how to make an unusual lighting fixture

how to make an unusual lighting fixture Forged lamps from fittings with our own hands: we make a brutal lamp

Luminaires are versatile lighting devices that not only play a functional but also a decorative role in the interior. One of the most elegant and attractive are wrought iron fixtures.

The lamps, which are made by forging, have a very original and exquisite design.

They help to quickly and easily transform the interior, in which they are located due to the spectacular and expensive appearance. First of all, it is important to note the respectability of such models of lighting devices.

Method details

Advantages and disadvantages

Please note that this At the moment, unusual patterns of artistic forging are obtained thanks to standard stamping, and not from hard work by hand, but even this fact does not reduce the value of lighting fixtures.

Such beautiful products are often decorated with apartments and country houses of respected rich people. With the help of a correctly selected forged lighting fixture, you can emphasize the status of the owners and the entire home as a whole. In addition, it is worth noting the durability and strength of such lamps. The metal itself is able to withstand even heavy loads, and is also a wear-resistant material.

It will take a lot of effort and time to damage the structure, which is made of such material.

A high-quality forged luminaire can last for many years. You can even say that such products have no life limitations. In order for the device to retain its beauty as long as possible, it should be treated with special paints and varnishes and protective coatings.

Metal luminaires are fireproof, because such a durable material will not burn and does not support combustion in any way.

Due to this property, a variety of lamps can be installed in luminaire models.

But it would be dishonest not to note what disadvantages such lamps have:

  1. Metal is highly susceptible to corrosion. It can even have a negative effect on the decorative properties of the lamp. Defects can be avoided only if you regularly clean the material from rust stains and treat it with special solutions.
  2. Forged lighting fixtures are very heavy.

    Because of this, it is unacceptable to install them on certain surfaces, and if there is no alternative, then before the installation work of a metal lamp, the ceiling or walls should be well strengthened, which is very, very expensive.

  3. In the process of making such a lamp, all the constituent elements are connected to each other for welding, but, unfortunately, this does not in the best way affect the appearance of the product.But you can cope with such a problem if you close the ugly seams of the chandelier with stained-glass windows of different colors or other interesting details.

Next, we suggest you consider what types of metal fixtures are.


Forged lamps, which it is possible to do with your own hands, but difficult, can be divided into several types.

They have non-standard designs and are installed on different surfaces:

  • Wall-mounted. I install such lighting devices made of metal or reinforcement on vertical surfaces using special mounts. Wall lamps are the most common and demanded fixtures. They are used for both interior and exterior decoration of housing. As a rule, such devices are very easy to install and they differ in their unusual external design.

  • Ceiling. Such lamps can be found very rarely, because instead of them metal chandeliers are often used, and usually such lamps are installed on special suspension systems.

Please note that before installing such lighting fixtures, the ceiling should be reinforced in advance, if necessary.

  • Floor standing. floor lamps made by the forging method boast a luxurious and original design.

    Such models have a gothic appearance, but at the same time they look organic in a variety of interiors. True, the cost of such products is also "luxurious".

  • Pillars. Such structures are used to illuminate the street. The light source in such products is usually mounted on a metal support.

    Such models are very similar to standard street lamps, but at the same time they are often supplemented with various decorative elements.

In addition, there are candelabra, and candles are installed in such interesting devices instead of the usual bulbs. It looks especially impressive in antique design. Beautiful forged fixtures differ in the way they are created. There are factory-made or hand-made models, and handmade lamps are more unique and popular because their designs are unique and one of a kind.

Such devices are very expensive.

As for the lamps, the following types can be used:

  • Halogen lamps.
  • Incandescent lamps.
  • LEDs.

The first two types of lamp are extremely common, and such models fit best with the design of rich forged lamps.

When choosing a lamp for a floor lamp or a metal chandelier, be sure to take into account that the shape of the shade and lamp can be noticeably different. This will not in any way affect the appearance of the product or the safety characteristics, but it will not make it possible to simulate a beautiful natural fire.


Metal forged lamps have no restrictions in terms of size and design.In the production of such luxury products, a variety of approaches and methods are used.

However, such a system is based on the following basic details:

  1. how to make an unusual lighting fixture K arch.

    Usually it is made from reinforcement with varying degrees of density, and the future shape of the finished product will directly depend on what shape it takes.

  2. Decorative details. This includes all metal structures that are used to decorate a lighting fixture. There are no restrictions in this matter, and the master can use anything for decoration, both small curved leaves and unusual wavy frames.
  3. Foundation.

    Such a detail may be in the design of the luminaire, but sometimes it is not at all. Everything will depend on the type of device.

  4. Lighting system. This includes everything from lamps / LEDs to electrical cables.

And then we suggest you consider fittings for lamps, or rather, how to make an unusual lighting fixture.

A brutal lamp made of reinforcement

The manufacturing process is as follows:

  • First you should cut rebar with a cross section of 0.8 cm into pieces with a length of 12 cm, use an angle grinder for this.
  • You will need 15 of these blanks, and the more precisely you cut them, the less problems there will be when welding parts.
  • how to make an unusual lighting fixture Next, you should make a simple jig and weld several triangles, after which you can continue assembling the body in volume, and weld all the elements together.
  • After that, a piece should be cut from the shock absorber body along the length of the cartridge, and welded to the main body.

  • Now it turned out that the length of the reinforcement segments is not 12, but 10 cm.
  • All connections should be carefully welded and cleaned with an angle grinder, on which the flap disc is installed.
  • Then you can paint everything with aerosol black paint (preferably matte).
  • Moreover, you need to add a washer to which the chuck will be attached and weld the eyelet.
  • Insert the chuck in the desired position and screw.

    Please note that ceramic cartridges are quite fragile, so you should be very careful when installing.

  • When the last link in the chain has been extended, the LED lamp can be installed.

After the design is ready, you can experiment with different lamps - warm, cold light, etc.