How to make photo wallpaper for the corridor? Photos and views, instructions with the effect of continuation and expansion of space- Review + Video

How to make photo wallpaper for the corridor? Photos and views, instructions with the effect of continuation and expansion of space- Review + Video Wall murals in the corridor with a continuation effect: photos, views, instructions in the article. Repair ... How many emotions in one word! This is a long, laborious process, during which the renovation of the hallway is constantly pushed to the last position.

This is the reason for the renovation in the hallway in the "hi-tak" style.

The problem often lies in the fact that in this part of the apartment there is little space, and few people know how to beat the premises in order to get a stylish, and most importantly, functional corridor. The uniqueness and character of the room can be created with the right wallpaper.

Advantages of decoration

If you decide to use photo wallpaper for the hallway and corridor, then you made the right choice, and there is an explanation for that. It is convenient to glue them, they come in different sizes, textures and have unique images.

In addition, it is with their help that the task of style and functionality will be solved.

Photo-printed coatings enable:

  • How to make photo wallpaper for the corridor? Photos and views, instructions with the effect of continuation and expansion of space- Review + Video Zoning and adjusting the space.
  • To divert attention from shortcomings.
  • Create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Emphasize the style of the room.

  • Add variety to boring design, make it unique.

Before purchasing photo wallpapers, evaluate the space in which you are going to apply the selected material. When choosing a model, you should take into account not only your preferences, but also the layout, hallway area, ceiling height, illumination, space availability, apartment color scheme and general style.

Features when choosing - photo tips

The ideal size, pattern and wall for placing photo wallpaper in the corridor should be chosen taking into account the characteristics of the hallway.

Stylish and beautiful, but incorrectly placed or inappropriate colors can ruin even the most sophisticated design.

To avoid this, consider the following guidelines:

  1. How to make photo wallpaper for the corridor? Photos and views, instructions with the effect of continuation and expansion of space- Review + Video If you have a small hallway with a corridor, it will be undesirable to use photo wallpaper with large elements or 3D effect.
  2. Bright designs and patterns should be dosed for any interior so that no overload is created. Ideally, you should have a combination with smooth surfaces in a neutral shade.
  3. Elements of photo printing can take up the weight of the wall, or one completely (sometimes we can accept the option partially horizontally), depending on the layout and the availability of free space.
  4. In a narrow corridor, it will be ideal for using a photo without contrasts in colors and shades, horizontally located lines.

  5. To visually raise a low ceiling, you need a vertically elongated drawing - tree trunks, masts, stripes, etc.
  6. If you have curved walls that cannot be aligned, it is strictly forbidden to choose patterns with strict symmetry and geometry - this will further emphasize the flaws.Vegetable or abstract curvilinear images will help smooth out the available differences.
  7. If you have chosen a photographic image with a pronounced perspective that goes deeper, you need to place it on the wall that is opposite to the entrance. On the side surfaces, such wallpaper will visually "break" the space, the perception of the pattern will be many times worse.

  8. By using a photo with a single bright element, you will achieve the main accent in the hallway.

Practicality sets the following motives: choose wallpapers that are resistant to mechanical damage, dust settling, fading, dirt and moisture (washable copies).

Color scheme

In addition to size and general stylistics, it is important to pay due attention to color compatibility with the rest of the space. Warm shades are red, orange, ocher, yellow, peach. The cold range includes green, purple, lilac, blue, light blue, turquoise, etc.

With the right shade, you can visually expand the area of ​​the corridor, as well as make the ceilings higher and add freshness to the interior.

If you have poor lighting, we advise you to give preference to pastel colors, in the pictures with which there will be no small elements. Beige, golden and peach shades of photo wallpaper for the corridor will warm and make your home more comfortable. The illusion of expanding space is achieved by using cold colors. Undesirable and too light shades - such wallpaper will quickly deteriorate, since the corridor is the dirtiest place in the house.

Photo printing with silver / golden elements, metallized texture will look quite stylish. The colors should complement the existing metal parts that are present in the interior - frames, door handles, edging of the wardrobe.

Style matching

Although the entrance area can easily seem small and even insignificant, it is still an important component when decorating an entire apartment or house ...

Wall murals need to be correctly, harmoniously fit into the chosen style.

To complement the eco-style, images of flora in natural colors and fauna are used. The classic interior will be characterized by strict drawings with laconic lines, the palette is restrained.

Ethnic motifs are suitable for Art Deco, as well as wallpaper with abstractions and geometric compositions. It is possible to emphasize modernity when using smooth curved lines.

Photos of old cities, music and cinema stars are suitable for retro.

To create harmony, you should decide on a motive for placing photo wallpaper in the corridor and hallway. The options are different:

  • How to make photo wallpaper for the corridor? Photos and views, instructions with the effect of continuation and expansion of space- Review + Video Cityscape - streets stretching into the distance, panoramas, stairs.
  • Ethnic motives .
  • Natural landscape - mountainous area, sea, forest, field, lake, waterfall.

  • Macrophoto - a drop of water, a flower, insects.
  • Geometry, abstract patterns .
  • Elements of architecture - doors, columns, balconies, windows.
  • Stylized images .

To add variety, you can complement the design with a decor - for example, a bench or a lantern.

And you can also screw a door handle on the wall with photo wallpaper, which will serve as a decoration and a hook for an umbrella and bags.

Alternative to photo wallpaper in the corridor

If you do not have the opportunity to buy photo wallpaper for the corridor to expand the space, you can combine different types and textures materials among themselves. You can use a small piece of photo print with liquid wallpaper, brick, stone or wallpaper on a fabric, vinyl, paper or non-woven backing, as well as with plaster, cork, wood and bamboo covering.

Surfaces of different textures will make the design rich, but it is important to maintain harmony inside the room.

With photo-printed coatings, you can paste over all walls, one or even part of a wall.

If you have few free areas, but you really want photo wallpaper, there is an alternative:

  • Panel in the form of a fake window.
  • Pasting the ceiling with photo wallpaper.
  • Modular picture.
  • Pasting of an entrance, interior or furniture door.

There is no need to choose a rich design with a high level of detail for the hallway, as wallpaper will be more expensive, and you will not spend so much time in this room.

Clear and simple drawings that do not require much attention will look great.

When adjusting the photo image, you should follow the individual dimensions so that your image is not of poor quality and does not deform. Correctly selected photo wallpaper will help to make the hallway worthy of the attention of everyone who enters your apartment or cottage.