How to make benches in a gazebo with your own hands - detailed instructions and Photo + Video

How to make benches in a gazebo with your own hands - detailed instructions and Photo + Video How to make benches in the gazebo with your own hands - detailed instructions and Photos. Elements such as tables and benches in the gazebo will always be irreplaceable in the world. Furniture is simple in terms of its design features, and therefore it will not be difficult to build it yourself. Even someone who is not a professional carpenter can make these simple pieces of furniture with his own hands. And if you want to devote more time to the process, then your furniture will even surpass the purchased one.

In order to understand how to make benches in the gazebo with your own hands, you should adhere to some working conditions.

Choosing a design for the gazebo

The general decoration and furniture in the gazebo, including, must be a single whole, or an organic composition. The table and benches should be a decoration of the building, which at the same time will not be knocked out of the whole ensemble. Ideally, no more than three materials should be used to decorate the structure and its details.

How to make benches in a gazebo with your own hands - detailed instructions and Photo + Video If you try to combine several building materials, the number of which will exceed three, think about how they will fit into landscape design.

It is also important that the decoration of the gazebo and furniture are combined with the architectural decoration of the house, which is located nearby.

The choice of material for the table and benches is very important, and the final result depends on what the gazebo is made of. If metal was used for the walls, supports and decorative lattices, then it will be desirable that the benches for the gazebo have some elements of a similar material. This is especially important when it comes to a pergola.

The best building material that goes well with the rest is wood.

It can be used both in metal buildings and in projects with non-standard materials, such as polycarbonate.

Making wooden furniture is easy. To do this, you do not necessarily need to be able to handle a plane; the ability to use a hammer and a saw is enough. Most modern manufacturing companies offer to buy ready-made wood that has been processed and sanded. You just have to cut the boards into pieces of the desired size and start assembling the frame for the future bench.

If you are a happy owner of a luxurious gazebo with wrought iron elements and barbecue, then you probably want to make furniture in the same style, and you will not have to pick up a hammer. There are ready-made forged elements in hardware stores, and they can be supplemented with any furniture made of a steel angle or shaped pipe

Creating a product


How to make a bench in a gazebo with a barbecue? The manufacture of any product begins, first of all, with design, namely, with the creation of a drawing.

Everything should be carefully measured before starting. Also make allowances for the wood shrinking over time. The main value that should be indicated in the drawing is the height of the structure.

The best option is a bench with a height of 40 to 60 cm. The height can be adjusted only depending on the structure of the gazebo and the preferences of the household.

Usually partitions or walls in a gazebo with a barbecue are placed around the perimeter of each support, and therefore it is not necessary to make backs for the bench, but if you still want each bench to have a back, try to calculate everything in advance, in particular angle of inclination and length. If you decide to make furniture out of wood, and this is your first time, try to make a choice in favor of the simplest designs. Projects that are not very difficult can be completed in one day, even without professional skills.

Materials and fixtures

So, which of the tools and materials do we need when working? What materials to choose? To make a pleasant-looking and comfortable bench, you will need to perform certain work. First you need to study all the technology. It will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with a detailed master class on manufacturing, which explains all the elementary models.

The construction will be in the following dimensions:

  • The length of the back and seat will be 1.6 meters.

  • Seats will be positioned at a height of 0.4 meters.
  • The bench should be 0.95 meters high.
  • The ideal seat width is 0.

    5 meters.

A bench with such parameters can accommodate four people. To make a bench for a gazebo with your own hands, you will need some tools and materials, and their list is not so long.

  1. Boards with a size of 1.6 * 0.

    15 m. Several blanks should be selected - 3 for the seat and 2 for the back.

  2. The use of wooden blocks with a thickness of 4 cm will be optimal as holders.
  3. Varnish and primer.
  4. Self-tapping screws.

  5. Plane.
  6. Sandpaper.
  7. Electric screwdriver.

It will be good if you pick up boards of the right size right away, but if there are none, you can use an electric jigsaw. All surfaces must be treated with varnish and primer, paint can be used instead of varnish.

This will make it possible to extend the life of the structure.

Good advice! The bench can be reinforced with parallel bars. In this case, it will be stronger and more durable.

Manufacturing technology

You can make a bench for a gazebo in a few steps. First, you will need to develop a drawing and start preparing the necessary materials, and when everything is done, you can start.

The following actions are included in the work:

  • Pre-prepared boards should be planed and sanded. They should be processed so that there are no splinters or irregularities.
  • Grooves must be made in the boards that have been selected for the backrest. To do this, buy such a useful tool as a plane.
  • After that, we make supports from strong, high-quality bars, which have a flat part for fastening.

  • If you wish, you can equip the shop with beautiful carved handrails. To do this, use a jigsaw and cut out the patterns.
  • Prepare everything for assembly, and for this self-tapping screws will need to be treated with a special agent that prevents corrosion from developing and affecting the metal.

How to assemble a bench?

And this is one of the most interesting stages of making a bench for a gazebo, in which there is a brazier - assembly. You can already see how the creation of your hands takes on the shape of a semi-finished product.

We start the installation with the legs. They should be connected to each other using crossbars, and self-tapping screws are used for reliable fastening. Choose the blocks for making legs carefully so that your bench is stable in the future. Attach to the backrest and seat legs.

If the length of the self-tapping screws is not enough, the holes should be made slightly larger than the caps of the self-tapping screw, and on the other hand, it is advised to use clips.

At the ends, the legs need to be fastened to each other. As soon as everything is assembled and ready, the structure must be treated with a special compound that will prevent fungi from appearing and developing, and then varnished. When the shop is dry, you can use it.

A little about a bench made of metal

If it is easy to make a bench for a gazebo out of wood, then making the same, but a metal structure will be much more difficult. Its manufacturing process is not devoid of certain subtleties that must be taken into account.

When working, use the following materials and devices:

  • Paint.
  • Hammer.
  • Profile tube.
  • Welding machine.
  • Bolts.

  • Boards.
  • Bulgarian.

If necessary, you can decorate the shop with special bent metal elements, and for this use a device such as pipe benders. There is also an easier-to-make variation - a bench without a back. The work is done strictly according to the drawing.

The frame should be made from a crossbar, which is placed between the legs. The length should be 1.55 meters. For the rear legs and back, you will need to buy segments with a length of 0.78 meters.

The seat is made of two sections, which are 0.35 meters long. The front supports are made of 0.39 meter pieces of metal, and to fasten them together, use pipes 0.2 meters long.

The legs are connected on each side using curved strips of 0.45 meters. The seat is made of three planks, and the back is also made of them.

When each of the parts is in place, only the assembly stage will remain.

This work is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Connect the elements for the seat and the crossbar.

    These elements should be located perpendicular to each other.

  • Then attach the bent segments with a length of 0.78 meters to the product.
  • Now it remains to weld the front supports to the frame, and then connect it to the crossbar and pipe.
  • Weld an overlay on each leg, and place arcs between the supports.

  • Grind welds, prime and paint.

After that, the gazebo bench is considered almost complete. Now it remains to attach the boards to the seat and back. Prepare them in advance, process the boards with a planer and cover with a layer of varnish. As you can see, you can make a bench for a gazebo in a few hours, and there is nothing difficult about it.

The main thing is that before starting work, a drawing and materials are prepared, and then you will receive excellent furniture for your gazebo.


Creating a bench is a fairly simple job, and in order to figure out what should be done, familiarize yourself with the work technology and make the exact drawing. It is also important what structure you make. It can be made of metal, or it can be made of wood. In the second case, the materials will be much cheaper.

Even for assembly, it is not necessary to seek the help of specialists, and even when making a metal bench, you just need to be able to properly handle the welding machine.

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