How to make thermowood with your own hands? Wood heat treatment technology - Instruction + Video and Photo

How to make thermowood with your own hands? Wood heat treatment technology - Instruction + Video and Photo During construction or finishing works, wood was and still remains the favorite material. But in order for wooden materials to serve for a long time, not to rot, swell and dry out, they have to be pre-treated with various chemicals.

But not everyone wants to deal with chemistry, so now heat-treated wood is widely used.

Heat-treated wood, description

Many people wonder what is heat-treated wood? These are wooden products that have been heat treated at high temperatures without the addition of chemicals.

Thanks to such processing, the tree receives many positive qualities:

  • - the service life of wooden products increases;
  • How to make thermowood with your own hands? Wood heat treatment technology - Instruction + Video and Photo - the surface of the product is of high quality;
  • - can withstand various temperature drops;
  • - practically does not dry out, unlike ordinary wood;
  • - environmentally friendly material without the use of chemicals, therefore it does not have any extraneous odors;
  • - heat-treated wood has low flammability, does not flare up well;
  • - such wood does not lend itself to decay;
  • - this tree will have the same tone on the cuts.

Wood heat treatment technology

This technology was invented by Finnish specialists.

It consists of several stages of processing:

  • - first, wood is dried by placing it in a drying chamber for a long time at a temperature of 100-300 degrees. At this stage of processing, all moisture is removed from the wood;
  • - heat treatment - for such processing, hot steam is launched into the chamber where the wood is located, the temperature there is above 250 degrees.

IMPORTANT! Heat treatment takes about 3 hours. Finally, the heat-treated wood is cooled, lowering the temperature in the chamber, the moisture content of the product is 4-6%.

Heat treatment is different:

  1. - single-stage;
  2. - multi-stage - with this treatment, steam is supplied under a certain pressure.

IMPORTANT! For the manufacture of thermowood of the highest quality, not air vapor is supplied under pressure, but nitrogen (rectification is done). Wood can differ in appearance, shade and its properties if treated with different steam temperatures, therefore, its price will be different.

Therefore, it is subdivided into classes:

  • - first class - steaming up to 190 o C, the shade of the slag changes , the properties are improved to a minimum;
  • - the second class - steam treatment up to 210 o C, the shade turns out to be darker, the strength of the wood increases, and also the resistance to the decay process becomes higher;
  • - third class - steam treatment up to 240 o C, the tree has rich dark shades, here all properties are increased to the maximum (strength, stability, density).

IMPORTANT! Before buying thermowood, check what class it is, and decide what shade you need it for during construction.

How to make heat-treated wood at home yourself?

It is not difficult to buy heat-treated wood, for example, buy in St. Petersburg or buy in Moscow , it is now sold everywhere. But usually only in specialized stores. Only the cost for it is much higher than for an ordinary tree. Therefore, many craftsmen all often ask this question - how can you make such wood with your own hands at home?

If you want to do it, it is possible.

Only the process of making thermowood is very laborious, but the result is worth it.

To make a thermal chamber, we need the following elements:

  • How to make thermowood with your own hands? Wood heat treatment technology - Instruction + Video and Photo - a container that will close very tightly so that in no case when processing wood I can not penetrate there (it will serve as the chamber itself);
  • - decide how this container will be heated (electricity, gas or solid fuel);
  • - pick up a container for water in order to make the humidity of the required level inside the main container;
  • - for all procedures you will need a tool for working on metal.

A container with water is placed in the thermowood chamber in order for the water to evaporate due to the high temperature. This prevents the wood from catching fire. The camera must be well heated to maintain a high temperature.

IMPORTANT! The chamber must be closed hermetically, because if oxygen gets there, there will be a risk of wood fire.

This option is suitable if you need to process large wooden products. For processing small pieces of wood, there is another way to do it yourself. Take a tree, boil it for 1.5 hours, then wrap it in rags or paper and dry these wooden products near a stove, radiator or heater.

Using heat-treated wood

Thermowood is a versatile material due to its positive qualities. It can be used for building garden gazebos, terraces. Looks great as an external finishing material for the facade of the house, it can also serve as a floor covering.

Facade thermowood - presented in the form of a lining, block-house. Such products retain their beautiful appearance for a long time and do not require strong maintenance.

In humid rooms (sauna, bathhouse), we can also often find the use of thermal boards. It does not get very hot and is not afraid of moisture.

Although heat-treated wood has many advantages, there is also a disadvantage - under the influence of sunlight, the surface fade over time and the shade becomes gray. But only the topmost layer is damaged, inside it remains strong.In order to prevent burnout, you can additionally treat the thermal tree with oil products.

After that, such wood will serve you for a long time, and please the eye with its beautiful appearance.

Another drawback is, of course, the cost of such wood, but we described to you the opportunity to make it yourself, which will be much more profitable.

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