how to make, material, preparation, installation- Review + Video

how to make, material, preparation, installation- Review + Video How to make a transparent visor over the entrance? When choosing a glass visor for your home, you need to know that the finished material is forbidden to drill, cut, and indeed carry out any manipulations. After mechanical action on the glass during installation, it can become unusable.

That is why the installation of the glass visor must be entrusted exclusively to professionals. The first is the installation of the support system, cables, anchors and brackets.

That is, due to which the glass will be in weightlessness.

After such preparatory work, quality material is obtained. If your canopy is on a frame base, then it is assembled on the ground, and then mounted to the wall using pre-made fasteners.

Transparent glass canopies over the entrance have become quite popular lately.

For example, below are some advantages of such constructions.

On the features of transparent structures of the visor


  1. how to make, material, preparation, installation- Review + Video - Strength - as you know, glass is a very fragile material, but not in relation to hanging canopies.

    This design makes it possible to withstand mechanical damage and enormous weight.

  2. - Protection - first of all, it is protection from precipitation. If you mean installing a visor in an office or shopping center, then this is a very good solution. It is also a good sun protection. As you know, the sun can burn something through the glass, but if you add tinting film and color, then this can not only be avoided, but also help to escape the heat.

  3. - Lightness - outwardly this design is very simple, but this does not affect the complexity of installation and its weight in general. In some cases, the visors are made as a structure floating in the air, but at the same time it does not lose its properties, and everything also protects a person.
  4. - Safety - in case of serious damage, the glass can shatter into pieces, but if it has smooth edges, if damaged, it can simply crack.
  5. - Transparency - mostly people take this option precisely because of this bonus.


But with big advantages, there are also disadvantages.

For example, the cost of glass, it will be much higher than, say, for corrugated board, plastic, polycarbonate and other popular roofing materials for the same area on the structure. Also a minus in the installation and creation of glass canopies over the porch. First of all, the difficulty lies in the weight, because glass is very heavy, and at the slightest wrong approach you have to buy exactly the same one for the same price, it is important to carry out the most accurate calculations. Cons and advantages of glass canopies greatly affect the service life and quality of installation.

Some structures can last more than ten to fifteen years, but this requires perfect calculations, design drawings and careful installation of all weightless structures, for which we advise you to attract professionals.


Glass canopies are original if only because they can be installed not only above the entrance. For example, take a private house - you can install glass carports or terraces in it. Also in the world there are structures that are placed around the entire perimeter of the building. They are needed for a calm movement along the street during precipitation. In this case, awnings are very rarely all-glass.

Most often, they buy several long glass products, which are very tightly attached to each other and sealed at the joints to avoid cracks.

Types of glass visors, depending on the fastening:

  • On cable-stayed and brackets rods . This structure has a special appearance, it is able to "float" in the air - from the side it will seem that it is in zero gravity. All because of the so-called cables - these are special cables that are attached with hooks to the wall of the structure. In order for such a glass visor to be as strong and stable as possible, it is fixed with angles called brackets.

  • On supports . We are talking about the construction of a special support structure for such a glass canopy, for example, with columns.
  • On the frame or substructure . All fasteners and connections are made of lightweight stainless steel. Such so-called awnings are lightweight, so the main load is transferred to the wall of the structure.


Glass canopies above the porch in zero gravity are made for views not only for installation. The material is also very important in this matter, since a better product can serve you for a long time.

There are three types of glass in floating visors, namely:

  1. Tempered glass is a simple sheet material heated to states of flexibility and very sharply cooled simultaneously over the entire area. Thus, the glass gets incredible resistance to various temperature changes.
  2. Triplex is a product of three or more layers of glass with a special polymer self-adhesive film interlaying between them.

    The same options are used to create a windshield in a car.

  3. Tempered triplex - the product of harmony of a simple windshield in a car with layers of tempered. This glass has an increased level of strength and wear resistance.

The base material is included in the list of key materials. Very often, steel cables and a stainless steel frame act as a base.

Supporting structures - everything is very simple in this, the material can be absolutely anything that can withstand the large weight of the glass plate.




There are only pluses in this, for example, the plus that you yourself choose the sizes in accordance with your individual preferences. The only thing that changes here is the thickness of the sheet, from ten to twenty millimeters. In fact, there are no such limitless glass strips, so your design can be either one-piece or consist of two or more parts.

Color palette

how to make, material, preparation, installation- Review + Video The color scheme of transparent visors, or rather the solution, what it will be is completely behind you.

You can order glass of absolutely any shade that you want to see.

You can even tint the glass, for example, to protect it from the sun and its rays. Peculiar patterns and designs on frosted glass add originality and charm to your design.

Accessories and fittings

The set of fittings depends on the selected mount. But at the same time there is a main list of components that are included in the basic package:

  • Frame, supports or cables (cables);
  • Small fastening tools;
  • Glass .


A specific set of fittings should be considered on the example of a glass visor on hangers.

It includes the following elements:

  • how to make, material, preparation, installation- Review + Video Steel cables from six to thirty-six millimeters in diameter.
  • "Shackle" mount, located on the side of the rudder, with the help of this accessory, a cable is attached to it.

  • Spider, recently used in the mount. This makes it possible to install it with a minimum of additional parts.
  • Anchors, in fact, are hooks that cut into the facade of the structure; a cable (steel) is pulled from such hooks to the canopy itself.
  • Rutter-holder is the main functional circle in this type of fastening. This group is inserted into pre-prepared holes in the glass.

Design and style

Glass is a very malleable material. You can get different shapes and shapes from it (naturally, in the production process and only in a semi-molten state).

At this point, the following types of canopy roof are distinguished:

  • Peaks, which resemble a dome or arch in their shape.
  • Original designs of very difficult shapes.
  • Single-slope, or double-slope with a flat surface.

When everything is clear about shapes and color palette, you can think about glass design features. The effect of broken glass is very popular and stylish, it allows the sun to pass through and has an original look. Tinted windows are very exciting for motorists and not only. For the glass canopy above the entrance, the application of a protective film becomes a very mandatory procedure.

Forged fittings and frosted glass add elegance to designs.

Sometimes you really want to add a special zest to the facade of the house.Very handy, stained glass trim elements or canopy attachment with just one support. The imagination of designers is limitless. It all depends on the decoration and the general style of the house.

Installation and selection

Care should be taken when choosing a glass canopy, because this directly affects the duration of operation.

Consider the following questions:

- What shape of glass do you want? We advise you to consider the main types of visors , because some structures require whole sheets, while others require several parts. Very often, the number of sheets affects the size of the visor itself. If you choose a difficult shape for a canopy, then you need to contact a company that will make this glass to order, with all the holes you need for fastening.

- Glass manufacturer ? At the moment, a huge number of companies are engaged in the creation of glass structures for entrance groups. However, one should not pursue beautiful and cheap materials.

Very often, these are just marketing gimmicks that can turn out to be a costly failure.

- Glass thickness ? It all depends on individual preferences. However, it should be remembered that the thicker your glass, the heavier and stronger it is, which will greatly increase the load on the fasteners.

- Function of the structure ? The main purpose of the glass visor is considered to be the protection of a person from wind, falling of various objects from a height, precipitation and the like. The size of the glass you need to buy will also depend on this.

If the visor will perform a decorative function, then we advise you to consider the first question.

Successful options and examples

  • - A simple rectangular multi-section canopy on supports and spiders is an excellent option for a summer terrace in your home.
  • - A semicircular floating structure is the best solution for the winter period, because it is capable of supporting even human weight.
  • - Whole glass curved upwards - fixed with brackets and cables to the structure.
  • - Frosted glass with a blue tint perfectly complements the brick structure, in which absolutely all windows are made in the same color.

    The structure is slightly raised up and consists of three sheets.

  • - Tinted original semicircular glass visor. It is very tightly sewn from several parts, and it is installed on an equally original frame made of forged patterns. You can place such a structure above the porch of a bank, hotel, and in general other buildings with a facade.

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