How to make an underground house with your own hands: Instruction + Video

How to make an underground house with your own hands: Instruction + Video How to build an underground house with a minimum budget. We suggest discussing in this article how to build an underground house. You will learn what the advantages and disadvantages of such construction are, and what are the differences from ground construction. It is also interesting that the landscapes behind the windows of such a house will correspond to the landscapes behind the windows of above-ground houses, since a mirror system is used.

Due to this, there will be a complete impression of the feeling that you live beyond the earth.

General information about underground houses

The main points of construction

How to make an underground house with your own hands: Instruction + Video The very idea of ​​building an underground house dates back to the 1970s, when Bill, the discoverer of earthen houses, saw that one fire was enough for lighting and heating. At that time, he developed some architectural solutions for the structure and built an earthen house, which consisted of interconnected domes. But he did not begin construction until 1988, when he hired workers who could cope with cutting the top of the hill. After that, the installation of metal structures for the world's first underground cottage began.

Today's underground houses are built on the same principle, but a little differently.

Now the outer part must be waterproofed, covered with dry sand, and on top, cover everything with a rubber membrane film over the area so that the sand remains dry. Air pipes will be hidden under the sand. A fertile soil layer should be poured over the membranes. Due to a well-thought-out design, the house will be pleasant and comfortable, and unnecessary expenses will not be required.

It turns out that residents of such houses will be able to satisfy the desire for design and relevance, as well as get peace and environmental friendliness.

Mansions that are located under the thickness of the earth can have their own courtyards, and you can also make several bedrooms, a bathroom, a spacious kitchen, a games room. It turns out that such houses are not much different from modern ground-based dwellings. The patio helps add magic to the underground habitat. In such a house, there will be minimal heat loss, because the temperature difference in the ground is very small. To this can be added isolation from neighbors, and this is also important.

All the pros and cons

The underground house has the following advantages:

  1. No facade is required.
  2. In winter, an underground house will retain heat to the maximum, and this value is greater than that of an above-ground structure, due to which it will be possible to reduce the cost of electricity and gas.
  3. How to make an underground house with your own hands: Instruction + Video In the summer, such a house will keep cool better than aboveground housing, and therefore you can save on the air conditioning system.
  4. The building itself is an excellent defense against thieves, since there is only one way to get into the house - through the entrance.
  5. If your house design provides windows with mirrors, then you will be able to observe the world around you, but no one will be able to look into your windows.

    Due to this, you will feel safe and comfortable.

  6. Since the house will be located underground, almost the entire plot of land from above will be an excellent canvas for landscape design. For example, you can create a garden of extraordinary beauty.
  7. Such a house will not be afraid of the news that a tornado or heavy rain is approaching.

Of the shortcomings, we note the following:

  1. The most difficult thing in such a house is to organize the sewerage system.

    To do this, it will be necessary to install the pumping system so that the wastewater can enter the well.

  2. In such a home, electrical generators will be required to provide another source of energy in case the main power is cut off. For example, without this, the same pumps for pumping out waste water may turn off.
  3. By their nature, Russians love to show how wealthy they are with a facade, and it doesn't matter what it is about - appearance, car or house. If the house is underground, then in fact there is no house, and you come to spend the night in a dugout.

Now we propose to consider the main points of such housing

How to make an underground house with your own hands: Instruction + Video First step is to dig a pit. For such a project, a very deep pit will be required, therefore, in its manufacture, it will be necessary to comply with stricter safety requirements. The most dangerous thing that can happen is the collapse of the pit walls. In order to avoid this problem, you should dig a depression at an angle on each of the four sides. After the pit for the underground house is ready, you can proceed to the monolithic part of the construction.

The next step is the installation of slabs, wall formwork and then a monolithic floor.

In such construction, you will undoubtedly save money, because for the most part, construction will only require concrete and reinforcement, but you will not have to puzzle over how to decorate the facade, how much the roofing material costs and where to find an intelligent specialist for work with the roof. Having built such a house, you will remove the formwork, and then you will smear everything with bituminous mastic. After that, you should fill up everything and do not forget about the entrance group. Also, do not forget to make the outflow of water in front of the building.

The only thing that can be made really attractive to others is the entrance lobby. We offer to overlay it with butt, or any other material.

Now let's talk about the windowing system. When pouring the walls, you should leave an opening for the window in the place where it should be located according to the house project. From the inside of the wall, under the window, the platform should be cast over the entire width of the window, and the length should be determined in advance depending on the height of the window and the slope should be at 45 degrees.

The edge of each mirror should be aligned with the top edge of the window.Next, from the site, lay out a pipe made of brick, preferably red. Set the pipe to the height you want to observe the area. Above should attach the opposite mirror.

When the installation work is over, you can begin to beautify the above-ground part with stones that will ideally match the landscape.

The best underground houses. Overview

Although such houses are rare, some people want to live underground. This is an interesting alternative to standard buildings. We offer to consider the best underground houses in the world.

Eco-Friendly Underground Home

This house is a structure of several underground houses that was designed for British football star Gary Neville.

Accommodation combines functionality and beauty. The player's residence occupies 745 m 2 , but not in the way you think (several floors), but on the contrary, a one-story building. The main goal in the development of such a house was to create a structure that would consume energy at a minimum and would represent an ecological version of the house. The underground house was built with local materials and traditional construction methods. A pump helps provide heating, while photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine help generate renewable energy.

This house was built practically on the side of a hill, and this made it possible to integrate into the environment of the house. The layout of the house is somewhat reminiscent of flowers with numbers in place of the petals and everything is organized around the kitchen. The comparison was not chosen by chance at all, since a house with night lighting looks like a flower and petals. Such a harmonious creation cannot be compared with anything else.

Elliptical underground structure with mountain views

How to make an underground house with your own hands: Instruction + Video The second house is also built on the hillside, but has a completely different design.

the house is elliptical and is the result of a creation between architects from the Netherlands. The house is located in the Swiss village of Wells, but it is difficult to see it, as it is embedded in a cluster of mountains, but this is far from the only reason why it is difficult to see it on the surface. The house is based on stone, but it itself consists of two entrances. One of them, which is the main entrance, is an area with lots of entertainment, while the other leads to an underground corridor. There are many windows in the round hole, and this is the main source of light in the house, and it also offers an incredibly beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Considering that the house is built underground, it is well lit by natural sunlight. In addition, you will have a beautiful view of the mountains and the highest level of privacy for each inhabitant of the house will be preserved. This version of the house is interesting and everyone who sees it from the inside likes it.

Residential building underground from Nobbiton The Lord of the Rings

One can't help but think about the houses underground that are built on the hillside, and do not compare them with those that remained in the memory of many thanks to the Lord of the Rings movie. Those hobbit houses became a real symbol and were able to inspire many people to incredible projects.

You can see the real houses that were filmed in the house in New Zealand, the place Matamata. This is where the filming took place, and after they were finished, some of the houses were preserved and used as landmarks. Such houses are not decorated and look interesting if you look at them from afar, and then you examine them up close.

Ecological house-hotel in Italy

How to make an underground house with your own hands: Instruction + Video Recently, it has been noted that there is a lot more ideas and energy when it comes to building completely environmentally friendly residential buildings. Most people opt for sustainable home designs and even go for more massive designs.

There are many hotels that have been recently built or old renovated. Bella Vista Hotel is one of those. It is the first park hotel to be developed by Matteo Thun, with a focus on ecology and sustainability. The project includes 11 underground houses that have been built on the hillside since 2009.

The entire structure of the houses has ecological heating, cooling and you can use local resources, as well as materials from the areas located nearby.

In terms of design and architecture, underground homes have been able to influence the local culture. The emphasis was placed on the incredibly strong connection with nature, to create a harmonious tandem of artificial and natural elements. Such a project is ambitious and constantly attracts attention.

Home Made in a Cave (Missouri)

Many homes built underground are located on the hillside and follow the housing model was suggested in the movie The Lord of the Rings. But there are other options, for example, the house in the cave has become a simple and at the same time quite logical solution.

This is probably the starting point for modern homes underground - the concept has become something truly unique. This house, which is inside a cave, is in Missouri, Festus and was built by Kurt and Deborah Sleeper. The interior of the house is surprisingly modern, there are many unique textures, for example, sandstone walls that are not completed, and they help to add a special charm.

Besides the fact that the location of the pulp is extremely unusual and unique, there are other important details. The house is volatile, has geothermal heating and even smart home functions, which helps to get rid of the need to install an air conditioning system.

The cave house has three rooms, each with unfinished walls.Could you live in such a place?

Organics of the underground house of Peter Vеtsch

This is a unique house in Switzerland, which has an original and a new concept that is associated with progressive and environmentally friendly architecture. The structure itself contains 9 houses, and three of them have bedrooms, one has 4 bedrooms, another has 5 bedrooms, and one has 7 bedrooms. The underground houses are spacious enough, but visually seem small, as they are completely covered with grass and earth. They are completely different from each other and are grouped around a small artificial lake.

Each of the houses uses earth as a blanket for insulation, which provides protection from cold, heat, wind and rain. The organic forms of structures make it possible to naturally integrate into the environment and become part of the landscape. And yet, it is not necessary to build such houses underground, they can be located on the ground in a natural way, but then there will no longer be that "wow" effect.

House on the coast underground

How to make an underground house with your own hands: Instruction + Video Many underground houses that are located on the hillside have side holes; they represent the entrance and make the house visible. But this is definitely not the case with this house underground, which is located on the Welsh coast, and it is extremely difficult to find it if you do not know its exact location, since it almost completely disappears into the ground.

The house is a project of the future system, as it was erected in a man-made embankment and is located on the top of a hill. This location helps to take advantage of the panoramic beautiful views, and the design allows you to view the houses located on the coast of Wales. In the underground house there are not only those buildings that are located in a foreign zone, but also the environmental side, which is perfectly combined with the overall design. The house is almost completely underground, there are round-shaped windows. This home almost completely disappears underground and has an incredible connection with nature.

Underground housing in the Cyclades

To build an underground house that will integrate with the environment as much as possible, use materials that is in the neighborhood. For this reason, many underground homes are built into the hill and local materials such as wood or stones can be used. It is based on similar principles for many houses, but its location is different from what you have seen before. The underground house is located in a very beautiful area, ideally fits into the local landscape, fields and earthen ramparts. The designers opted for a standard typology and used only those materials that have a low environmental impact, but at the same time are quite effective as insulation materials.

The whole structure of the house is on the same level and with a total area of ​​240 m 2 .

The walls are made of earth to help regulate the temperature, and the roof is green to provide insulation and blend in with the landscape. These are several options for ecological type houses.