How to make an opening in a frame wall in a house? Window and door - Step by step

How to make an opening in a frame wall in a house? Window and door - Step by step To make an opening in the frame wall, you need to work hard. This is due to the complex structure and the fact that in this structure the walls are multilayer.

If the opening for a window or door is completely ready, then their installation will not take too long. But making the openings will take a lot of time and effort. Let's talk about this further .



Construction of a frame house may seem like a simple matter, but when people start building, some difficulties appear. A special case is the equipment of window and door openings.

Window openings

In frame structures, the walls are multilayer and this is the complexity of the equipment of the openings.

The walls of frame houses have nine layers from the outside (standard equipment).

How to make an opening in a frame wall in a house? Window and door - Step by step

With the equipment of openings inside the house, the situation is much simpler, since the walls inside the frame house have four layers thick.

It is not necessary to finish the openings, but it is better to do it.

When erecting a frame house out of ignorance, some builders may make mistakes , for example, make uneven openings. These mistakes can be corrected with cement.

Finishing and installing doors is no different than installing and decorating windows.

When you understand the technology for installing windows , then you will definitely cope with installing doors.

Features of the frame

A frame house almost always consists of wooden parts and in very rare cases a metal profile is used.

How to make an opening in a frame wall in a house? Window and door - Step by step

Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the load on such parts and pay special attention to the corner parts buildings.

For load on the foundation to be uniform, it is necessary to tie the frame from above and below.

The possibility of installing warm windows depends on this. Such windows significantly increase the load on the building structure, especially if the house consists of lightweight panels.

If you are thinking of building a house with large windows, then it will be very difficult to do it yourself. This also applies to the equipment of doorways.

The distance between the uprights should be about one meter, but where there should be openings for windows, the distance should be slightly larger.

In order not to complicate the structure, it is recommended to install windows with a length of less than 120 cm.

Side supports for the window

How to make an opening in a frame wall in a house? Window and door - Step by step Structures with a length of more than 120 cm will require additional financial and time costs and it is still impossible to install this structure with your own hands.

Decorating openings is carried out in two ways:

  1. Using a crossbar (Finnish technology)
  2. Using a header (Canadian technology)

Both methods are in demand, but in Russia they use more Finnish technology. But we will cover both methods.

Ledger device

Using the deadbolt is the Finnish way of arranging window openings.

Crossbars are large support beams on which all other elements of the frame house are supported.

The Finnish method is used when they want to install plastic windows.

How to make an opening in a frame wall in a house? Window and door - Step by step When considering a frame house, it is worth understanding what a crossbar is.

A crossbar is a board that stands on the edge and is built into the upper part of the frame. This board equally distributes the load from the floor beams to the openings of windows and doors.

The crossbar consists of different parts. When erecting frame houses, boards of more than six meters are not used, and the walls of the house can even be more than six meters. Such a device mates with a window stand and this makes the structure more reliable.

When the construction of a frame house is done by hand , it is necessary to avoid such a situation when the crossbar is connected to the rack in the place where there is already a connection of the upper strapping. Such a connection will be unstable, and the structure will be weak, so the installed plastic window can fall out of the opening.

Professional builders recommend installing wooden, not plastic windows in frame houses. But finishing the wood frame isn't easy. It is not difficult to make a crossbar with your own hands.

In frame houses built using Canadian technology, a head is installed.

Header device

How to make an opening in a frame wall in a house? Window and door - Step by step Canadian technology implies the use of a header and double struts.

Racks consist of one main and a second additional.

Racks for windows are installed above and below the window opening, the distance between them is the same as for the frame.

Where there are no windows and doors in the walls, the load from the upper trim is equally transmitted through the posts to the foundation of the building.

A large distance is left between the main and additional posts if there are openings in the walls. The support beam can be either top or bottom, but only one of them is used.

Header consists of a double or triple bar with a height of one hundred to one hundred and thirty centimeters. The exact dimensions depend on the dimensions of the window and the crossbeam (floor joists). The header takes all the load on himself and distributes it evenly to the racks and to the foundation.

Header and crossbar perform the same function, so making them yourself as one or the other is not difficult.

If you listen to the opinions of professionals, then the installation of a header is rarely used and it takes much more time and effort to make it.

If you still use the services of specialists, then finishing the openings will come out to you at a price practically the same.

We wish you good luck and success in your work!

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