How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos French windows are not uncommon in modern homes. Such windows have been used for about two hundred years, and for the first time this type of glazing appeared in France, and more precisely, in the southern regions of this wonderful country. French windows in Russia appeared at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

French windows are large glazed frames and they were happy to decorate the windows of palaces and old country villas.

So why such windows have become in demand today, what is their main feature and what types of glazing exist, we will tell you further.

French windows and where applicable

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos The sashes of French windows open inward and outward like ordinary swing doors, there are also options for sliding structures.

French windows can also be stationary, that is, the sash cannot be opened or closed. French windows are often used to fill an entire wall or corner of a house.

French windows in a private house can function as doors, because they open the passage when open.

Such windows are most often used to open the exit to a balcony or terrace.

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos The French window is set in the following cases:

  1. in cottages and country houses, such glazing can be on the first and second floors;
  2. in the case when there is an open terrace and French windows create the illusion of unity with natural beauties;
  3. in houses with many apartments use such glazing on balconies or loggias, and they can also replace a partition with a door or they are installed instead of the outer wall of the house.

A French window can be fully used only on the first floor of a private house, because such a structure serves as an emergency exit that leads to a terrace or street.

In a city apartment, such windows serve only as a decorative element.

Characteristics of French windows

French windows look very good in photos and therefore have a lot of fans.

Positive qualities

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos A large French panoramic window is located on the entire wall and plays exactly the same role as a mirror, that is, visually expands the space.

For this reason, not only the owners of chic country houses, but also the owners of small apartments like to install such windows.

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos

This type of window allows more sunlight to enter the room , than the standard window gives.

Due to this, the house or apartment will be much lighter and warmer, since in winter, large southern windows can heat the room, but if there are sunny days.

Also, the light transmittance of windows can be used the other way around, that is, such windows are installed on the north side of a house or apartment, and in summer it will be fresh in the room with the doors open, and light in winter.

A French window looks much better as a decor than walls made of concrete or brick. But you still need to take into account that when there are such windows in your apartment or house, the room with such a window should be ideally decorated or cleaned.

Disadvantages of French windows

And now we will consider the disadvantages of installing French windows

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos Since glass is a transparent material, the transparency of glass in windows allows you to see everything that is or is happening in the room. Especially bad for those who have housing on the ground floor.

French windows are best installed on the side where there is a park, a quiet street or a beautiful lake.

If you install a French window opposite another house, then only its gray and not beautiful wall can appear to your eyes, therefore it is best to install such windows on more beautiful views than the wall.

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos The same should not be forgotten about the large heat loss through the glass and frames. It should be noted that the homeland of such windows is Provence, and there, as you know, there are no frosts, cold winds and snow.

In our climate, the installation of French windows is fraught with freezing of the glass, their sweating and puddles on the floor.

Through such huge frames, heat is escaping very much and strong winds will withstand only very high-quality frames.

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos The installation of French windows is best planned at the design stage of the house, otherwise you will have to break partitions, you may also have to break walls and transfer communications.

French panoramic windows have a higher cost than conventional windows. This is due not only to the size, but also to the strength of the frames, sturdy fittings and the opening system. Moreover, it is very difficult to maintain French windows.

There are many positive qualities, as well as negative ones.

The choice of French windows

All the shortcomings of French windows can be smoothed out if you correctly choose the design of frames, fittings and double-glazed windows and also take care about window maintenance.

Frame material

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos For French windows use frames made of such materials as:

  • wood;
  • metal-plastic;
  • aluminum.

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos Frames made of different materials have their own characteristics.

For example, aluminum frame is used in unheated rooms, because this material creates cold bridges and therefore does not keep heat.

But the aluminum profile is very strong and can withstand strong gusts of wind, and it is quite durable.

It is best to install such a profile in the southern regions and on balconies or terraces that are not heated.

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos Wooden frames are quite expensive.

For the manufacture of frames, it is better to use only glued wood, because it does not deform from temperature extremes and changes in humidity.

A positive quality of wood is its porosity, that is, the room will breathe.

How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos

Metal-plastic frames are cheaper than wooden , well able to retain heat, have good strength and durability.

Such frames are very popular.


A very large part of the heat from the room goes through the glass, so there are many technologies to reduce heat loss. The most common of them:

  1. two-chamber or three-chamber frames, they have an air gap between the glasses;
  2. the space between the glasses is filled with gas;
  3. a special spraying is done on the glasses. How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos

No frame and double-glazed windows will provide such thermal insulation as cinder block or brickwork. Calculation of heat loss must be done very carefully, otherwise your panoramic window will release all the heat from the home.


How to make panoramic windows + Photos and Videos Before installing a panoramic window on the upper floors, think carefully ... After all, it is installed in the entire wall and not everyone can withstand the pressure of height and emptiness, for this reason the windows are closed with curtains, pots with flowers are placed on the floor. Experts still recommend making the window not quite on the floor, but equipping a small window sill.

If you have small children, then it is better to postpone the French windows, because ordinary double-glazed windows will not protect the child from injury and falling out.

If you decide to install French windows, then think over everything to the smallest detail, because poor installation can lead to problems. We hope this information was useful to you. Good luck!

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