How to paint a block house? Features, Processing + Photo and Video

How to paint a block house? Features, Processing + Photo and Video How to paint the house block - features, processing. It is no secret that making wooden houses is not just beautiful and tasteful, wooden houses also retain heat, allow air to pass through well and provide an optimal level of moisture. Wood buildings are becoming more and more popular every year due to its ecological properties. However, owning such a house is not so easy: you need to know how to properly protect the house from various insects, from fungal infections, and just how to preserve its original appearance for as long as possible.

Before choosing how to paint a block house, first of all, special attention should be paid to what kind of wood your house is made of, because an incorrectly selected material can simply ruin not only the appearance of the block house , but also to shorten its life by several years.

Various decorative solutions with protective properties are used to care for the block house.

Varnishes and special paints for block houses

Used for decorative painting. What color to paint to paint the block house? It is best to choose shades closer to the color of the wood itself. Paints are of different types: persistent and water-soluble (no strong odor). In order to increase the adhesion of the paint to the wood, it is primed before painting.

Any of these stains need to be updated after a couple of years, since such funds tend to crack and peel off.


Impregnations are of several types: water-soluble, alkyd and oil.

  1. Water-soluble impregnations are used to process new, raw wood. Such impregnations are practically odorless and are best used for internal processing.
  2. Alkyd impregnations - impregnations with high resistance and long service life.

  3. Oil-based impregnations tend to dry out for a long time. Used for long-term coverage, good dust and dirt repellency. Such impregnations are used to change the color of the block house.


Basically wax is used for internal coating, however, it should be noted that such a coating can rarely be painted with paint. Waxing is suitable for those who prefer a natural finish.

The wax is waterproof and water-repellent.


They are used for deep impregnation, have water-repellent properties, give a light shade and shine to wood. Suitable for patterned wood types. When choosing a shade, you should check on a small sample of your tree, since usually the shades do not match, and this will not allow you to make the mistake of choosing not exactly the shade you would like. Azure also has dirt-repelling properties and makes it resistant to various kinds of damage.

There are also popular methods of painting a block house, during which the necessary impregnations and paints are made at home.

Outside staining

How to paint a block house? Features, Processing + Photo and Video When starting to prepare, select the materials properly, suitable for your wood species. Do not neglect this, otherwise your house may lose its original appearance and lose some of the properties of wood.

For the outer coating, you need to select materials that have a high moisture-repellent ability. These products should provide maximum protection against damage and weather conditions.

If you would like to preserve the drawing on wood, it is best to choose oil impregnations or glazes for coloring. They retain the texture of the wood and give a light shade.

Varnish and paint are not the most suitable materials for external treatment. They protect the tree well from mechanical damage, but they tend to quickly crack and peel off. This type of treatment will have to be repeated every few years.

Internal coloring

For internal coloring, any means are suitable, but it is best to choose those that do not have strong odors. How to paint a block house beautifully? You can paint in areas using different materials, combining them, playing with shades, and giving the house the look you would like to get.

Preparation for staining. Before you start painting, you need to prepare the product: clean the wood from dirt, remove traces of old paint. It is recommended to treat damp areas with special bleaching agents.

If the house block is relatively new and doesn't need much cleaning, you can brush over it with a hairy steel brush. For more serious cases, it is easiest to use a drill with a special grinding attachment.


If you already know how to paint the block house outside, and how to paint the block house inside, you need to pay attention that these are different types of work.

  • Outside staining

When starting to paint the outside, you need to read the weather forecast. The weather should be dry and preferably warm to allow the paint to dry as quickly as possible.

Before starting work, the wood should be prepared: cleaned and bleached.

After cleaning, the surface must be primed. In order for the paint to be evenly distributed, paint must start from the top.

  • Staining inside.

A decorative coating is more suitable for interior painting, without deep impregnation.

Usually for such purposes, colorless varnish, glossy or matte paints are used, approximately the same shade as the block house itself. Impregnations are also applied shallowly and in one layer. In order for the paint to "take root" well, the inner surface should also be primed.

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