How to make cockroaches leave forever? Your house or apartment + Video and Photo

How to make cockroaches leave forever? Your house or apartment + Video and Photo Cockroaches are unwanted neighbors. Every time we find these insects in the house, the question immediately arises: "How to get rid of cockroaches?" We are ready for any expenditure of effort, time and money, just not to meet with them again and again. Every time we go into the kitchen at night and observe the rapid race of red barbel, our hand reaches for the sneaker to stop this disgrace. In this article, we will try to make a small overview of the tools and actions that will help you say goodbye to cockroaches once and for all. What can you buy in a store or pharmacy, what prophylaxis to do against cockroaches, with what means to wash the floors so that the Prussians do not return, and much more.

Consider the reasons for the appearance of cockroaches in your house or apartment? This is water, food, unsanitary conditions for you or your neighbors.

Why are cockroaches in the house taken?

If you like to eat in bed, drink tea with buns at the computer, all the remaining crumbs will be gladly picked up by cockroaches, they food lovers. They also like trash cans, open bags of cereals, leftover food from dinner on the table.

Water. Cockroaches have survived since the Ice Age, they are very tenacious and water allows them to live long, even in conditions of lack of food.

Even a minimal amount of water can restore the life of a Prusak weakening from a past disinfestation.

How to make cockroaches leave forever? Your house or apartment + Video and Photo Don't give them this opportunity. Close the taps in the house carefully, wipe all surfaces in the house with a dry cloth. Do not leave wet dishes in the sink, fix the problem with the dripping tap. After showering or bathing, dry the walls and floor.

For the cockroaches, only the toilet remains, but here we cannot do anything.

Help! The name in common parlance "Prusak" comes from the opinion that this species of insects came to Russia from Prussia. At the same time, in Germany and the Czech Republic, these insects were mistakenly called "Russians" (German Russen, Czech Rus), believing that they were imported from Russia. In contrast to the red cockroach, the black cockroaches (Blatella orientalis) are called by the Germans and the Czechs "Swabs" (German Schwaben, Schabe [2] , Czech Švábi).

Unsanitary conditions are another friend of cockroaches.

There is a way that can help in the matter of destroying cockroaches once and for all. This is the ideal cleanliness of the apartment. Yes, cockroaches can go without food for a very long time, but the cleanliness in the apartment, the absence of crumbs, the order in the house will make the insects eat the poison faster. The barbel simply will have no choice but to eat poisoned food.

Even if you perfectly maintain order, everything is dry and there are no crumbs, then your neighbors may interfere with getting rid of domestic cockroaches in the apartment.

If the neighbors are not distinguished for their love of cleanliness, you will not be able to remake them and your efforts will go to waste. Therefore, we are sealing our apartment.We eliminate cracks, cracks in the floor and baseboards, glue all loose wallpaper, coat the ventilation hatches with poison, carefully seal the joints of the pipes of the batteries with the floor and ceiling with sealant. This will prevent the cockroaches from coming on their own.

How to get rid of cockroaches once and for all?

Of course, if you live in your house, it is enough to specifically etch insects once, and then for prevention once a year to carry out pest control.

But if you live in a multi-storey building, then of course it is better to unite with your neighbors in this struggle. Otherwise, a fresh stream of cockroaches will enter your newly etched apartment every time.

Consider several methods of insect control. When we see that cockroaches in an apartment, the first thing we think about is how to get rid of them with folk remedies

The most famous is the destruction of cockroaches with boric acid

Boric acid for cockroaches is the strongest poison. As soon as it enters the digestive tract, it immediately affects the nervous system with a cockroach.

This paralyzes him so much that he dies. This is the best way when cockroaches can be killed cheaply with a guarantee. Boric acid powder is sold in any pharmacy. You can scatter the powder along the cockroach paths: along the baseboards, at the watering places (toilet, sink, shower). The cockroach will definitely pick them up on its paws, and when it starts cleaning them, it will swallow boric acid.

You can make delicious baits with mashed potatoes, egg yolk, sugar, or boric acid flour. Roll balls from the resulting mass and arrange them in different places. The pungent smell of ammonia does not like insects. The smell makes them sooner leave the apartment or house, where the hostess adds ammonia to the water for cleaning the floor, ceiling and walls.

You can try to freeze cockroaches

At temperatures below + 7C, they stop multiplying and weaken.

This method is possible only in winter; it is enough to leave the windows open for a couple of days. There is a risk that the batteries will freeze.

Interesting! We scare away cockroaches with the floral aromas of geranium and chamomile. The Prusak cockroach does not like the pungent smell that geranium has. To get rid of an apartment from a pest, you need to purchase several flowers of this plant and place them in the kitchen.

Instead of geranium, you can use chamomile, and from their dried flower you get a good powder, which must be scattered in all places that attract Prusak.

Red and black cockroaches do not like the smell of mint and cedar, wormwood and elderberry; tea tree and eucalyptus; anise and tansy. You can use the plants themselves and their essential oils, dried plants or fresh ones, and grow plants at home.


If you do not want to bother with folk remedies, you can use chemical preparations

There are many different specialized products on the market now ..

. These are sprays, crayons, gels, nanotechnological traps.Remember to follow instructions and wear protective masks and gloves when handling these products.

What is the best way to kill cockroaches? Here you can choose according to your taste, there is a large selection in stores now. Remember that, despite the high efficiency, the preparations are toxic not only to insects, but also to pets and children.

If you want to kill cockroaches in the kitchen, be sure to limit the contact of the poison with food.

How to make cockroaches leave forever? Your house or apartment + Video and Photo You can use gels, you will need two or three tubes, no less. The gel is applied to all baseboards, in drops. After a week, the expulsion of insects is guaranteed. If you understand sprays, they need to be applied in a larger space.

Spray also various cracks, places where wallpaper leaves the walls, door openings, places where presumably there can be a watering hole for cockroaches. Sprays need to be changed constantly. Since cockroaches very quickly adapt to them.

Important! Calling a pest control officer is the most effective method, which especially helps if the number of cockroaches is growing rapidly, and all of the above means have not had any effect. The average cost of calling a room disinfestation specialist is 3000 rubles

If you cannot get rid of cockroaches on your own, it is better to call a disinsector specialist from the sanitary epidemiological station or various private companies.

The advantages of such a solution are that you can get rid of cockroaches once and for all. The disadvantages are a little high financial costs, as well as the need to be away from home during pest control for at least a day, to accurately follow the instructions for cleaning and airing apartments after pest control.