How to paint a house outside? Diy review and color of a wooden house + Video

How to paint a house outside? Diy review and color of a wooden house + Video As a rule, home owners want to make the design of the house beautiful, and paint the walls of the house outside on their own, for this you will need a certain amount of time, knowledge and patience.

When buying paints, its label contains information about the amount and consumption of ink. The specific consumption of all paint must be indicated - the number of liters (in kg) that you will need to use to paint 1 square meter of the facade in one layer.

Sometimes the packages indicate the reciprocal of the consumption, that is, the surface area that you can paint with 1 liter of paint.

Preparing the walls of the house for painting

Painting an old house outside requires some preparation.

Before painting, the walls must be treated, cleaned of various contaminants: dust, dirt, mold and moss, or from the remnants of old coatings and peeling paint. For this, the wall is washed by hand or by a car wash. You can also wipe all the walls with a special hard brush, but this option is more energy-consuming and laborious. Usually, two methods are used, after washing, areas with intense dirt are brushed. How to paint a house outside? Diy review and color of a wooden house + Video

Places of the wall where there were mold and moss must be treated with a special liquid bioprotective solution.

Otherwise, it may lead to their reappearance.

After processing the walls, they proceed to repair the surfaces, remove all the places with peeling plaster and fill up all cracks. Old coatings on the facade should not flake off and dust. Areas with cracked paint should be primed and covered with an extra layer of fresh paint.

If the old coating is damaged over a large area, then the best option would be to remove it from the entire surface of the wall.

Use a sandblaster to remove old coatings.

How to determine the strength of the top layer of the surface of the wall to be painted?

A wide piece of transparent tape is glued onto the wall with the old coating and after a while, it is torn off the wall with a sharp movement. If there are no pieces of paint on the adhesive tape, then such a wall can be safely primed and prepared for painting. In the worst case, you will have to sand the surface by removing the old paint coat.

Preparing the facade for painting

Preparing the walls of a wooden house for painting can be divided into the following stages: How to paint a house outside? Diy review and color of a wooden house + Video

  1. The new plastered facade must be dried for a long time (30 to 50 days).

    The wall of the wooden house should dry out to the end.

  2. After drying, apply a primer to the wall of the house. In any case, all surfaces of the painted walls are primed. Facades consisting of ceramic bricks are usually not painted.

Do-it-yourself painting of a wooden house

Do-it-yourself painting of a wooden house outside should be planned in advance.

It is not recommended to paint the facade on cloudy or rainy days when the air temperature is below + 5C. Let's consider painting the outside of the house in stages:

  1. Cleaning the wall surface followed by priming.
  2. Before painting a wooden house outside, cover all windows, doors and slopes with a protective plastic wrap.
  3. Perform all painting work in dry and calm weather. The air temperature should not be lower than + 5C.

    Before starting work, be sure to check the weather forecast.

  4. When painting a house outdoors at a height, be sure to install scaffolding. It should be noted that painting the facade with a ladder is inconvenient and very dangerous.
  5. Apply the first coat of paint on the wall of a wooden house without taking long breaks. If you paint part of the wall after a few hours or the next day, it will leave visible streaks.

  6. Apply the second layer of paint after a certain break, but not earlier than indicated on the facade paint package.
  7. A little secret, so that after painting the walls you don't constantly wash your brush or roller, just wrap them in a plastic bag - and they will not dry out.
  8. The paint must be distributed by mixing it with a roller or brush in different directions gradually - first vertically, then horizontally and diagonally.

How to paint a house outside? Diy review and color of a wooden house + Video

Ink storage

Store the paint away from direct sunlight at temperatures from +5 to + 25C. In a tightly closed sealed package.

If you store the paint under these conditions, then it remains usable even after its expiration date.

If the paint is peeling during storage, simply stir it with a mixer and it will be usable again.

Options for painting a house outside

The main task when choosing a color scheme for painting a house outside is to create a harmonious shape and color. The facade of the house should look harmoniously and beautifully both in itself and against the background of the surrounding nature. Probably the best option for solving this problem will be a specialist - an architect.

Of course, you can watch the experience of friends or study photos of houses in special magazines, and draw the color palette of the facade yourself.

After you have determined the color of the exterior painting of the house, the next important step is to determine whether the color of the painted finished wall matches the color palette drawn on paper.

The desired paint color can be obtained by tinting - this is the addition of various color additives to the initial white composition. Tinting can be done on special tinting machines. In this case, the color range and the amount of additives are determined by a special computer program.

It allows you to define and select a variety of shades for tinting paint.

On some websites of sellers of facade paints there are special programs that help to create virtual images of houses and select, from a large number of standard tinting tones, the color of different elements and details of the facade. How to paint a house outside? Diy review and color of a wooden house + Video

The standardization of many shades of color is quite convenient and provides the possibility of multiple repetitions of tinting in a certain color of new layers of paint.

In places where paints are tinted, there are usually special samples of standard tinting shades by the type of books. Each color shade in a book or computer program is numbered.

Do not forget to write down the number of the color of your choice. The next time you need to tint a new batch of paint, simply tell the master tinter your shade number and you will get the same paint color.

Please note that the color of the wall will be slightly different from the tinting color or shade you selected using the computer program. This may be due to the fact that in real lighting conditions the facade is different, and on a large area of ​​the wall, the color will look different than on a small sample. Darker and more saturated colors will appear even darker and more intense over large areas of the wall surface.

Therefore, in practice, this is usually done. Two cans of paint are tinted in close and similar in shade and color saturation and paint certain parts of the facade. Apply the tinting color that is most suitable. Or they immediately tint all the paint with a lighter color than was originally chosen according to the sample.