile material that suits almost every interior.

They are durable (up to half a century), but they react sharply to the indoor climate, humidity and temperature, and the cost will be about 9,000 rubles per 1 sq. M. meter. Block parquet is interesting in that you can make different patterns from dies. It also serves for 50 years, it is required to make a high-quality subfloor, and the cost of 1 m 2 is 5,500 rubles.

How to make an inexpensive renovation that looks decent Parquet board - this material is sanded and covered with varnish. The operational period is short - a maximum of 20 years, and the cost starts from 2,500 rubles per 1 m 2 . Cork flooring is a resilient, warm floor that is very pleasant to the touch. The main disadvantage is the high risk of damage, but the cost is from 2,500 rubles per 1 m 2 . Laminate is a wear-resistant material that is easy to lay, however, there is one "but" - it is afraid of water.

But the price is pleasant - for one square from 300 rubles. Linoleum of natural origin is a warm, environmentally friendly and fairly easy to use and maintain building material. It can last up to 30 years, but it is not resistant to alkalis. The cost is moderate - from 750 rubles per square meter.

PVC linoleum has an incredible selection of patterns and colors, and the coating itself is very economical.

There is also a huge drawback - the coating is still artificial, and therefore it can even cause an allergic reaction. The service life is up to 8 years, and the cost is from 850 rubles per 1 m 2 . Carpet is a soft and cozy material that does not require sub-flooring, but remember that it is a dust bin that needs to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. The service life is up to 5 years, and the price is from 600 rubles per square meter.

It turns out that, according to the rating, the most successful material in terms of price-quality ratio is precisely the laminate, which is optimal in cost and does not have major drawbacks.

It should be wiped with a slightly damp cloth, and this is the only condition.

Hiding the toilet cistern in the wall

A wall-hung toilet will look much more beautiful than a floor-standing one, because all pipes, valves and the rest will be hidden in the wall in which the installation will be built. And in that place it will be possible to hang shelves, a cabinet or a towel dryer, which will give the sanitary unit an aesthetic appearance. In a wall-hung toilet, flush works much better due to design features, in addition, such systems have a double flush button, which allows you to waste less water. Also, it will take up less space even if an installation is attached to it.

Usually it is no more than 0.2 meters wide, and a regular toilet is farther from the wall and has a larger cistern. By the way, most people refuse this venture because of the erroneous opinion that if the pipe breaks through, then it will be necessary to break the wall where the tank is walled up. Well, this is not true, because the hole where the flush button is located provides access to the mechanisms.

Down with the wardrobes - we make a dressing room

Many people still live in small-sized rooms, where every centimeter of space counts.

For this reason, the issue of size is of great importance. The wardrobes have already outlived their time, because they are uncomfortable and bulky, and you still won't be able to go in and change near the mirror. Because of this, it has become fashionable to make dressing rooms. The smallest dressing room can have an area of ​​1.2 to 1.

5 square meters, and is often made in a corner. By the way, such an option will turn out to be even more spacious than a similar one in terms of area in the form of a rectangle - with an equal area, the length of the sides where you can place shelves and other storage systems will turn out to be larger. You can buy ready-made systems and keep within 20,000 rubles. Hang men's things on one side, and women's things on the other, there will be a mirror in the middle. Perfect

Spot lighting

How to make an inexpensive renovation that looks decent This will really help save money.

Large chandeliers, of course, remain classics, and wherever they are, the room will bloom instantly. But the cost of such devices is rather big, and you can't find less than 1,000 rubles. For this reason, for those who do not have the opportunity to hang their house with large lamps, we offer to buy spotlights, however, they can be installed only on suspended and suspended ceilings.

The ideal 40 W LED stretch ceiling lamp, which hardly heats up and does not spoil the canvas. LED lamps can provide uninterrupted luminous flux of different colors, which will not fatigue the eyes or impair vision.

It is worth choosing them based on preferences and purposes of use, and the cost is from 100 rubles / piece.For the safety of the ceiling, adhere to these rules - the lamp power should not be more than 50 W, there must be a mirrored part to reflect the luminous flux and no sharp ends that can damage the ceiling during installation.

Bimetallic heating radiators

Bimetallic radiators give excellent heat output, light weight and have a beautiful design. If you correctly calculate the number of sections, power, then they will serve you faithfully and right for many years. The main advantage is that the adjustment can be done independently.

If it's hot, turn the valve on and it gets cooler, or vice versa, turn on more. The service life is 50 years. The aluminum body contributes to the rapid spread of heat inside the apartment, and in standard models with a center-to-center distance of 0.5 meters, the heat output is up to 190 W, which is much higher than in single-cell batteries.


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