How to reduce the width of the doorway

How to reduce the width of the doorway How to reduce the width of the doorway? It rarely happens that when you buy an apartment, you are ready to move into it right away, since everything suits you. This is a rare exception. Most often, it becomes necessary to change something so that your wishes and preferences are taken into account.

As a rule, this applies even to doorways, which in their dimensions do not always correspond to your idea of ​​beauty and convenience.

Ways to change the size of the opening

There are several cases that are considered important reasons for reducing the width of the doorway.

The most common reason is that a redevelopment of rooms is required, and it is also required to increase the usable space, change the configuration of the door, and correct deficiencies that were discovered at the end of construction work. There are several ways that help to cope with the task - work to reduce the opening is performed using timber, brick, drywall and plaster. You can use other building materials if you wish. Let's consider what are the options for how to reduce the doorway?

There are not so many ways, but they will all ultimately lead you to the desired result:

  1. Moving to a new apartment is always associated with the fact that repairs and redevelopment are required, since the preferences and tastes of people are different, the possibilities are also different. If you are faced with the fact that the opening in the apartment is too wide, which is simply not needed, then it should be adjusted to fit the parameters that you need.

    If you come across a large opening that is not needed, then use tongue-and-groove plates. They are lightweight, which simplifies installation. In addition to this material, you will also need to buy a mortar that will be applied to the ends of the plates. A perfect match is achieved due to the fact that the slabs have special ridges and grooves. After about 5 minutes, you can start expanding the walls to the size you want.

    In addition, the new space from such a slab will have a high level of rigidity, and the perpendicular to the walls will leave the additional load.

  2. How to reduce the width of the doorway If you only need to slightly adjust the door space, it will be enough to use wooden beams. This option is most common for this type of work, since it does not take much time, does not require a lot of effort and money, and even a beginner can do such work. First, you need to decide what dimensions should be, by which the opening will be reduced and cut the bars to measure. The support bar should be fixed at the top and bottom, and then connected to the leveling bar, which is located vertically.

    For a great result, use a building level.

  3. If you wish, you can significantly reduce the door opening, and then use foam concrete blocks. Their main characteristics are lightness and manufacturability.Before installing, you should first remove the floor covering, if any, and then fasten the floor as best as possible with the first layer of blocks. When performing such work, before installing the blocks, lay out the solution.

    Vertical seams can be made at a distance, so lay a new row not from a single, half foam block, which will be cut in half. To make the wall section as strong as possible, you should use the screws during installation, which will be required to tie the common masonry. Once everything is over, you can install a new door.

  4. Also, to reduce the doorway, bricks are also used, which are laid on a special mortar. It is better to do it yourself, since there is no need to buy a large amount of material, and throwing money down the drain is stupid.

    The main disadvantage of brick is its weight, therefore it is extremely rarely used, except for the case when it is required to reduce the opening of the interior door not in width, but in height.

  5. One of the most popular options for such work is drywall, which has a huge number of advantages and compares favorably with other materials with which reduction is performed. In the presence of gypsum cardboard, you can make an opening with any size and shape, with rectangular, arched and simply complex shapes. If the overhang of the wall is minimal, then reinforcement is not required. If the area for reduction is significant, then the use of a metal profile will be required, but there is a limitation, and it should not be neglected - the gypsum board never reduces the opening for the door, but only the space between the interior of the house or apartment.

Now you can find out how to determine the size and type of block.

Parameters and dimensions of the door block and opening

There are several indicators that are often used in such a manufacture of a doorway. They can be viewed in a specialized table.

Tools and accessories

For work you will need:

  • Punch.
  • How to reduce the width of the doorway Screwdriver.

  • Roulette.
  • Screws and dowels.
  • Pencil.
  • Building level.
  • Putty.

  • Stationery knife.
  • Serpyanka.
  • Primer.
  • Profiles or perforated corners.

But such a list cannot be called fully exhaustive, since most of the components will be required in order to make a laying mixture when working with bricks or foam concrete blocks.

How to reduce the height of the opening

It is necessary to focus on the most important and popular material, namely drywall.

It is most often used for such work, and you will need to do the following:

  1. How to reduce the width of the doorway Carry out layout. The standard height of most modern doors is 2.1 meter.This distance should be beaten off on the sides and marked with a pencil, which will mean the bottom edge for plasterboard sheathing.

    After that, you need to retreat 12.5 mm and mark the area where the guides for the frame from the metal profile will be installed. Typically, a conventional frame is required to reduce the height.

  2. If it is required to make the structure more rigid, the posts of the horizontal frame should be attached to the load-bearing wall using a direct suspension, and the places for it should also be marked.
  3. Pre-drill holes to attach the rails to nails or dowels.

    Depending on how wide the opening will be, there should be 2-3 attachment points on each side.

  4. Attach straight hangers according to the marks above. Anchors must be used for fastening, and at least a couple of plates are required per meter width.
  5. When the rails are installed, can be used to insert frame racks , which will be connected with self-tapping screws for metal (3 pieces). Straight hangers should be bent to the racks and attached to bedbugs (there should be at least 2 of them on one side).

    After that, the frame racks can be mounted.

  6. Ф Innal stage - installation of transverse rails between the sides and posts. To do this, you need a rack profile, which will be used to cut the side shelves with metal scissors. Fasteners are made with self-tapping screws for metal.

How to reduce the opening in width

But sometimes there are times when you also need to reduce the doorway in width with your own hands.

The correctness of calculations and accuracy can be obtained by using a rule. It should be laid on the floor so that it touches the side of the opening, and using the rule, a line should be drawn that will run parallel to the main wall. Such lines will be drawn on both sides of the door opening. Marks should be made vertical on the floor and slope. In order to draw the stripes, it will be wise to use the building level.

Next, you should make marks at the same distance on the floor and the slope, and then mark it so that you get a high-quality frame.

From the line that already exists, an indent should be made, which in thickness will be identical to the thickness of the gypsum cardboard sheet. The base must be strong and of high quality. This can be achieved through a rack profile with a width of 0.1 meter.

They need to be cut and attached to the slope and floor, taking into account the marks made. Attach the profile to the guides, but do not fix it yet.

GKL cut out and observe all dimensions, be sure to monitor the accuracy, and then prime the surface of the walls. It is best to buy the mixture from trusted manufacturing companies, since products at a low price are not of sufficient quality and sometimes even negatively affect the final result. Now it remains to wait for the primer to completely dry out, and you can revet the base from the gypsum board.

How to reduce the width of the doorway So, let's start making the adhesive composition. It is important that you read the instructions on the packaging and follow them strictly. If there is no glue, you can use gypsum plaster and use the ready-made mass for plastering. Do not make the layer of glue thick, as on the contrary, with a thin layer you will be able to provide excellent adhesion to the surface.

The cut sheet should be applied to the base of the wall so that there is an emphasis on the profiles.

Using the rule, squeeze out the excess glue, and a large amount of the mixture should be applied to the places where the gypsum board contacts the corner. To get an even base, use the rule. The connection of the profile and drywall is carried out using screws, and the second part is done in the same way.

Using drywall

How to reduce the width of the doorway with drywall? It is not difficult and the material is ideal for work as it is lightweight. You don't need any special skills to work with it, but tools will come in handy:

  • Special scissors for cutting a profile.

  • Aluminum profile.
  • Marking pencil.
  • Cutter for cutting drywall.
  • Drill and screwdriver.
  • Plaster and primer for finishing.

First, draw a sketch of the structure, and for this use a pencil, tape measure and a building level. At such marks, you can screw the profile. The extension of the walls is carried out using sheets of drywall cut in advance. They are glued to the wall with construction glue, and fastening to the profile is performed using self-tapping screws. When all the work is completed, you can perform priming and plastering.

The finishing touch will be decorative wall decoration.

Using plaster

If you need to slightly correct the opening, then use plaster, and cement is the best option. mixture. To prevent the solution from falling off, the walls should be primed in advance. If the surface is already smooth, make small notches for good adhesion.

You can even use a metal mesh, which is attached with dowels to the wall, but if extremely heavy doors are installed, it is better not to use the plaster method and choose more reliable and rigid materials.

With the help of bricks

Note that this material is much stronger than drywall sheets. But it can be used only when it is required to significantly reduce the doorway and if the walls are equal in thickness or even greater than the dimensions of the brick.

Before starting work, make sure you have all the tools you may need:

  • Building level.
  • Plaster.

  • Capacities.
  • How to reduce the width of the doorway Wooden bar (required to reduce the height of the opening).
  • Roulette.
  • Rubber mallet.
  • Maserok.

  • Scissors for cutting metal.
  • Construction mixer.
  • Armature.
  • Spatula.

So, first, make a mortar of cement and sand, the ratio is 3 to 1, respectively.

You can buy ready-made mixtures in building supermarkets. Before laying out the brick, the surface should be carefully leveled. For great strength, use an element such as reinforcement. Several twigs need to be placed along the walls and the same number across. Then cover the prepared place with bricks, grout the joints and plaster the bricks.

As soon as the solution is dry, the beams can be removed and the box can be inserted into the door opening.

With the help of timber

This material, like brick, is used if the walls are too thick. If the dimensions of the timber are much larger than the size of the walls, then the excess should be removed with a planer, and after the board should be sanded so that there are no burrs and irregularities. The opening needs to be measured and the parameters transferred to the prepared boards. Then adjust the timber to the size and attach it to the doorway using special screws or nails.

In this case, the fastening must be done in several places so that everything is very durable. All the seams obtained should be sealed with a putty, and then covered with a primer bar (special for wood). At the end, the structure must be sheathed with drywall or chipboard.

This option for reducing the door opening in width and height has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, even a novice master will cope with such work, since a person will only need a minimum of knowledge in the field of construction and physical strength to cope with tools and materials.

All timber lintels are installed without effort and knowledge. Another tree can be attributed to materials that are environmentally friendly and do not have a negative impact on human health. In addition, natural wood beams keep you warm. But there are also drawbacks that are worth paying attention to - when using wooden lintels, they can begin to deform, and this negatively affects the attractiveness and aesthetics.

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