How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video

How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video Modern doors can be made from a wide variety of materials, but wood is undoubtedly out of competition.

Until now, wooden products remain the most demanded and popular.

They can be entrance, interroom, for a house, a barn, a baths and outbuildings.

Wood remains a favorite material due to its environmental friendliness, warmth, and beautiful natural texture.

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Door leaves.


Before deciding which door you need, you need to decide for which room it is intended.

In fact, most of the doors, both expensive elite and the simplest, are made of boards: but this material is processed in different ways and can be of different quality. Different types of wood also have very different functional characteristics.

Door leaves can be further subdivided by type of construction, of which there are several:

  • massive,
  • paneled,
  • panel board (solid and hollow),
  • frame.

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Let's consider their quality characteristics in more detail.


How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video They are made of thick planed or grooved boards, which are connected in one plane, forming a single flat base. On the shield made in this way, inclined or horizontal jumpers should be located. They provide the entire structure with higher rigidity.

For the manufacture of doors, you can use wood of different quality and different species : it depends on where it will be located.

If, for example, this is an entrance door, then dense, dried wood of excellent quality from valuable species is recommended for it: oak, larch, cedar and others.

The structure of such wood is quite dense, and the texture has a beautiful pattern. If you process it properly, then it will serve its masters for a long time with faith and truth. Her canvas will not undergo damage and various deformations.

A massive door can have a variety of designs.

It can be a simple, unpretentious door for a steam room in a bath, or a complex, carved and embossed front door to a cottage or apartment. In the first case, you can take less valuable types of wood: pine, linden, spruce and others.

The main thing! Do not forget to subject structures to mandatory treatment with water-repellent and antiseptic preparations.

The construction of massive doors may differ significantly, but one thing remains basic and unchanged - a durable canvas made of wood.

Framed door

It must be said that it is almost impossible to distinguish a well-made frame door from a wooden array.

How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video Paneled doors are also made of timber or boards, but in this case a glued version is used.Individual pieces of wood, called lamellas, are glued together to form thick beams or boards. The resulting parts are finished with natural wood veneer of different species, as a result of which they become more attractive in appearance.

Glued laminated timber is a rigid frame for the canvas. Mullions, transverse and vertical elements are made from it.

Previously, such elements were connected by means of spikes, now they began to use pins for this. When making a door, you need to know that it will be the stronger, the more crossbars its canvas contains.

Peculiar frames are made of timber, then panels made of thinner boards are inserted into them; or covered with natural veneer or MDF imitation plastic. The panel thickness is usually one third of the thickness of the laminated veneer lumber itself. In frames, these panels are fixed with natural or veneered glazing beads, which smooth out sharp frame edges and give the entire product a more aesthetic look.

Paneled doors of various colors and designs are produced. Since the main part of the leaf of such a door is quite thin, they are most often used as interior doors. The entire paneled structure is made of rather durable materials, which are not so inferior in wear resistance to solid wood. It happens that paneled doors are more expensive than a noble array. The price of the product will depend on what kind of wood was used to make the bar and boards, as well as on what veneer was used for the door.

I must say that completely wooden canvases can be paneled, which are made according to a similar scheme.


In comparison with the two previously mentioned models, board doors can be safely considered a budget option: they come out much cheaper. For their manufacture, an inexpensive material is used - low-quality wood and fiberboard, lined with laminate or veneer.

How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video

A well-made construction has a rather aesthetic appearance. If you veneer it with natural veneer, it will look like a solid wood door.

Shield doors are different :

  • solid,
  • small-hollow,
  • hollow.

What are their differences?

How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video In the first the entire space inside is filled with an unedged timber fastened to each other, for the second, such filling is only partially completed, while the third consist only of external sheathing and strapping.

A hollow panel door usually consists of a pair of side and two transverse (lower and upper) beams, sheathed with clapboard, fiberboard or other materials.

Often, vertical and horizontal crossbars are inserted inside such a structure to enhance its rigidity. Such a product can be considered a frame.

Shallow-hollow panel structures are filled inside with various materials (plywood, cardboard, MDF boards, polystyrene and even shavings), and the degree of this filling can also be different.

Solid doors are those that represent a kind of shield, made of well-fastened timber. It can be either edged or unedged.

The frame of the panel door is veneered on both sides: for this, fiberboard, laminate, plywood, melamine or veneer are used. If high quality plywood with a pleasant textured pattern is used for cladding, such a door can be finished with profiled linings.

How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video If you need a panel door of higher quality, then it is better to veneer it with plywood made of alder or linden, put in one two 2-3 mm layers.

The material from these rocks does not undergo deformation, being a solid base for subsequent finishing. Its role can be played by special plywood for decoration, made of valuable wood species.

The grain direction of the decorative coating should be perpendicular to the guides of the glued layer.

Often, instead of plywood, natural veneer from noble species is attached to the glued layer.

All its layers, which can be from three to five, are placed perpendicular to the previous ones.

The end sides of the shield itself must be solid and even. Therefore, if the door does not have a frame, then high-quality, even bars are used for them, corresponding to the texture and color of the finish of other surfaces of the canvas. The end beams are connected to the shield with glue and pins.

Such products can play the role of interior doors, but can also be used as entrance doors.

But protection at such doors is completely absent, therefore, for the role of entrance doors, they are more suitable as apartments, in a warm closed entrance.

Making doors with your own hands

Choosing the right wood

How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video The preliminary, but very crucial stage of this event is the competent choice of lumber.

You should approach it with all responsibility, impartially assess financial capabilities, decide on the species and type of wood, and select the right material.

Boards for doors should comply with the following:

  • they should not have at all or have a minimum number of knots;
  • their moisture indicators should not exceed 12-15 percent. Preferred material of correct storage , and then processed in special drying chambers.

    Drying in them provides the material with strength and resistance to deformation ;

  • boards must be even. To check this indicator, you need to put them on a flat surface and determine the tightness of their sidewalls closing;
  • the thickness of the boards is from 2.5 cm for interior doors, for entrance 5 cm;
  • material before use must be well sanded with a special machine or sandpaper.

Both deciduous and coniferous wood are suitable. For front doors it is good to use beech or oak.

For interroom, it is quite possible to do with pine. Resinousness of coniferous varieties prevents the appearance of fungal diseases and decay.


How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video Any type of wooden door requires large, stable workbench and quality tools:

  • hand router;
  • plane;
  • hacksaw;
  • various chisels;
  • level ;
  • sander and sandpaper;
  • clamps;
  • hand and bow saw;
  • regular and rubber hammer;
  • ruler, meter, tape measure, pencil;
  • screwdriver .

You will also need wood glue, self-tapping screws, and tongue-and-groove boards.

Let us explain that the manual router will help to make the door leaf smooth.

They can cut the necessary grooves and holes, process the spatula, straighten corners and much more. Thanks to this device, a hand-made product can look professional

Step-by-step instructions

Consider how to independently build a door from grooved boards.

First, we need to make the door leaf

How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video The prepared boards must be marked and cut. We lay them out on the table so that the annual rings are in the same direction.

The tongue-and-groove boards are assembled into a continuous sheet using a lock connection.

For reliability, the elements are glued with wood glue. A spike is cut from the extreme board of the resulting shield, the butt is carefully processed. Clamps tighten the canvas and allow it to dry on a flat surface.

After complete drying, the surface is milled and sanded.

In some cases, a reinforced door structure is made

For this, it is assembled from several plank layers.

How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video Shields are glued perpendicularly. The result is a powerful and heavy door leaf that can be used as an entrance door to a house or a bathhouse. This technology is used when they plan to decorate the finished product with a relief pattern.

Next, the canvas is fastened with a strapping of two or three crossbars. For this, pieces of board are prepared as wide as a door leaf.

In order for the element to fit well into the groove, it is better to make the cross-members trapezoidal. On the canvas, the locations of the crossbars are marked, the desired depth of the groove is noted (usually a third or half of the thickness of the board).

Cut through the grooves, coat them with glue and insert the finished crossbars into them using a rubber hammer or mallet.


How to make doors from wood or plywood with your own hands: Step by step + Video The next step is processing and decorating our product.

The order of work will be as follows:

  • surface treatment with a typewriter or napkin ;
  • impregnation of wood with an antiseptic composition.

    The first layer is applied, dried, then the second layer.Such treatment will prevent infection with microorganisms and rotting;

  • coating the canvas with a putty, hiding small defects and irregularities. You can take a primer instead. It is processed twice (after complete drying);
  • the final finishing of the door can be carried out with varnish, paint or simply stain. On top of the stain, after drying, you can cover the surface with a couple of layers of varnish.

Pay attention! For the front door, it is also necessary to process with a water-repellent agent, and it is desirable to cover it with fire retardants .

It is advisable to entrust the more complex finishing (milling, mosaic, carving, stencil) to specialists.


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