How to make it easier to clean the kitchen after renovation: Review + Video

How to make it easier to clean the kitchen after renovation: Review + Video Cleanliness in the kitchen: how to make repairs to keep order easy

For a woman, the kitchen is often not only a source of pleasant emotions, but also a place that generously endows with fatigue and sometimes even a sense of guilt. If you work full time and often stay on overtime, you are a happy mother and cooking / cleaning is completely yours, then you know exactly how difficult it can sometimes be to keep the kitchen clean and tidy.

This article will help you decide on the design of the kitchen and the materials that will be used during the renovation so that the cleanliness in the kitchen does not require all your efforts, and very little time was spent on cleaning.

General information

I would like to start with this observation - modern life develops in such a way that everything is cheap or very fast. Cleaning products can be expensive, but they can be wasted with a minimum amount of time and effort, or cheap, with which you will have to rub like the last time.

Cooking hob surfaces can be either expensive vitroceramics, which are very easy and quick to clean, or standard burners, which are of dubious pleasure. Hoods above the stove can be cheap and low-powered, which leaves a lot of soot and grease on the stove and nearby surfaces, or expensive and powerful, which can draw in as much dirt as possible.

For this reason, it is wise to set yourself up for your comfort and time to be worth the money. Ways to save time and buy comfort will almost always mean spending money on repairs. We will return to this issue at the end of the article.

Overview of the placement of furniture options

Table top

Don't dwell on the use of different materials right away, so it's worth it right away go to the cleaning issue.

How to make it easier to clean the kitchen after renovation: Review + Video Laminated chipboard - This material for kitchen countertops is the most popular because it is the cheapest. It can be easily washed, it is not afraid of acids, pigments and alkalis, it is quite resistant to scratches from the knife blade. And everything would be nice, but, alas, it begins to swell quickly from water, which sooner or later, but still gets under the laminated film. As a result, washing such a countertop becomes very difficult, inconvenient, and even to some extent unpleasant, because both the appearance and hygiene suffer.

Stone of artificial origin and composites - much more expensive, but it is much easier to wash them, mold, fungi will never take root on them and they are not at all afraid of moisture, and are also able to maintain their original external view for decades. Another important point is that you can easily make a single tabletop from such material, without joints and seams, in which dirt and food debris constantly accumulate.This is impossible with laminated chipboard, because if you have a corner set, there will be joints anyway. When choosing an artificial stone, you should ask the seller how inert the material is to acids and alkalis - some acrylate binders can degrade from acids.

So, the first recommendation for you is that if simplicity and speed of cleaning are very important for you, then composites and artificial stone will be many times better than laminated chipboard.

And the second tip will directly relate to the first. If you make a choice in favor of laminated chipboard, try to keep at least 0.3-0 next to the sink on both sides. 4 meters there were no joints. The closer the chipboard section is to the sink (no matter how competently it is sealed), the shorter the operational life of the countertop and the more difficult both general and daily cleaning will be.

In short, the second advice is the following - there should be as few joints at the countertop as possible, and there shouldn't be any at all near the sink.


For cleanliness and order in the kitchen, the sink is also of no small importance. If you decide to make a choice in favor of an expensive solution (artificial stone or composite), then the sink is best done from the same material - this is extremely convenient when cleaning. The fewer bends and profiles in the sink, the better (yes, now it is mostly not about design and beauty, but about how convenient it is to use this or that material). The easiest way to wash a bowl-shaped round sink and less convenient is a square sink with corrugation and many different parts.

For example, we suggest looking at the illustration below.

How to make it easier to clean the kitchen after renovation: Review + Video If you do not have the opportunity to buy an expensive coating and laminated chipboard was chosen for the countertop, or a sink made of such material like stainless steel, it is worth choosing a glossy sink. Yes, oddly enough, but it is polished glossy steel that is the most comfortable and more resistant to various pigments. But the shape of the sink, as in the previous illustrative example, will be most conveniently bowl-shaped, without protrusions, not rectangular and without corrugated parts. In general, when thinking over a kitchen set and wanting to make it as convenient as possible for maintenance and cleaning, it is worth keeping in mind the fact that your enemies for easy cleaning are all joints, corners, threads, panels and protruding parts.

But your real friends will be smooth, and most importantly, solid surfaces.

From this we get one more, third piece of advice - if possible, it is best to order a kitchen set without handles.

Kitchen fronts that do not have handles can be opened with a light push and closed in the same way. It is much more convenient to wash them than traditional facades with handles, especially if the latter have a U-shape. It looks a little unusual, but quite modern, and also very comfortable.

True, it would be unfair not to note the fact that the mechanism by which doors and cabinets are opened without handles makes the cost of the headset more expensive. If such a modern design is too unusual for you, then you can use pens, but in the form of "buttons", as in the photo below. Choose the simplest and smoothest designs from materials that are easy to clean - aluminum, plastic, smooth steel.


It is certain that vitroceramics will be more convenient to wash than standard gas and electric stoves. Naturally, even it has certain drawbacks - not only is it very expensive, but it should be washed only with expensive special means and carefully, you cannot use abrasives.

But nevertheless, it will help free you from a long cleaning and it is convenient to cook on it, so you can put up with the price and features of cleaning. In general, if you are willing to spend, then this is the best choice for you.

The fourth tip is to choose an electronically controlled vitroceramics, because it is much more convenient than traditional handles.

If you still need to save money, then it is better to make a choice not in favor of the enamelled hob, but stainless steel - unlike enamel, it can be cleaned with abrasives.

The lower part of the set

Cleanliness in the kitchen is not only the work and time of the hostess, but also the use of materials that are easiest to clean.

Legged headsets look pretty, but mopping and sweeping underneath floors is a huge challenge, especially if you cook vegetables a lot. For this reason, it is worth choosing a headset not with legs, but with a bar, while the best option would be a bar made of metal.


At the very beginning of the article it was mentioned that low-power hoods allow the area around the stove to get dirty, and powerful hoods are able to suck in a lot of pollution. If you often fry, then it is best not to skimp and buy a powerful cooker hood, and if your diet contains more boiled and steamed or in the oven, then you can even save on such a device.

Set kitchen apron

This is not at all fundamental, but if you cover the wall surface not with tiles, but with a seamless surface, you will get several free minutes for rest and you will not need to thoroughly clean the seams between the tiles.

As you can see, both expensive and fairly inexpensive solutions can be used in order to make a seamless apron - to perform cladding using artificial stone, plastic, glass, veneer, and even in the most extreme case, you can use the cheapest material from this entire list - self-adhesive film. The absence of grout and seams will make cleaning much easier, so it is worth choosing materials for a kitchen apron without seams instead of tiles.

Surely you managed to notice the fact that modern kitchen aprons are trying to unload from various kitchen trifles like stirrers, potholders, jars of spices and other things. Roof rails began to go out of fashion - they require additional time when cleaning. Vitroceramics with electronic control makes it possible to make drawers exactly under the hob, in which ladles, stirrers, spices and everything that we are so used to hanging on the sides of the tile will be perfectly stored and not get dirty.

So, you need to unload the kitchen apron and put as many things as possible in drawers and cupboards.

Most likely now you think that the most time-saving design of the kitchen set is extremely modern, but at the same time quite cold design, and to some extent you are right. Indeed, the more convenient the kitchen, the more modern it will look. But such a design does not necessarily imply boring and cold minimalism. Colors can help you out perfectly - modern materials are capable of producing a wide variety of colors and, thanks to an unusual combination of colors, make it possible to make the kitchen more comfortable and interesting.

It will not be superfluous to add curtains made of natural materials, 1-2 flowers in beautiful pots, hang a photo of the whole family over the dining table - and the kitchen will not only be comfortable, but also really cozy.

And now the most important thing. You will get more time for yourself if you shift some of the household chores onto your spouse and children. For some reason, most men are panicky afraid of the kitchen, but, nevertheless, according to observations, they are able to wash the dishes themselves, if they are correctly explained that it is right and good. Moreover, children (regardless of gender) should also be taught from childhood to cleanliness in the kitchen, as it will be useful for themselves now, and even more so in adult life, when they will live separately (rent an apartment, live in a student dormitory) .



This is probably the dream of any housewife. Why is it worth the money?

  1. Silence. The device can be started even at night, and it will not deprive you and your family members of sleep, because almost all models of dishwashers do not make any sounds during operation.

  2. Security. You can not worry about flooding your neighbors - in case of an emergency, the water supply will be automatically turned off, and the function is called "aquastop".
  3. Autonomy. A huge plus is that the machine can work by itself, without human presence, the more you can set the operating time in advance.
  4. Profitability.

    As calculations have shown, for half an hour of manual washing of dishes, 30 to 60 liters of water are removed, and the dishwasher will consume a maximum of 15 liters in the same time period.

  5. Save time. This is the main positive point, because you can save at least 2 hours a day, and this time can be spent on something more enjoyable.


Do not take on all the worries about the kitchen - distribute it among family members. So, in this article we have tried to give you a complete picture of kitchen design that will help you reduce cleaning time and make it easier.

Naturally, not every person can afford a "complete set" of methods. For example, a kitchen with a countertop made of artificial stone, vitroceramics and a sink made of stone, as well as facades without handles, will cost 2-3 times more than a kitchen with a countertop made of laminated chipboard, a stainless sink and the simplest stove. You just need to choose those methods that are most suitable in your case - and you will already be able to make your life easier and not be a slave to the kitchen.