How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Modern facing material will protect and decorate the facade of a wooden building

We decided to update a country house, but don't know what material to choose for exterior decoration? Pay attention to the siding, which is installed on the walls along the curtain wall system. This technology has a huge number of advantages and is easily implemented on any wall base material. In our article we will tell you how to sheathe a wooden house with siding, which panels are suitable for this and what should be considered before proceeding with the installation.

Panels for cladding houses

Ventilated facade systems have existed for more than a decade and have proven themselves perfectly in operation. Such systems are mounted with various decorative materials, but the technology is practically the same.

What are the advantages of this method of cladding a building over other forms of decoration:

  • reduces heat loss by 30% , which means it saves the family budget , reducing energy costs;
  • improves the sound insulation properties of load-bearing walls, using a curtain facade system can reduce the level of sound penetration by 70% ;
  • excellent maintainability , the facade can be reconstructed in small areas;
  • long service life of the entire system, including a layer of insulation;
  • simplicity care and maintenance.

Note! The ventilation facade system creates the effect of a thermos, that is, in winter the house does not lose heat, and in summer it is cool.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Layout of materials in the system of the ventilated suspended facade

In addition to obvious advantages, such a system does not require any additional costs for preparatory measures before installation. In fairness, it is worth noting that sometimes the material of the base of the building requires such work, especially if it is an old tree, but more on that later.

Summing up, we can say that a ventilated facade is a beautiful and practical solution that is quite simple to implement, even with your own hands .

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Wall panels

Why are wooden houses sheathed?

A wooden blockhouse itself is considered a warm construction and aesthetic qualities in this case are at a height. So why siding a wooden house? There may be several reasons for this:

  1. The blockhouse has lost its visual appeal and cracked, and the restoration of the insulation and the renewal of the decorative layer of the wooden block is a very time-consuming and financially expensive process.
  2. The structure is not thick enough to keep warm. This problem occurs in northern latitudes when a house is being built from laminated veneer lumber. The structure of the building is quite strong, but it will not save it from the cold, therefore the building is additionally insulated.

  3. Siding is often preferred for work in cold climates. That is, the weather conditions do not allow working with liquid solutions, and the ventilated facade can be hung on the frame even at sub-zero temperatures.
  4. The need to correct the external geometry of the structure.

Important! Siding will not only improve the performance of a wooden house, but also significantly extend the life of the building.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Siding can significantly improve the appearance of the house while maintaining its naturalness

Types of siding

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Choice for every taste

Panels and blocks of ventilated facades are produced from different materials: from classic metal siding to fiber cement slabs.

When choosing a material for a facade, you should carefully study the properties of all materials and understand how this type of siding will behave on a wooden facade. When arranging a ventilated facade on a wooden building, as a rule, the following tasks are solved:

  • insulation ;
  • leveling ;
  • decoration;
  • noise insulation.

All tasks are solved at once, with one material. At the same time, since the decision to carry out the work has already been made, it is worth choosing a siding that will maximally protect the tree from moisture, but at the same time will allow the wooden base of the walls to breathe.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Siding is a budget way to update the old facade

Consider the most popular types of cladding of wooden houses.

For convenience, we will divide them according to the principle of the forming material.


The most budgetary and most popular type of wood cladding. This is due to the qualities of vinyl:

  • the weight of the panels is very small, so work can even be carried out alone;
  • resistance to temperature extremes: vinyl is designed to operate in the range temperatures from - 50 ° С to + 50 ° С;
  • is not affected by atmospheric precipitation and is an excellent water protection;
  • rich color palette;
  • material does not support combustion, but melts.

The disadvantages include the shortest, relative to other materials, service life. In addition, over time, under UV light, vinyl will lose color brightness.

Important! Installation of vinyl plastic has special features, since the panels are movable in volume depending on the air temperature.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Facade clad with vinyl cream panels

Prices for vinyl siding

Vinyl siding


Very often, acrylic siding is confused with vinyl, but this different materials. Acrylic panels have a multi-layer structure and do not change their volume during operation, which greatly simplifies the installation process.In addition, acrylic cladding on the system of ventilated facades has the following advantages:

  • long service life;
  • does not change color saturation under the influence of ultraviolet radiation;
  • the temperature range of application is wider, to + 80 ° C and the material does not deform;
  • is easy to installation and easy maintenance.

The disadvantages of such cladding include higher cost than vinyl.

Pay attention! Manufacturers offer quite successful imitation of textures of other, more expensive materials in acrylic version. For example, wood-like or metal-like acrylic panels are very popular.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Acrylic perfectly imitates any textures


Steel panels processed on both sides. On both sides, the metal is always treated with anti-corrosion compounds, on top of which a polymer material is applied from the outside and varnish or paint on the inner wall.

Advantages :

  • long service life, depending on the manufacturer, up to 40 years;
  • high mechanical strength, as well as resistance to temperature changes and atmospheric precipitation;
  • a wide choice of colors;
  • material does not support combustion and is inert to chemical attack.

The list of shortcomings in this case is also longer:

  • high price;
  • panels have significant weight, installation alone will not work;
  • high coefficient of thermal conductivity;
  • in places of damage (scratches, chips of the coating) corrosion protection is required.
How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Steel facade siding "ship board"

Prices for metal siding

Metal siding

Fiber concrete

Very interesting material, which is made on the basis of concrete with the addition of fiberglass. Due to the plasticity of concrete, such slabs can imitate the texture of natural wood or natural stone from the outside. At the same time, the color of the panels corresponds to the chosen style, so at first glance it is sometimes difficult to determine that it is still concrete.

Due to the concrete structure, reinforced with fiber reinforcement, such slabs have the following advantages:

  • high strength and long service life;
  • not susceptible to climatic factors;
  • stability of geometric shape;
  • high level of sound insulation.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Fiber concrete panels with imitation of a wooden plank

Additional pleasant the bonus is that such a facade can be repainted by yourself .

A significant disadvantage is the large weight of the slabs. For this reason, their installation will require the installation of a reinforced lathing structure.In addition, despite its high strength, concrete is weak in bending, which means panels are fragile and require care during transportation and installation.


In fact, it is also concrete, but with an additional decorative coating.

The material is relatively new and has all the advantages of concrete slabs. Additionally, we can note the strength of the decorative coating and the environmental friendliness of the cladding. At the same time, the addition of clay to the composition makes the tiles more bending strength, which makes it possible to use it even in seismically active areas.

The cost of the material is quite high, which is understandable due to the complexity of the production process. The installation is again the same difficulties as with concrete because of the heavy weight.

And in addition, the material is quite capricious in cutting: in fact, it is a tile on a thick concrete base.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
The standard of quality - Japanese ceramic panels "imitating natural stone"

Preparatory stage of installation siding - step by step instructions

As we have already mentioned more than once, in most cases it is possible to revet a wooden house with siding yourself. You don't need complex construction mechanisms or special skills for this.

Step 1. Wooden or metal crate is stuffed.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Lathing from a bar on a wooden facade

Step 2. Material is laid insulation.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
The thermal insulation material is fixed on the dowel-umbrellas

Step 3. Is covered windscreen film.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
The wind protection fabric is laid with an overlap from bottom to top

Step 4.

Siding panels are attached.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
Installation of metal facing siding panels

Nuances of preliminary preparation

There are more nuances in this process than the rules themselves. Let's dwell on them in more detail. So, before proceeding with the insulation of the house, it is necessary: ​​

  • inspect the roof for defects. It may be necessary to update the roofing material or increase the length of the overhangs.

    All costs for installing a ventilated facade will come to naught if the heat leaves through the roof;

  • the battens of the sheathing must be treated with fire-biological protection, preferably in several layers;
  • the wind protection membrane must breathe together with the tree. That is, the material must be vapor-permeable, otherwise condensation will form inside, which will lead to negative and destructive consequences;
  • after laying the seal , it is better to protect the corners of the building with a front reinforcing corner made of fiberglass;
  • choose the insulation material, and, depending on this, select the bars for the lathing. Remember, there must be a free gap between the insulation material and the siding panels.

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Video - An interesting solution insulation laying

Earlier, it was already mentioned that a wooden house will require certain preparation measures before installing the curtain wall system. It is necessary to clean the walls of the building from the old decorative material in those places where the coating does not hold firmly.

It is also necessary to cure sore spots: the areas damaged by mold or fungus must be cleaned and soaked. The patli layer between the logs is restored.

Step-by-step instructions, installation of siding panels

The facade is ready, the crate is fixed and thermal insulation and wind protection are laid, - you can start attaching the siding panels. The sequence of actions does not depend on the type of panels and is always the same:

Step 1. The starting rails and ebbs are mounted at the level.

Experienced builders always leave a small backlash so that the mobility of the base material or panels does not lead to deformation.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
The ebb and the starting rail are mounted strictly according to the level

Step 2. Corner guiding profiles are installed at the corners of the building.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
It is convenient to use anchor plates for mounting the guide strips

Step 3. Siding panels are fixed to the sheathing beams through special oblong holes using self-tapping screws with a wide round head.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
The panels are fixed with self-tapping screws

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Step 4. After the panels are fixed, the finishing rail is fixed.

How to properly sheathe a wooden house with siding, do it yourself
The finishing strip fixes but does not clamp the siding panels

Remember! The design of the entrance and window openings comes from the whole panel. That is, you first mount the panel, and then cut a hole in it for a door or window.

Video - An example of mounting vinyl panels on a wooden facade


Please note, if you seriously think about this type of cladding for the facade of your house, you will certainly need information on siding accessories.

Modern materials of ventilated facades allow to reliably protect a wooden house from the effects of the external environment, additionally insulating it and extending the service life of the building. And the variety of colors and textures of siding will allow you to turn even the most gray hut into an elegant country cottage. At the same time, the funds spent on the device of such a building cladding system are significantly lower than the price of wet facades.