How to make steps for stairs from oak, stages of work - Types of stairs from solid oak, making steps, railings and balusters

How to make steps for stairs from oak, stages of work - Types of stairs from solid oak, making steps, railings and balusters The excellent qualities of oak as a material for various products make it very popular in the field of construction and carpentry. Furniture items, stairs, railings and more are made from oak wood.

In private two-storey houses, one cannot do without stairs, and just steps for stairs are made of oak most often.

Their configuration can be very diverse, but in any case, we must not forget about the harmonious combination with the general interior.

Rules for creating a project

In order for your design to be of high quality, you must adhere to several rules at the stage of creating a project:

  • Security;
  • Functionality;
  • Convenience;
  • Harmony.

Note. In order to avoid unforeseen expenses and embarrassment during work, it is necessary to make careful measurements and draw up a drawing of the stairs. Accurate compliance with the standards and consideration of the nuances associated with drawing up a drawing and further installation of the structure ensures guaranteed success.


Advantages of oak stairs

  • How to make steps for stairs from oak, stages of work - Types of stairs from solid oak, making steps, railings and balusters The material has special strength and durability;
  • A wide range of models;
  • Resistance to damage and destruction under the influence of an aggressive environment;
  • Have a pleasant appearance.
  • Oak is a classic outside of fashion trends.

The properties of oak wood make it one of the most demanded materials. Even rather complex structures can be made from it. Moreover, the structure of the wood makes it very attractive. If you make the correct processing of oak before use, objects and structures made of it can serve faithfully for an unlimited amount of time.

Oak treads come in a variety of colors.

The most common shades of reddish brown and light yellow. Bleached oak steps amaze with their nobility and are liked by many. Betterly, this shade is suitable for rooms in which there is a lot of light and pastel colors prevail. A rich palette makes it possible to choose exactly the option that will organically fit into the design of your home.


You can use special stains to give the oak a dark shade.

The steps in the stairs are the main structural elements. It is very important to make sure that they are made of reliable material, have the ability to withstand decent loads, because you will be using the stairs every day. The shape of the steps can be varied: square, rectangular, rounded, with or without risers.

To build a solid structure, you need to be scrupulous about the choice of material, and then you will not have to spend money on replacing failed elements.

Advantages of oak steps

  • Durability;
  • Practicality;
  • Reliability;
  • Attractiveness.

Note. The main advantage of oak is its dense and solid structure, thanks to which the material can serve for a long time.

To avoid scratching the wood and other damage, the material must be varnished. Even if trouble does happen, only the outer coating will be scratched, and the tree will remain intact.

Given this fact, oak steps for stairs are made in many public places (restaurants, bars, hotels).

Due to the extra strength of oak wood, it is not necessary to make wide steps. They can be narrow and graceful, but at the same time they tend to withstand a lot of weight and stress without breaking.

Handrails and balusters for stairs made of oak

Considering that oak is not the cheapest material, making the entire structure from it stairs including handrails, you will fly in a decent amount. Unless it scares you, you can safely get down to business.

For those who want to save a little, there are options for making balusters and handrails from ash and beech. However, it is not so important what material the additional structural elements will be made of, the main thing is that they organically fit into the overall picture.

Railings and balusters can be decorated with:

  • How to make steps for stairs from oak, stages of work - Types of stairs from solid oak, making steps, railings and balusters A repeating pattern or ornament;
  • Smooth bends of lines;
  • Geometric shapes and forms.

The ends of the railing can be made straight or rounded. In addition to the decorative function, the railings also perform a protective one.

They ensure the safety of a person when climbing or descending steps. They can be installed on both sides of the stairs, or only on one.

Balusters are support posts in the form of a pillar, which can be made of oak. This element performs a decorative and supporting function - a railing is attached to them.


The gaps between the balusters can be filled with decorative elements. In addition, the baluster can be presented in the form of a single plane, round or straight.

Types of expensive oak stairs for private houses

For elite stairs, oak is best suited as a material for manufacturing. An important point of choosing in favor of oak is that such structures require a high-class level, they must be durable and not break. And besides, to look expensive, as they say in a million.

Elite staircases are a kind of work of art. A lot of work and skills of the master are invested in them. The whole robot is done by hand, no mechanisms, only human labor. And, as you know, any manual work is expensive. Treads for stairs are made of oak and the price differs depending on the thickness of the product and its dimensions.

Decorative oak steps on handrails and balusters are made by hand.

Forms of elite stairs:

  • How to make steps for stairs from oak, stages of work - Types of stairs from solid oak, making steps, railings and balusters L-shaped;
  • Screw ;
  • C-shaped ;
  • Simple.

In addition to an attractive appearance, the structure must be comfortable. This will be facilitated by the correct choice of design. If you are at a loss and cannot decide, seek help from professionals in your field.

They will offer you sketches and solutions to your requests.

Making steps for stairs from oak

Works on making stairs from wood have their own nuances. The first step is to create a draft of the future structure. To do this, you can use the 3-D programs. In them, you can model any form of construction based on your desires and capabilities.

Also, this is a good way to get an idea of ​​what the staircase will look like in the interior and to see if it will suit you.

At the initial stage of making oak steps, you need to take measurements of the room. Then comes the turn of creating a project and drawing. Further, the main work on installation, and finally - finishing. Also, custom-made oak steps can be made without any problems.

Almost no one produces ready-made structures, since it is not expedient. Do-it-yourself work will not bring any particular difficulties to those who have already dealt with oak and know the features of the material. After installation, steps, railings and balusters must be varnished to protect against damage, as well as extend the life of the stairs. In addition, in order for the steps to last longer, they can be covered with carpet if desired.

Oak wood is quite often used in interior decoration, as well as in the creation of various designs and pieces of furniture.

The material is suitable for the implementation of bold ideas, bold forms. The wood has a very beautiful texture, which is why it is so highly prized. Special means for processing wood enhance the pattern, making it richer and more expressive. In addition, the processing aims to extend the life of the material.

To create steps for stairs from oak, select, thick wood is taken that is capable of withstanding high loads.

As already mentioned, the form can be any, but the main thing in this matter is convenience and reliability. Quality material is the key to the durability of the stairs.