How to make rubber crumb from wheels yourself? Review + Video

How to make rubber crumb from wheels yourself? Review + Video How to make rubber crumb with your own hands - methods, features

Due to the increase in the number of road transport the amount of waste began to grow exponentially, so the ecological situation was under great threat. Every year thousands of tires are taken to landfills and dumps, where they become a source of negative impact on the entire environment.

Automobile tires are classified as hazardous waste class 4, since in the process of decomposition they release carcinogenic and toxic substances that can destroy the biosphere shell. Over the past few years, recycling requirements have become more stringent (especially in large cities), and compliance with the recycling method of rubber products is also regularly checked.

What rubber crumb is made of at home

How to make rubber crumb from wheels yourself? Review + Video According to fire safety rules, and at all It is forbidden to store tires due to the fact that they are prone to spontaneous combustion.

Active people who have a basic knowledge of physics as well as carpentry skills can turn recycling rubber waste into a major source of income. Rubber crumb, which will be obtained through recycling, will act as a secondary raw material for the manufacture of new goods. Let's look at how to make rubber crumb from wheels yourself and how to expand this business to the scale of a business.

Rubber crumb is made from car tires that have become unusable, since they are much more susceptible to mechanical impact, and it is also easier to extract metal wire (cord) from them. Recycling of used tires makes it possible to obtain crumb with the required diameter and at the same time to minimize the loss of raw material.

Three-dimensional figures carved from car tires are often used to decorate residential courtyards or garden plots. You can often see flower beds, not very high fences, or fences in the playground, which are made from tires.

Please note, that with the help of a large rubber crumb, you can lay out paths in a private house and a summer cottage, and this will help give them an aesthetically beautiful look. Also, with the help of rubber coatings, which have excellent sound-absorbing and waterproofing properties, they equip sports grounds and children's areas.

Processing a small amount of rubber at home

In order to make a small amount of rubber crumb with your own hands, you do not need a large amount of raw materials, as well as special equipment.

You can use tools at hand, such as scissors, an ax, or a guillotine cutter. A well-sharpened knife is also great for cutting old tires.

Stages of processing tires into small pieces at home:

  • How to make rubber crumb from wheels yourself? Review + Video Removing the cord (wire).
  • Cutting the used tire on the tape.
  • Raw material grinding.

But in order to be able to work with a large volume of waste for personal and commercial purposes, financial investments will be required - for the purchase of special equipment, rental of premises for processing raw materials. The cost of the units offered from direct manufacturers will depend on the configuration and power. Imported and domestic manufacturers provide full cycle rubber recycling lines, but if you have a good knowledge base of physics, you can make equipment for recycling tires into crumb with your own hands, and it will meet all your needs.

Able to create crumb from a car tire

What are the ways to obtain rubber crumb?

  1. Cooling of raw materials when help liquid nitrogen to a brittle state and further grinding. This type of processing will require the use of special freezers, as well as cooling the raw material to a temperature of -70.

    .-90 degrees, which is simply impossible at home.

  2. Shredding of rubber products on a specialized line of a full processing cycle. This method is used for industrial production, in which the production of crumb rubber is carried out in large volumes, and also requires large financial investments.
  3. Recycling of rubber products on improvised devices, i.

    e. crushers. If you have welding and milling equipment, you can make a DIY shredder. If this is not possible, then the parts should be ordered from the workshop according to their own scheme. The cost price of a hand-made device will be much less than the finished equipment.

Please note that if you recycle rubber waste on a regular basis, you will need a spacious and well-ventilated area to set up all equipment and store a huge amount rubber waste. The advantage will be the location of the production facility in an industrial area.

Unit design

The design features of the shredder are distinguished by the fact that they have a knife mechanism (shredder), which makes it possible to recycle tires, tubes and other rubber elements. With this method of grinding, the material is able to fully retain its own molecular formula, and also will not lose elasticity. The performance of the equipment will fully depend on the power indicators.

The main units of the unit for the processing of rubber products are:

  • Electric motor - helps to ensure the speed of processing waste from rubber, the recommended engine power from about 4 to 5 kW.
  • A box with cutting discs - helps to grind the raw material to the required size.
  • Grid that calibrates the crumb - makes it possible to adjust the diameter of the resulting rubber crumb.
  • Worm gear reducer - excludes the possibility of raw material jamming, as well as its jam.
  • The frame of the device - provides stability of the machine position.

  • Hopper for loading.
  • Guide Tray.

In general, the machine mechanism will be placed in a housing, on top of which a loading hopper will be installed. Before immersing the material, be sure to remove all foreign objects from the metal (nails, spikes, etc.).

Tires should be cut into strips to help reduce recycling time. Now let's take a closer look at how to make crumb rubber from tires using a special mechanism.

Box with discs for cutting

The main part of the device is precisely the shredder. The box contains steel, heat-treated milling discs with a high level of strength. They are quite resistant to wear and also do not require frequent replacement during the operation of the machine.

The manufacture of the structure will require accurate calculations of the holes, as well as various cutting discs, so it is better to entrust this work to the designer.

Grids for calibrating crumb

Under the box where the milling shafts are located, install a calibrating grid that allows you to adjust the diameter of the rubber crumb, which is obtained while shredding the tire inside the shredder.

Worm gear

A mechanical type gearbox will convert the angular speed using a worm gear, which will allow processing rubber material with different degrees of elasticity without hanging and windings. Mechanical transmissions of rotary motion should be set in the range from 25 to 36 units, which will ensure a high level of device performance.

Machine frame

The safety of the processing work will be guaranteed by the machine frame, which is made of shaped material.

It will ensure the stability of the position of the working device during grinding and loading the raw material inside.

Loading hopper

The machine must have a hopper, which is required in order to load tire raw materials, which for convenience are located at the top of the body and near the guide tray. They will ensure an even flow of raw materials into the shredder (i.e. shredder) and will also prevent blockages during operation.

Device that cuts tires

In order to cut the tires and remove the metal cord, constructions made of a base frame are used and racks. The housing will house a system for clamping the bar, which, when cut, will rotate with the bar. The strut has a wedge-shaped blade that is built into a specific tire size.This technology of installation of the structure will help save time on preparing material for consumption for further shredding inside the shredder.

Tire grinding

The technological process of grinding involves the following actions:

  • Sorting tire raw materials, as well as removal of foreign metals (spikes, nails, etc.


  • Removing the cord from the metal.
  • Cutting tires into strips.
  • Shredding raw materials in a shredder.
  • Calibration of the received crumb.

Each of the five points is important in its own way.


Now that you know how to make crumb rubber from wheels yourself, let's find out what it is used for. It is often used for various spheres of production, sold for the population, or used for personal purposes. A surplus of worn-out tires and other rubber products will provide a constant supply of material for consumption. The cost of crumb rubber will largely depend on the diameter and quality of the granules obtained.

At the moment, powdered crumbs are in great demand, as well as granules that have a diameter of 0.2 to 0.4 cm. The popularity of this size will be due to the low costs of manufacturing goods, as well as lower consumption of the adhesive composition, the price of which is several times higher than the cost of secondary raw materials.

Rubber crumb is used to make the following products:

  • Rubber shoes.

  • Roll coverings.
  • Fuel.
  • Sidewalk tile.
  • Heaters and rubber seals.
  • Three-dimensional figures that were carved from used tires.

  • Paths for a garden / summer cottage, a private house.
  • Sound-absorbing and waterproofing coatings for sports and playgrounds.
  • Mixes for asphalt.
  • Technical rubber products.
  • Seamless rubber coverings.

At the moment, the sphere of recycling is considered to be promising enough to open your own business, since the competition is low, and the demand for waste processing services is increasing. Even with a small amount of work, all the financial investments that will be spent on equipment will pay off in record time. Recycling tires inside the crusher is recognized as the best and most environmentally friendly method for recycling, which allows you to profit from a small investment.

And a little more about the tire recycling business

So, you learned how to make rubber crumb with your own hands, but let's take a closer look at how to turn recycling into your own business. Since old tires are waste, a license is required to work with them.

It should be arranged at your own expense, and this should be considered in advance. The second point is to receive a package of documents from the sanitary-epidemiological station.

In order to receive all the papers, you will need to:

  • Set up filters.
  • Select the correct location for the processing plant. Processing should be carried out as far as possible from a residential building, as well as social facilities such as schools, kindergartens and others.

Also, be sure to register a company with a government agency and tax office, conclude an agreement on the supply of electrical energy and resolve the issue with fire safety.

Selecting a room

Recycling car tires requires a huge area, you must have at least 500 m 2 ... In addition, storage space is required for the finished crumb rubber as well as the raw material.

Also, remember that the processing plant must be located as far as possible from settlements, since otherwise you will start receiving massive complaints and you may be shut down without explanation. The requirements for the processing line are ideally met in individual areas, for example, located in an industrial area or somewhere on the outskirts. Land in an industrial zone is worth its weight in gold, so it will be cheaper to buy or rent a production facility, which should have convenient access routes.


In general, the equipment can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Equipment from Europe, which meets all modern requirements. It is extremely efficient and reliable.

  2. Equipment from the Middle Kingdom. China's products most often have dubious quality, as well as a short service life. Naturally, if you buy Chinese products from well-known brands, then the quality will be excellent, then the price will be the same as for European instruments.
  3. The middle link will be Europe and China will be a reliable machine made in Russia. The cost of domestic equipment will be 2-3 times lower and 2 times higher than in China.

These are several options for those who do not want or cannot make equipment with their own hands. I would also like to note that the processing of rubber can be into crumb and diesel, but the latter material will require large investments. The process consists of sorting and future grinding of raw materials, and then the selected material is loaded into a reactor, which is capable of extracting fuel from the secondary raw materials, which can be liquid, metal cord or gas. The finished product can be used for further processing.


For a company where you can make crumb rubber you will need:

  • A driver who has his own truck.

    You can also buy your own car park and just hire drivers.

  • Accountant.
  • A person who helps to sell finished products.

To select employees, it makes sense to contact a special company, but you will conduct the decisive interview yourself.Recycling of car tires in the Russian Federation is a growing business, and most companies will gladly take future employees for training courses.

You can either train people yourself, or hire professionals who have already worked in this area.


Before making a purchase and starting to carry out everything according to the business plan, calculate all costs. Tires are practically rubbish, but recycling equipment costs a lot of money. The total cost will be about 3 million rubles, so it will be more expedient to find an investor in order to implement the business plan. To the sum it is worth adding the cost of purifiers, without which SanPiN will not give permission to operate a miniature plant.

The cost of raw materials will be minimal, you can buy it for almost nothing. You will be surprised, but certain organizations themselves are willing to pay for the old tires to be disposed of.