How to paint with powder paint with your own hands

How to paint with powder paint with your own hands DIY powder paint + staining technique

Most likely, you thought about how long and paint some metal product with high quality, so that you do not have to update it next year. At the moment there is an opportunity, and we are talking about do-it-yourself powder paint. Although the process is quite complicated, sometimes laborious, it is quite real, which we will talk about in this article.

Powder paint - what is it? By itself, the powder will represent a stable polymer that will be applied to the product dry, as well as under the influence of an electrical positive charge.

It turns out that when spraying, the paint will be charged with positive particles, and the product to be painted will have a negative charge, which causes the coating to magnetize on the surface, as well as its adhesion.

General information

Such application technology will require special equipment, and also, paint magnetization is not the only technological feature. After applying the paint and varnish composition, the stage of polymerization occurs, or rather warming up to a certain temperature.

At the same time, the temperature and duration of baking products in the oven are always different, which means that depending on which of the layers the coating should be polymerized, set the heating level and time. It is quite difficult to do everything manually, which means that the place for automation comes. Based on the above, it may seem that powder-type staining at home is impossible, but this is not the case.

Naturally, you will need to spend money on any equipment, because you cannot do without it, then it is worth considering the cost of paint in special companies, all costs will have time to pay off after a couple of months. But this is only relevant for commercial purposes, because if necessary, you can paint a product one-time, it is easier to ask for help from specialists than to arrange your own painting work.

Advantages of powder coatings

On the jelly itself, this section of the article could easily take several pages, because powder-type paints are simply not competitors in terms of durability, and quality. But in order not to tire the reader by listing all the obvious qualities, we suggest paying attention only to the most basic and characteristic features,

that only such material has:

  1. How to paint with powder paint with your own hands Due to the high degree of adhesion of the paint to the object to be painted, not just a thin film is obtained on the surface, as with conventional paints, but full coverage that is linked at the molecular level. The magnetization stage, as well as polymerization, will simply embed the paint into the metal structure.

  2. It is almost impossible to mechanically damage the powder coating, because the paint becomes one with the product, and when the latter is deformed, it also begins to take shape and configuration.
  3. Very often when painting a product with complex shapes, you may encounter the problem of non-painting in places that are very narrow or small, and the spray gun does not reach there. Powder paint has no such drawbacks, because during the polymerization process, the paint begins to spread on its own over the product itself, and gets into all half-open places.
  4. Powder-type coating is not afraid of moisture, but also round-the-clock contact with water. It is due to this quality that this paint is often painted on cars or individual car parts that need special protection, for example, located at the very bottom.

  5. Please note that painting with powder paint with your own hands is never difficult, but drips from ordinary paint on the surface are another difficulty if there is no relevant experience in painting. But there are no problems with powder products, since during polymerization, the paint begins to spread over the surface and independently takes the required position.
  6. Resistant polymers in the composition of powder-type dyes do not react to ultraviolet rays, and, therefore, the coating will not fade in the sun, and will not lose its beauty over time.

Good advice! Even if you have experience working with liquid paints, before you start painting with powder, it is better to practice something in advance, since here not only the application process will differ, but a certain specificity will appear that should be taken into account when working.


The rims from the car, which are painted in different colors with powder-type polymers, look unusual.

Unfortunately, in this world nothing is perfect, even powder paints have certain drawbacks, but against the background of all the described advantages, they pale.

And yet, getting down to work, it is worth knowing and taking into account them.

  1. A certain complexity of coating with a paint surface is associated not only with the purchase of special equipment, but also with the experience, when all the features of the technology will be brought to automatism.
  2. Due to the high level of density and adhesion of paints and varnishes to the surface, it will be quite difficult to remove the old coating, even though there are special removers for powder paint, which, although they facilitate the work, are insignificant.
  3. Taking into account that the cost of the dyes themselves is quite high, the cost of the finished product because of this increases several times, and although for business this is more a plus than a minus, if it is necessary to perform a one-time painting, the profitability of the event is doubtful.

  4. The application instructions provide many points, and each should be followed flawlessly. Otherwise, the coating will be of poor quality and you will need to start over.
  5. The preparatory stage for the surface for powder painting should be done with special care, because if defects remain on the surface, they will all appear in the future, and break the adhesion of the coating to the product.

Please note that powder-type paint, which contains a wide variety of chemical components, can cause significant harm to health, and therefore, when working with it, personal protective equipment must not be neglected.

Process details

Equipment for using powder paint

The main difficulty when working with powder paints type will be, as already mentioned earlier, the need to purchase special equipment, and if, for example, polymerization chambers can be made independently, then you will need to buy a sandblast or a gun, but we will consider everything in order.


Since surface preparation requires enough attention, even more than paint, you definitely cannot do without a sandblasting installation. You can use different abrasives, but they may not give the desired result, especially if the product has complex shapes and configurations. Naturally, there is no need to buy complex equipment for industrial work, and it will be enough to buy a pistol with low recoil, which is a way to pick up sand from an ordinary bucket.

Please note that for sandblasting devices, special sand is used, fine-grained, which is cleaned of impurities, and if it is not possible to buy such an abrasive, then you should take simple river fine sand, and then carefully sift it through a sieve.

Sandblasting machines have a principle of operation, which consists in the fact that fine abrasive will be supplied under high pressure through a pistol nozzle that looks like a spray gun.

The main advantage is the ability to handle hard-to-reach places where it is difficult to reach with steel tools. So, thanks to such a device, you will be able to paint disks with powder paint with your own hands. In addition, sandblasting helps not only to remove dirt from the surface, but also to select them from the microscopic pores that are in the metal. After processing work, the product will receive a characteristic metallic luster, and therefore the paint should lie down without drips, evenly.

Spray gun

As already mentioned, a standard spray gun that works with liquid paints will not work here, because in addition to the spraying function, the powder must be charged with electricity.

For special spray guns, in addition to the increased pressure, an electric wire will fit the nozzle. The second wire, which experts call a mass, should be connected to the product, and at the moment when the paint starts to come into contact with the metal, a microscopic closure will occur, and the powder will penetrate into the structure.In the photo you will see a spray gun specially for powder paint from one popular brand, and such equipment is professional, so it makes no sense to buy it for one-time or rare works, but if you are planning a private business, then it is better to spend it once and not know problems for many years old.

Polymerization chamber

Such a chamber is a must. For the independent manufacture of the camera, you will need certain knowledge in electrical engineering, as well as the ability to correctly calculate the number and power of heating elements for heating, which should quickly gain the temperature inside to +200 degrees, and then keep it for a certain period of time.

To assemble the camera yourself, you will need:

  • How to paint with powder paint with your own hands Profile pipe for the assembly of the frame structure.
  • Galvanized steel for sheathing the outside and inside of the frame.
  • Basalt or mineral wool for insulating the chamber from the inside, as well as improving the ability to maintain temperature inside.
  • Heating elements for heating, the power and quantity of which are calculated individually, according to the dimensions of the chamber.
  • Automation, which will take temperature readings, and also adjust the heating level.

  • Two thermocouples to be placed one at the bottom and one at the top. Such a distribution is required for a clearer analysis of the temperatures inside the chamber, because the automation will take into account the readings from two instruments at once.

We will not dwell on the manufacture of the polymerization chamber in detail, so we will just leave a training video where everything is shown in detail.

Powder painting

Before you start painting at home with powder paint, you should figure out which layers of paint and at what temperature should be baked in the oven, because this is what will guarantee quality coverage. Let's consider one table for clarity.

Coating type

Temperature inside the oven, Celsius

Roasting time

Primer +140 to +150 degrees 15 to 20 minutes
Paint layer +160 to +180 degrees 20 to 30 minutes
Lacquer composition +200 degrees Approximately 40 minutes

indicators that may depend on the manufacturer, but on the packaging, such data are usually indicated on the packaging, and therefore do not neglect them. Another important condition for high-quality staining will be the presence of a clean, almost sterile room. In large factories, a special chamber is used for this, in which, in addition to ideal tightness, forced ventilation with traps for excess paint is installed.By the way, if the paint gets into the filtration system, it can be reused, which greatly reduces material consumption and makes the process cheaper.

Please note that the instruction on labor protection when painting with powder paint obliges all workers to use personal protective equipment, especially when it comes to a sealed chamber, where, despite ventilation, there is a persistent aroma of polymer dyes .


Naturally, at home, the construction of such a camera is impractical, so it will be enough to maintain order and cleanliness at the staining site.

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