How to make heating a frame house

How to make heating a frame house Just a couple of years ago, having your own home was considered a special luxury. But modern technologies for building houses are gradually changing this state of affairs.

Today, everyone can afford the construction of a frame house. But the interior decoration, and the structure of the house will depend on the preferences and material capabilities of the owners.

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The technology of construction of frame houses was invented and patented in Canada - where the climate is very similar to the climate of the regions of Russia.

The technology has been modernized over time, and it has become widespread. This frame technology for building houses allows you to save up to 70% on heating. SIP panels are considered the main building material.

How to make heating a frame house
The house of the SIP panels

The SIP panel is a "sandwich" from the outer and inner plate and heat insulation material between them. OSB-3 is an external board, the characteristics and properties of which will allow it to withstand structural external loads, even under high humidity conditions.

The cost of this slab is much less when compared with the price of wood panels, and in terms of mechanical, installation, operational and other properties, it is much higher.

Internal walls and thermal insulation material differ in their characteristics in different projects and models of frame houses. Because of this, the composition, full name and exact characteristics of these building materials should be clarified with the company building these houses. But we can say for sure: the heating of a frame house made of vulture panels can be equipped with different methods, designed for various possibilities.

Heating of a frame house

How to make heating a frame house
Scheme and types of heating

How to heat a frame house? Heating options for a wooden house can be considered at the design stage.

Because they may require a certain introduction of any changes to the finished project. The presence of a Russian stove or fireplace entails strengthening the section of the foundation, over which they will be supposed to be installed.

But today, the use of an open fire stove for high-quality heating of a private house is hardly possible.

But the heating of a frame house with a fireplace exists, but mostly in the form of a decorative element, which gives the interior additional comfort. This can be explained by the fact that when heating with a fireplace, air plays the role of a heat carrier, and this is not a very good heat conductor.

The space in front of the fireplace heats up very much, and at the same time it will be quite cool throughout the house. This can also be attributed to the heating system of a frame house, the walls of which, due to their properties, will not retain enough heat. That is why the fireplace is considered only as another source of heating.

How to make heating a frame house The Russian stove causes even more controversy in its functionality. It can be installed in the kitchen or in some summer kitchen, when decorating an old Russian interior.

But in terms of its features and characteristics, the Russian stove is most suitable for heating a large residential wooden house, and most property owners will give their preference to more modern heating methods.

For example, such as:

  • electric heating of a house;
  • heating a house with gas;
  • heating a house with water;
  • air type heating.

Heating in a frame house with electricity

Using electricity for heating, we can confidently say that this is the most common and well-known method. Electricity itself is not cheap, and there are a large number of electrical heating options that are quite economical. Below we will consider these devices in more detail.

  • Convectors

How to make heating a frame house
Convector in a frame house

Heating a frame house with convectors is a modern way when compared with Russian stoves.

The essence of heating is that the air heats up in the range of the device. After that, under the influence of common physical laws, the heated air rises up, and colder air takes its place. And thus there is a natural circulation of air.

The efficiency of the electric convector is very high - 90% and more.

But it will also take a lot of electricity to heat a large room. And its cost per month will increase significantly. Certain advantages of this type of heating are the possibility of automation. In all models, you can set the desired temperature mode, then the convector will save energy.

  • Fan heaters

How to make heating a frame house
Heating with fan heaters

For a small room, heating can be organized with a heat gun or an electric fan heater.

The mechanism of operation is similar to that of a convector, but with forced air circulation. That is why the exchange of air is much faster and the room warms up most evenly and faster.

Although this heating method is recommended rather as an extreme one, for example, if you need to heat a room or a certain area in a short time. In addition to the huge electricity costs, there is also a certain amount of noise that these devices make during operation, which can be distracting.

  • Oil coolers

How to make heating a frame house Often oil-type radiators are used to heat a private house.

The principle of their work is to accumulate heat with a special oil, which receives it from an electric spiral. Due to the inertness of heat transfer by oil, this device will retain and distribute heat for a long time even after it is turned off.

Since heat exchange between heated and cold air occurs rather slowly, it will not work to heat a large room in this way.The temperature regulators for oil coolers have an inaccurate scale in degrees, and this can be explained by the very mechanism of operation of this device. It will not be possible to set the heating temperature with a certain accuracy.

The surface of these radiators, as a rule, heats up only up to 50 degrees, but this will be quite enough to heat a small room.

  • Infrared emitters

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How to make heating a frame house Another type of electric heating system for a frame house is the installation IR emitters. Their difference from all the systems described above is that they do not heat the air around them, but objects that will be affected by radiation.

That is, any objects that are in the area of ​​action of these emitters - walls, floor and ceiling, furniture, various interior items and the person himself - act as a heat source. The mechanism of operation of infrared emitters will exclude overheating or underheating. Since the temperature throughout the room will be approximately the same, a positive, cozy effect will be created.

  • Warm floor

How to make heating a frame house
Infrared warm floor

This heating option in a frame house can be assembled by yourself. And even in a finished frame house.

The newest home heating system with underfloor heating will make it easy to install the required heating surface area even for a non-professional, you just need to carefully follow the instructions. This heating for a frame house has every right to exist. The advantage of the warm floor is that it is more pleasant to walk on it, especially if there are small children, they will be protected from colds.

Also the advantages include the ability to adjust the temperature, uniform heating of the room and the absence of visible parts of the heating system, such as pipes or radiators.

The disadvantages of this method are the cost of electricity when using this system over large areas.

Most often, heated floors are used in zones, for example, in the bathroom, in the nursery, in the hallway, in the hall, if this is justified by a certain design and purpose of the interior.

Heating the frame with gas

How to make heating a frame house If your house has the ability to connect to the central gas pipeline, then the heating problem will be solved, because almost all of the above devices can be used as a source of electrical energy, but not gas. How to make heating a frame house

Air heating in a frame house

A more progressive method of creating a good microclimate in a room, which is widely used in houses in the USA and Europe, is heating the house with air. By installing additional special modules, the air in the room can be heated and conditioned, as well as humidified or disinfected.Thus, together with the heating system, you will receive a ventilation system.

Air heating in a frame house is a recognized method all over the world. It gained its popularity and wide distribution due to the economy and the ability to install the appropriate options.