How to make hanging shelves in the garage with your own hands

How to make hanging shelves in the garage with your own hands How to make hanging shelves in the garage with your own hands

A garage is not just a place for storing a car, and also for various tools that are needed to maintain it. Moreover, there may still be other things in it. Without proper systematization, it can happen that it will take a very long time to look for something. To simplify your task, you can make hanging shelves in the garage in order to store various utensils. What are the methods for implementing shelves? This will be discussed in the article.

The most affordable material for making shelves will be wood. It is allowed to use everything that has not been applied before that time. One of the significant disadvantages will be its fire hazard, and therefore, before starting the manufacture of shelves, it is required to process it with fire retardants.

Most often, such garages are unheated, and this will mean that there may be condensation in them, which will appear due to the temperature difference. This is also not the best indicator for wood, which will lead to the development of decay processes and the complete destruction of the material.

For work, you should choose moisture-resistant plates, for example, OSB. In this case, you can be sure of a long service life.

General information. Varieties of shelves

In fact, there are no restrictions on choosing from shelf designs. They can be classified according to the following criteria:

As a material for making garage shelves, you can choose from:

  • Wood derivatives.
  • Metal.

  • Plastic.
  • Wood.

Plastic can perfectly withstand the effects of various substances and factors, and therefore is perfect for use inside garages. In this case, one should correctly approach the choice of the thickness of plastic for the shelves. Due to the enormous load, such shelves can simply burst.

One of the best material for garage shelves is metal. If properly processed, it will have a long service life. Moreover, it can be used to make shelf structures of various shapes. The metal is also capable of supporting a huge weight, because it is easy to place all the tools on these shelves.

Garage shelves can be mobile, stationary, collapsible or modular.

With stationary ones, everything is simple, and the shelves should be attached to one of the planes, and they are also used only in that place on a permanent basis. Certain types of shelves are mobile. They are a small structure that is equipped with wheels. The convenience of this design can hardly be overestimated. The main tool should always be kept close at hand, in which part of the garages you would not need to be.

Modular shelving structures are an extraordinary solution that is made from individual units.They can be easily combined or applied individually depending on your needs. It would also be nice to have collapsible shelves inside the garage. They are used for temporary storage of some items, and if necessary, fold and set aside.

The following products can be located by location:

  • Wall-mounted.

  • Ceiling.
  • Floor standing.

Each of these types of shelves is convenient to use in its own way and has certain features of attachment to the surface. Several types of shelves can be easily accommodated in the garage.


Design features

Before making do-it-yourself garage shelves , you should think carefully about their size, and also choose a shape.

So, first you need to take a good look at the garage and decide whether it is possible to fully free one of the walls. If so, then its plane can be fully set aside for the shelves. This will make it possible to save space and place all the required things. The length of the shelves will depend on the size of the walls, and the same will apply to the height. In terms of depth, you need to think about how the structure does not protrude very much.

Even to the far corner of the shelf, it should be easy to reach without additional devices.

How to make hanging shelves in the garage with your own hands As a rule, the width of the shelves should be taken as a size that is equal to the size of an outstretched arm. For this reason, you should choose everything individually. The average size will be 0.5-0.

6 meters. On the wall structure, the shelves will be located at different heights from each other. Everything will depend on the size of the protected objects. Separately, it is necessary to highlight the shelf on which summer or winter tires will be located. The other shelf must be high and wide enough to hold oil and fuel cans.

If the shelf has to withstand a large weight, then, in addition to fixing to the walls, you can provide supports that will go to the floor surface. The number of supports depends on the expected load. In most cases, it is sufficient to place them every meter. When arranging shelves on top of each other, you should think about ease of access to them. The upper shelves should in no way interfere with placing things on them.

Also, the upper structure should not be traumatic, so that with a lack of lighting it will not hit its head on it. After analyzing all the points, you can transfer the drawings to a sheet of paper indicating a specific location and size of the shelf.

Manufacturing. Creating shelves with your own hands will imply the presence of working skills with electrical tools that will be needed for a certain type of material.

Wall-mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are the most popular because they are the easiest to build and are quite practical.

It is better if the wall shelf structures are combined.This will imply the presence of a metal frame, and the shelf itself is made of wood. To carry out the work you need the following:

  • Construction tape.
  • Marking tool.
  • Electric drill.

  • Bulgarian.
  • Welding machine.
  • Punch.
  • OSB plate.
  • Metal corner 3 * 3 cm.

For greater strength of the shelves, you can use metal corners with a size of 5 * 5 cm. According to the prepared drawings, you should mark the corner for blanks. Certain ones are longitudinal and the rest are transverse elements. It will be easier to connect shelving blanks together, which will have a 45-degree end. First of all, using the welding machine, the rectangular base of the shelf will be assembled.

The next step is to manufacture the fastener system. They are a pair of vertical corner pieces that should be welded to the base and connected with a jib to the front to increase the degree of rigidity. As a result, you should get hinged shelves in the garage, which from the side resemble right-angled triangles. After welding, the seams should be cleaned. This will require a grinder, and also a special grinding disc.

Next, the entire metal surface is cleaned, and the shelf should be primed and painted over. In the upright shelves to be attached to the walls, drill two holes each. Next, the shelf will be applied to the wall and the hole marks are transferred to the plane. In this case, the structure should be leveled using a building level. You cannot do without an assistant in such a situation.

Holes should be drilled in the wall surface with a hammer drill, and the shelf should be fixed with expansion anchors. When the product is fixed in place, you can start cutting wood inserts. They should be a few millimeters in size on all sides. This makes it possible to calmly lay a piece of the slab on the base from the corners.

Ceiling shelves

Ceiling-type shelves are still very functional.

Most often, such a space does not carry a payload, and therefore it can be used under the shelves. They can be made by several methods, of which two are the most affordable:

  • Using containers.
  • With studs.

The first type of shelves is easier to implement than the second. To make it, you will need a wooden bar with a size of 5 * 5 cm and plastic containers, which can be found in construction markets.

The timber needs to be cut to a size that will be equal to the length of the plastic container. The next step is to select the grooves in the middle of the timber. The width of the groove must match the flanges on the plastic container. The shelf structure will be similar to the drawers found in tables or even cabinets. Next, the prepared bars should be attached to the ceiling using anchor bolts.

The distance between them should be calculated so that the container passes freely inside. After fixing the bars, the containers should be inserted and the shelves are ready. Such designs are best suited for storing things. Which are rarely used. To implement the second version of the shelves, you will need:

  • How to make hanging shelves in the garage with your own hands Wrench.

  • Washers.
  • Electric drill.
  • Punch.
  • Anchor bolts with hooks.
  • Nuts.

  • Plywood 1 cm or OSB sheet.
  • Studs M12 or M14.

First, you need to decide on the size of the shelves and cut the levels for them from plywood or OSB. Several partitions can be placed on the length of the stud, and then, when assembling the shelves, holes will be drilled in the prepared wood modules. The holes should be located at the corners of each shelf unit.

Next, the pins should be made into the hole and the wooden shelf module is attached on both sides with a nut and washer. This will collect the required number of levels. The next step will be marking the holes on the ceiling surface. It should perfectly match the position of the studs. Using a hammer drill, you can drill holes and insert anchor bolts with hooks into them.

Then it remains only to wind an eyelet on each hairpin and hang them from the installed hooks. Such shelves have a weight limit, and therefore you should be careful when selecting items laid out on them. A video about the types of garage shelves is below.

Shield for tools

We have considered wall-mounted shelves in the garage, but a separate type of shelves can be used to highlight the shield for tools. In terms of convenience, hardly anything will be compared with the use of a shield.

It can be a perforated plane made of wood or metal. Hooks should be inserted into the holes or additional modules should be attached to which it is worth laying or hanging tools. Such a shelf can be easily made by hand. It is enough to take one or even several sheets of chipboard / OSB, place them and drill holes. Next, hooks should be made from strong steel wire, which are important to fix in the holes.

On such a shelf it will be easy to place not just all hand tools, but also an electric tool that will not scratch on simple shelves.


As you can see, making shelves for garages is not particularly difficult. If space permits, then the shelves inside the garage can be placed around the entire perimeter of the room. The frame of the shelf may not necessarily be made of metal; it can be easily made from wood according to the same pattern that was given for metal shelves. But it should be understood that such shelves withstand slightly less weight than metal ones.

Often, garage owners make shelves in the form of a rack. It is these shelves that are the most practical solution.For ceiling-type shelves with containers, you can use not wooden blocks, but a metal I-profile as a base.

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