How to make wooden bathroom floors and will it work well? DIY styling - Step by step + Video

How to make wooden bathroom floors and will it work well? DIY styling - Step by step + Video Wooden floors in the bathroom: advantages and disadvantages in the article!

Although there is an opinion that the wooden floor in the bathroom is completely absurd, it still has a right to exist. You can lay a floor of wood trim if you will be using waterproofing materials. Wood as a flooring material is an excellent option, as it has a lot of advantages. The main thing is that you choose the type of wood that is best suited for the bathroom, carefully prepare the surface, and then properly install it.

How to do this, and will be discussed in this article.

The advantages of a wooden floor in the bathroom

Naturally, when choosing finishing building materials, we want to choose only the best, and therefore we study for a long time and in detail, get acquainted with the positive qualities of one or another option.

If you decide to finish the floor in the bathroom with wooden material, you should know what advantages you can get.

  1. Wood is an environmentally friendly and natural material that is completely safe for human health, as well as warm, cozy and created by nature itself.
  2. In the interior wood helps to create a feeling of comfort, tranquility, and no other material can boast of this.
  3. The thermal conductivity of such a material is quite low, which makes it possible not to bother with laying a warm floor or installing additional heating equipment.

  4. If you look at it from an aesthetic point of view, finding a material equal to wood is difficult (if not impossible).
  5. This floor design will be compatible with any other finishing materials, which means you can easily create a unique bathroom design.

The process of laying the wooden floor

Choosing the material

All of us we know perfectly well that trees themselves are different, since there are many varieties and varieties. It is difficult to list them all, but there are special breeds that will be ideal as a building or finishing material. If we talk specifically about the importance of ensuring the paramount characteristic, namely moisture resistance, then teak is ideal for you.

This type of wood was not in vain used before in an industry such as shipbuilding. Thanks to the density of the fibers, teak becomes waterproof even under direct exposure to moisture and liquids.

How to make wooden bathroom floors and will it work well? DIY styling - Step by step + Video If the teak boards are tied together using a marine sealant or other special substance, then in terms of reliability and efficiency such a wooden floor in the bathroom will not be inferior in performance even to a ceramic floor.

But the main condition for creating a reliable and durable floor covering, which is made on the basis of wood, is strict adherence to the instructions for laying the material.If you do everything correctly, this floor will serve you for several decades, and at the same time it will not lose its properties.

But do not assume that just one teak is suitable for finishing the bathroom floor. In such "wet" conditions, elm, oak and ash managed to show themselves. These are excellent moisture resistant rocks, which are also cheaper than the same teak.

Please note, that there is a unique material that was created relatively recently with the help of modern technologies. It is called "thermal wood" because this material is wood that has been steam treated.

Exposure to wood is carried out with steam at a temperature of 240 degrees without access to oxygen.

As a result, the material becomes much more resistant to various kinds of deformations, and even more resistant to water absorption. Plus, such a tree is not afraid of rotting, the formation of fungal diseases, mold, and this is 3-4 times faster than ordinary wood.

Preparing the surface

As you know, flooring material can serve for a long time and reliably, but for this it should be laid on a certain base. Yes, you understood correctly: the floor should be prepared in advance to get a solid, level and stable surface for use.

As a base for laying a wooden floor in a bathroom, there can be a ceiling that rests on a foundation or timber joists. It is most effective to level the floor in the bathroom with a screed.

With all this, the screed must meet the following important requirements:

  1. Thanks to the screed, you should get a perfectly flat surface. Horizontal deviations greater than 0.2 cm for every 2 m 2 are inadmissible.

  2. The screed is not needed for beauty, but to be a guarantee of the static and dynamic strength of the floor. The screed must withstand the compressive load and the minimum allowable value is 10 MP.
  3. Distribute the load evenly on the layers with the screed.

Despite the fact that most often they used a sand-cement screed, this is not at all the only option in order to level the floor in the bathroom. Alternatively, moisture resistant plywood, magnesite boards, cement-bonded particle board, OSB and other materials can be used.


Waterproofing the wooden floor in the bathroom is very important. It is thanks to her that the water will not seep through the finishing material of the floor, and it will also protect against the harmful effects of dampness and moisture.

How to make wooden bathroom floors and will it work well? DIY styling - Step by step + Video For this you can use both coating waterproofing materials and roll ones. When choosing roll material, make sure it is made from modified bitumen and has a nonwoven polyester / tough fiberglass backing.Laying the wooden floor in the bathroom should be done with a slight overlap on the walls, slightly above the level at which the wooden floor will be installed.

But quite often they use coating waterproofing, which are made in the form of mastic. If we are talking about a wooden house, then the floors on which the wooden floor will be laid will also be made of the same material. But it will not necessarily be teak, which has an excellent indicator of water resistance and moisture resistance.

For this reason, do not be lazy here to cover the base for the future floor with waxed waterproofing paper or parchment. Separating layers should not be overlapped.

In addition to the fact that you will have a waterproofing layer, do not forget about the vapor barrier, the layer of which should also be covered.

Interestingly, when the preparations are complete, you can proceed with the final installation of the wooden bathroom floor. If you purchased a ready-made material, it does not need additional processing, and only at the end you can apply a little varnish.

Try to buy wood only from reliable and trusted suppliers, since not everyone who works in this area is well versed in wood and its varieties, and it is rather difficult to determine which variety they are from ready-made boards made.


In addition to this, such work presupposes the presence of skills, skills and experience.

Most of the problems usually arise with waterproofing and pre-screed floors. To solve this problem, it will be better if you consult a specialist who has extensive experience with wood. If you prepare the base incorrectly, then even the most moisture-resistant rocks will not withstand the load from dampness and moisture.

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