How to make two types of Wallpaper in the bedroom: Combination rules and Various combinations of wallpapers to create a unique bedroom interior + Video

How to make two types of Wallpaper in the bedroom: Combination rules and Various combinations of wallpapers to create a unique bedroom interior + Video Bedroom is a special place, so you should be very serious about its arrangement, since the degree comfort affects the quality of sleep and the psycho-emotional state of a person. Coziness in an apartment, a house, helps to relax after a hard day and put thoughts in order. The interior of the bedroom with wallpaper of two types in the right combination helps to create a warm atmosphere conducive to maximum relaxation of the nervous system. You need to carefully approach the interior design when combining a bedroom and a study.

With the help of colors, you can increase the productivity of work, modify the room, making it visually smaller or larger.

General information when choosing wallpaper

What to look for

The range of wallpapers offered to the consumer is huge and can be easily get confused when choosing. However, if you have an idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe classification of canvases, then you will get your bearings much faster.

The main items to watch out for are:

  • How to make two types of Wallpaper in the bedroom: Combination rules and Various combinations of wallpapers to create a unique bedroom interior + Video - material;
  • - method of gluing;
  • - combination with furniture;
  • - harmony in style;
  • - color;
  • - side of the world on which the room is located;
  • - possible combinations of wallpaper;
  • - fashion trends.

If there are flaws on the walls of the room, then you can try to hide them. Such "disguise" is possible when using wallpaper with a large chaotic pattern, with a more powerful texture and thickness.

The ideal option in this case is to stick photo wallpaper.

Rules from designers

To give your bedroom a really stylish and unusual look, you should first of all get ready for work. First of all, you should think over the sketch of the interior. You can find ready-made solutions in the photo on the Internet.

In addition, it is recommended to study and take into account several rules developed by professional designers:

  1. How to make two types of Wallpaper in the bedroom: Combination rules and Various combinations of wallpapers to create a unique bedroom interior + Video Wallpaper with horizontal stripes will visually make the room smaller in height.

  2. Use vertical stripes to reduce space.
  3. If the wallpaper contains a diamond or trapezoid pattern, the room will appear wider.
  4. If the bedroom is small, then it is categorically not recommended to use dark wallpaper with a large or contrasting pattern. But in a room with a large area, they will be appropriate.
  5. There are two options for zoning - either a smooth transition between multi-colored canvases, or a bright selection of only one wall.

  6. Curbs look impressive, giving a sense of protection.
  7. In recent years, it has been fashionable to highlight the wall near the head of the bed, using bright colors and contrasting solutions.

Color solution

It is customary to distinguish between 2 ways of combining shades:

  1. Simple when combined 2 shade of the same color.
  2. Hard - combines 2 shades of different colors.

When choosing a wallpaper, you need to start from the design direction that is typical for you.

So, silk-screen printing with rhombuses, lilies, curls, displaced by a lighter or darker shade than the background, is suitable for the classic version. If we talk about Provence, then of course, these are bed tones and small flowers. Modern design prefers graphics and achromatic colors.

If preference is given to plain wallpaper in a classic style, then it is advisable to take adjacent colors that are identical in saturation or color, but different brightness. For example, a combination of soft pink with raspberry or transparent blue with dark blue is ideal.

It is recommended that prints are the same size and made with the same color palette. If the drawing is small, then thin stripes look great next to it. Large images can be emphasized with wide inserts.

The main rule is not to overload the interior with decoration. In a small room, you do not need to use a lot of ornaments and bright colors.

It should be taken into account what the interior is filled with - brown furniture or light, everything matters.

Sticking wallpaper in two colors

Ready-made schemes

There are ready-made schemes of tone distribution , for example:

  1. How to make two types of Wallpaper in the bedroom: Combination rules and Various combinations of wallpapers to create a unique bedroom interior + Video Dark floor and light walls. This is a classic color distribution that expands the room and makes it taller.
  2. Dark floor, dark ceiling. In such an interior, the floor gives reliability, but the ceiling overhangs and becomes low, giving a feeling of constriction.

  3. Dark floor and dark one wall. The scheme helps to solve the problem of a narrow room, pushing the space apart thanks to the light walls. A light ceiling adds height to the bedroom.
  4. Dark ceiling and one wall. Again, the height visually decreases, and the room becomes shorter, but wider.

    This solution works well for narrow and long rooms.

  5. Light ceiling and one wall. Due to the fact that the rest of the space is dark, it gives a sense of unity. A light ceiling and wall move the room apart, making it taller.
  6. Dark back wall.

    Such a scheme will obviously shorten the room, but it will highlight the furniture against its background. Visually, the room will become smaller, so the solution is suitable for a bedroom with a large area.

  7. Dark side walls - make the room smaller, taller and longer. It is strongly not recommended for a narrow bedroom, otherwise you might end up in the carriage.
  8. Light floor only.

    Such a solution will make a cave out of the bedroom, especially if there is no window in the room, or it is curtained with opaque curtains. The light floor gives the impression of unreliability.

  9. You can find an option when all walls, floor and ceiling are made in a dark style. In this case, a kind of box is obtained, where a feeling of lack of air is created. This design technique reduces space well.

Wallpaper material

The most popular wallpapers are:

  • How to make two types of Wallpaper in the bedroom: Combination rules and Various combinations of wallpapers to create a unique bedroom interior + Video Vinyl , named for the outer layer of polyvinyl chloride. It features high performance wallpaper, long service life, moisture resistance, easy installation. In such canvases, the inner layer is non-woven or paper. Vinyl wallpaper not all can be glued to the bedroom as it can be breathable and airtight. The latter are recommended for regular wet cleaning.

    Wallpapers vary in thickness and relief.

  • Non-woven . They differ from the previous ones with an outer layer, which in this case consists of fine-pored vinyl. The base is the same non-woven material, which makes it easy to mount the canvases by applying glue only to the walls. Such wallpaper can hide the imperfections of the wall.

    They can withstand up to 10 layers of paint, which allows the interior color to change. Moreover, you can highlight some area with a different color, combining shades of your own free will.

  • Paper is the standard of environmentally friendly traditional wallpaper, since only paper and cellulose are used for the production of rolls, which have the property of passing humid air. Difficulties during installation do not appear, and the cost is quite low - an economical option. The only downside is that paper wallpapers are not moisture resistant and short-lived.

    They used to be of lower quality than they are now.

  • Textile , consisting of several layers with a base like vinyl, and a fabric cloth is applied outside. In this case, the material used is different - cotton, silk, wool, linen, jute, felt. Such wallpapers look different and create an unusual microclimate in the room. But, sticking them correctly on the wall is quite difficult.

    In addition, during operation, the fabric quickly becomes overgrown with dust.

  • Liquid . This is a new direction that is rapidly gaining momentum. The material of the wallpaper is very beautiful and the installation is easy. Wallpaper is made of cellulose fibers, applied using a spatula.

    They are very convenient for creating various ornaments. With regard to performance, they are great for the bedroom, giving the wall warmth and texture.

  • Photo wallpaper . The ideal solution for combining the interior not only in the bedroom, but also in other rooms. Today you can buy wall murals for every taste and theme.

There are also wallpapers made of natural components - reed, cork wood, fiberglass, etc. They are distinguished by a high price, therefore, they are not so widely demanded.

Options for pasting wallpaper

Duet wallpaper

Due to the high demand of buyers for a beautiful combination of several types of wallpaper, manufacturers began to offer the ideal solution - companion wallpaper. Such an acquisition relieves consumers of the following problems:

  • - non-coincidence of wallpaper by the type of base;
  • - when the same shade of wallpaper looks different.

The proposed sets already have an ideal combination in terms of colors, physical characteristics - density, smoothness, stability, etc.

Wallpaper duo is an excellent chance to give a bedroom a successful design without knowledge of subtleties and rules.

Panels and niches

The panel looks very interesting on the walls. They are made from plaster, wood, plastic or polyurethane moldings. The panel can be pasted over with wallpaper with an expensive texture and an interesting pattern.

It is not difficult to do this kind of work.

To do this, several inserts are made on a lighter background, which are pasted over along the edges with a narrow edging. In this way, you can emphasize what you want to highlight in the interior, for example, a photo, a painting, luxurious interior elements, a headboard.

Or you can make plasterboard niches and glue them with contrasting wallpaper. Against this background, TVs, figurines, books, plants look good.

Zoning the space

How to make two types of Wallpaper in the bedroom: Combination rules and Various combinations of wallpapers to create a unique bedroom interior + Video Wallpaper can be used to divide a room into several zones .

.. Often the area of ​​the apartment is not as large as we would like and it is necessary to organize a children's and an adult's bedroom in one room. There are solutions when a corner for a workplace is made out in the rest room.

It is important to adhere to the rule of harmony and choose the right wallpaper by color, texture and pattern.

When the bedroom is stretched out strongly, it is uncomfortable and looks like a corridor. Wallpaper can fix this. The material must be bought in beige colors.

To zone part of a room, carpet designs are popular and usually behind the back of the bed. This accentuation allows you to distract the eye from any flaws in the room.

A ceiling that is too low can be visually increased by gluing wallpaper with a 15-20 cm approach to the ceiling, due to this, the junction of the horizontal and vertical surfaces will be smoothed out and the room will seem taller. When, on the contrary, the ceiling is very high, then it is advised to stick two types of wallpaper below the ceiling by 20-50 cm. In addition, when wallpapering the ceiling, they can be lowered onto the walls. A wide horizontal strip at the junction of two types of wallpaper looks spectacular.

Vertical combination

In the classic version, the wallpaper is pasted from top to bottom, so the vertical combination is simple.

But, despite the simplicity, the combination of several wallpapers looks very impressive.

Even a person without experience in performing repairs on his own can cope with the work. In this case, it is not required to measure something or cut fragments, as it requires to work with niches. In a vertical combination, you need to alternate the rolls in the order you set.

The advantage of this method is in the obvious extension of the interior height and the ability to create a clear zoning of the bedroom.

In addition, the vertical gives the room balance by balancing the horizontally wide bed surface.

Horizontal combination

The main purpose of horizontal stripes is to expand the space. It is the ideal solution for a rectangular but narrow room and an attic. Wallpaper is usually glued 1/3 of the floor. For example, at the bottom there can be wallpapers resembling dense panels, and at the top there are plain solutions or canvases with a small pattern.

With a low ceiling, it is recommended to combine horizontal with a vertical pattern.

To prevent the seam between the two types of wallpaper from being visible, a border is glued, which is a contrasting strip or a thin skirting board. It is important to remember that the border should combine the elements of the wallpaper.

Photo wallpaper in combination

Today, photo wallpaper is sold of very high quality and looks very realistic on the wall. With their help, you can visually give the room a larger space, thanks to perspective, the play of light, the effect of three dimensions, which, as it were, moves the wall away, filling it with the depth of space.

For this purpose, it is recommended to choose wallpaper with a landscape or panorama.

Photo wallpaper with flowers or other patterns can be decorated in a stylish frame or pasted with a combination of monochrome wallpapers that are harmonious in color.


  • In the selected wallpaper for the bedroom, common elements should be repeated, and color shades should be in the same intensity.
  • Calm pastel colors are relaxing and soothing.
  • It is not recommended to use more than three types of media.

  • Wallpaper with a black and white pattern as a basic base is not the best solution, since with this option normal rest and visual relaxation are impossible.
  • Do not paste over the bedroom with completely white wallpaper, it is better to combine it with other color canvases.
  • Techno, loft, wallpaper with bare concrete and brick walls are not suitable for the bedroom. Such options act depressingly on the psyche.

The choice of wallpaper in two colors is a fun activity, the result of which can be a significant transformation in the design of the bedroom.

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