How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video

How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video Everyone living in the house should have their own corner, and it doesn't have to be a separate room.
In a frame house with a well thought-out layout, guests from the hallway will easily get into the living room and will not go looking for a toilet.
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Layout of a frame house

It is necessary to properly plan a private house so that it is comfortable and cozy, standard planning rules will help with this:

  1. The internal space of a frame house is conventionally divided into two zones - residential and utility . At the same time, the living area can also be divided into two - daytime and evening.

Further, daytime and evening zones can be divided into rooms for adults, children and guests.

The day area consists of: entrance hall, living room, hall, dining room, toilet and veranda.

How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video Evening zones are a bedroom, a dressing room, an extended bathroom.

The utility area is a kitchen, pantry, garage, laundry, boiler room, workshop.

When arranging rooms, you should pay special attention to the position of the sun at certain hours, and always on the view from the window.

  1. Construction of a frame house with fewer halls and corridors will significantly reduce the cost of the total living space.

How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video The number of halls and the area of ​​the corridors can be reduced, for example: make some rooms walk-through and arrange in the bedroom working corner.

A better option is a layout in which the kitchen area, being a utility room, will adjoin the living area of ​​the dining room and one of the common rooms.

In a frame house with a small living area, the kitchen, dining room, living room and even the hallway or hallway are placed in a common open space that is not divided by partitions.

  1. It is very important that couples and other adult family members have their own rooms in the frame house.

The largest of the rooms is the living room, it will be a common room where all residents will gather to relax.

It is very convenient to have one more additional room in a frame house - a guest bedroom or an office. And the main thing to remember is that planning the construction of a house correctly is the key to success.

    1. If several generations live in a frame house, then you need to make the territory of each family with separate entrances, bathrooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. And place the premises for elderly parents on the first floors.
    2. In a frame house, it is better to make two entrance doors, one will be located at the entrance to the site, the second from the terrace, or on the opposite side of the house, for various household needs.

      The composition of the family will definitely influence the number and location of entrances.

    3. How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video The staircase must be illuminated with natural light.Therefore, there is not much difference where to orient it, but the windows that illuminate the entire staircase space must be present.
    4. It is necessary to properly plan the house and provide for the possibility of expanding the area in the future as the family grows and the children grow up. You can increase the size due to a certain extension to a frame house or an attic device.

      In different cases, the option of such an extension must be foreseen in advance.

  1. The fireplace is usually located in the dining room or living room. Installing a fireplace in a built frame house will require the installation of a chimney and chimney, and this is not always possible.
  2. A simple rectangular frame house with a small number of corners without ledges, various bay windows and balconies is much more economical in construction. This house has minimal heat losses through external fences.

    The shape of such a house is in the form of a rectangle with a ratio of all sides no more than 1: 1.5.

  3. Installing a simple pitched roof reduces the cost of the entire construction.
  4. Correct and competent orientation of the frame house by the sun and wind will reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning systems. Living rooms in a frame house are oriented mainly to the south in order to make the most of the solar thermal energy.

    The utility rooms are located on the north side.

  5. How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video Design and installation of simple, short communications of a frame house significantly reduces construction costs and increases reliability. For more convenient engineering communications, bathrooms in two-story houses should be located one above the other, and on the first floors of the bathroom and boiler room - closer to the kitchen area.
  6. For an economy-class frame house, install a built-in garage, not a detached one: it is much easier to heat it and it can accommodate part of the communication systems of a frame house, saving the entire area. In addition, you can get into the garage straight from the house, without going outside.

  7. When building a frame house, give up the basement: the cost of the basement and a high-quality waterproofing system of the basement is several times higher than the cost of building one floor. Instead, plan a large storage room on the ground floor. The layout and design of the site also greatly affects the final cost of construction.
  8. Considering the finished project, pay special attention to the design solutions that will provide sound insulation for the rooms in the night zones.

It must be remembered that extraneous sounds can penetrate these rooms through various enclosing structures: ceilings, windows, walls, doors, as well as ventilation and other openings.

For good and high-quality sound insulation between the rooms of the living area and the bedroom, two lines of doors and a small corridor are required.

If the bedrooms are located on the upper floor, then a floating floor on a special reinforced concrete floor is a prerequisite for a good soundproof night zone.

  1. Build an energy efficient frame house.

When choosing a finished project, check the basic parameters of a frame house, indicating its degree of energy efficiency. It is necessary to estimate the average annual amount of energy consumed for heating, water heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video

  1. Equip the entire heating system with special thermostats that will allow you to program the desired temperature in each room separately. Lowering the temperature in the room by one degree saves about 5% of the total heating energy.

The use of heated floors for heating a frame house also allows you to save heat in the house.

  1. The entrance door to the frame house from the street during construction must be separated by a special thermal sluice - a vestibule. Due to a certain opening of two doors in the vestibule, cool air from the street will not penetrate into the house.

  2. If a balcony is planned during the construction of a house, then it must have an independent external support in the form of certain pillars.
  3. It should be remembered that the larger the glazing area of ​​the house (paneled glazing), the higher the heating costs.
  4. Deciduous trees in the area of ​​a house with large crowns can create a certain shade in the summer and significantly reduce energy consumption for air conditioning by about 50%.

In winter, deciduous trees lose their crown, and sunlight hits the surface of the house and its walls well, heating them, providing it with excellent thermal energy and helping to reduce heating costs.

Coniferous trees will help protect the frame house from cold winds in winter and will not let it cool down.

  1. When building a frame house, choose environmentally friendly materials.

More than 50% of all materials used in construction on the domestic market are not safe for our health. Many of them do not pass even the simplest environmental impact assessment.

Features in the layout of a three-story frame house

How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video The complexity of three-story frame houses stops many builders in Russia to start building such houses, but the plan of such a house must be planned, having calculated everything in advance.

During construction, you wondered how to properly plan your house.

In three-storey houses, the staircase is considered the border between the day and evening zones.

Day zone rooms are usually located on the first floors. Night zones, bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and bathrooms are located on the upper floors of the frame house.

Although, this division of rooms by floors is not always possible and convenient. Sometimes on the ground floor one more bedroom is made.

And on the lower floors there is a bedroom for parents or guests.

Bathrooms and bathrooms in the house

How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video Bathrooms in a multi-storey frame house and bathrooms should be on every floor. On the ground floor, a toilet and a bath are installed so that they are convenient for guests to use. And best of all, if the entrance to the toilet is not visible from the living room.

The bathroom on the ground floor should also have a shower for quick water treatment.

This bathroom significantly reduces the load in the morning and evening hours.

If there is a bedroom in a frame house on the first floor, then the bathroom is installed next to it, so that you do not need to walk through the entire living room from the bedroom to the toilet. Your guests can also use this toilet.

In a large bathroom in the bedroom area, it is convenient to place equipment for SPA procedures - for example, a cedar barrel, a sauna, a Finnish bath, a jacuzzi or a hot tub.

Commercial premises

How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video
Boiler room on the first floor of the building

The boiler room is usually installed on the first floor of a frame house.

Quite often, a special room is allocated for the installation of the boiler in the garage attached to the frame house. A solid fuel boiler room must be entered from the outside, from the side of the warehouse where the fuel is stored.

The pantry grocery room is located near the kitchen.

In a frame house it will be convenient to have two dressing rooms - directly at the entrance and in the bedroom area.

It is convenient to have a dryer, washing machine and ironing board near the dressing area.

Do not place your laundry in an attached garage. Since it becomes necessary to carry dirty linen up the stairs, and the mistress of the house will not like it.

Windows in a frame house

How to make the layout and arrangement of a private house on the site outside and inside: Tips + Video
Frame windows

The increased area of ​​glazing in the rooms can significantly increase the cost of building and using a frame house:

  • The cost of building a block with glazing is much higher than the financial costs building a wall of a similar area.
  • Heating costs in winter will increase significantly.

But many owners choose to neglect the economic benefits for the aesthetic look that is present in a cozy, light-flooded living room with perfect garden views through huge floor-to-ceiling windows.

Most often, huge windows and glass doors for access to a terrace, garden or balcony are equipped not only from the living room, but also from the bedroom and kitchen area.

From the outside of the frame house, install special roller shutters on the windows. Closed roller shutters protect windows from burglary, and in severe frosts they will reduce heat loss through the windows, and in hot weather they will reduce the overheating of the frame house by the sun's rays. Provide for the installation and installation of roller shutters on windows in advance, at the stage of drafting a frame house.