How to renovate a combined kitchen and living room: Review + Video

How to renovate a combined kitchen and living room: Review + Video Repair and design of the kitchen and living room in the interior - photo. Combining two rooms in a single interior is no longer a novelty, and this technique is used everywhere, because its use makes it possible to win in many plans. The design of the living room and kitchen, which are combined, is stylish and reasonable.

With the correct zoning of the room and a carefully chosen interior, you will succeed perfectly.

General information

Advantages and disadvantages of combining

The most obvious advantage of the design of a combined living room and kitchen is a significant saving in space.

Naturally, the absence of walls between the combined rooms will help to significantly expand the area of ​​the room, and the won square meters can be used to install pieces of furniture, household appliances, or you will simply have additional free space. Moreover, you will never be isolated from family communication, and now you can cook and watch TV or communicate with your family.

In the combined room, it is customary to separate the dining area from the cooking area, where food will be taken. Meals in such an environment are much enjoyable and solemn.

But it's worth noting that there are drawbacks:

  1. Spreading food aromas into the living room.

    Although sometimes everything smells delicious, it is still worth taking care of installing a hood and ventilation system.

  2. Noise from household appliances. It is unlikely that those relaxing in the living room after work will like the sound of a working food processor, and therefore it is worth choosing household appliances with special care, as well as opting for silent models.
  3. Difficulty maintaining the functionality of the combined rooms. To avoid the fact that everything was mixed in your house, you should definitely apply the zoning technique.

In which case the combination of zones will be appropriate

There are several types of apartments, where the design of a combined kitchen with a living room would be an extremely successful solution.

Large apartment

Sometimes, in small apartments, people need at least somewhere to retire, and for this they need to choose a kitchen or Hall. If you combine these two rooms, then this will not be possible. In the case when each family member has a separate room, the combined hall with the kitchen will not be a problem for anyone.


In such apartments, the combined kitchen is not just a design option, but a necessity.

Moreover, usually a bedroom is also placed here, and a sofa or built-in folding-type beds (sometimes transforming beds built into the wardrobe) are used as a berth.

Apartments with a small living room

The combined living room will help distribute the space of the room and make the apartment much more comfortable for the inhabitants.

Zoning the space

Renovation of an apartment in the kitchen and living room is an important stage, but it is worth considering in advance how the zoning will be performed ...

It should be based on the size of the apartment, as well as your financial capabilities.

Purpose of creating a combined zone:

  1. Using shades Properly placed color accents can work wonders. This design option is the most budgetary and is perfect for small rooms. It is worth refraining from cardinal decisions, and it is not at all necessary to paint one wall pink and the other green. It is enough to choose shades that differ from each other in several tones.

  2. With the help of finishing materials. Everything is simple here - you lay laminate or tiles in the kitchen, parquet or carpet in the living room, or the second option (plastic panels for the walls in the forge, and wallpaper or decorative plaster in the hall). This will not only help to visually delimit the space, but it will also be practical, because the finishing materials of the kitchen will be constantly exposed to moisture, detergent and grease.
  3. Using pieces of furniture.

By the way, furniture can be completely different, let's consider all the options.

  • Kitchen island - is extremely rarely used for Russian apartments, because it requires enough space. It is a small area that is occupied by a cutting surface and is located in the middle of the kitchen space.
  • How to renovate a combined kitchen and living room: Review + Video Dining table - it helps to divide the living room and kitchen so that you get an additional dining area. It looks very interesting. To emphasize the separation, a row of lamps should be hung over the table.

  • Sofa - when choosing upholstered furniture that will separate the kitchen and living room, it should be borne in mind that it will get dirty much more often than under normal circumstances. It is worth giving preference to materials that can be cleaned without problems. It is not recommended to place a dining table or kitchen utensils behind the back of the sofa, it is better to put a sideboard / rack, and thus you completely separate the living area
  • Wardrobe / rack - there is no need to choose large models, open racks and shelves will be much more appropriate. You can put frames with photos, dishes, books or other decorative elements on them, but not kitchen items.
  • The bar counter is a functional and stylish option, and the rest of the "past" wall should be taken as a basis.

    You can emphasize the separation with the help of wine glasses that will hang over the bar, or you can make recessed lighting.

  • Fireplace - island fireplaces have found great use in terms of zoning, because this design element looks not only luxurious, but also helps to additionally heat the room.
  • With the help of an arch or wall , you can unite the room without mixing them, because the zoning will be obvious. When demolishing a wall, it is not necessary to remove it completely; you can leave a narrow section between rooms, a couple of columns, or build an arch. Additional design contrast can be made by integrating lighting into the arch.

  • How to renovate a combined kitchen and living room: Review + Video With the help of a podium - this technique is perfect only for those apartments with high ceilings. Creating a floor with different levels would be a pragmatic and aesthetic solution. A lot of communications can be laid along the raised kitchen floor, and with the help of a small elevation, you can separate the dining area.
  • With the help of the ceiling - , the design of the kitchen-living room will be transformed if you use ceiling beams, structures with different levels or ceilings of different textures and sizes.
  • With the help of lighting - in skilled hands, lighting can work miracles, and with the right combination of dim and bright light, the use of different lamps and swivel spotlights, you can clearly divide the room into several functional zones.

    For example, a row of lamps above the dining table could highlight the dining area, while the lighting built into the bar would separate the kitchen.

  • With the help of partitions and folding screens - a transparent, neat partition will not only be stylish elements in the interior, but also make it possible to separate the kitchen from the living room as you please.
  • With the help of a hedge - no, shrubs are not needed here, the use of flowers in pots will be enough. An additional idea would be to set up an aquarium, and this separation is perfect for an eco style.

When the zoning is over, it's worth understanding the design of the rooms.

Features of the choice of design

The kitchen, which is combined with the living room, is an application for originality and style, and in order not to lose face in the mud.

When choosing an interior, you should carefully think over all the details:

  • The general style in which the rooms will be executed.
  • Presence of accents (bright).
  • Furniture items and equipment.
  • Use of decorative items.

The choice of the design of the living room, which is combined with the kitchen, practically does not carry any restrictions. The only exception will be the Provence style, because it is he who assumes that the apartment will be decorated with tableware that is on display. For this reason, if you decorate the living room that is adjacent to the kitchen in this way, there is a risk of feeling like a guest of a china shop. Classic style is a versatile solution that suits any apartment. Expensive furniture, clarity of lines, monotony and the absence of unnecessary details cannot spoil any interior.

The interior looks great in hi-tech style.Hidden kitchen appliances, glossy materials, an ergonomic and compact kitchen help to visually increase the free kitchen space, and also look modern and stylish.

But recently, the loft style has become especially popular, which is used everywhere - in the interior of the bedroom, in the design of the living room and kitchen, in the hallway. This style appeared in America during industrialization, when people began to settle in empty warehouse and industrial premises, and converted them into apartments. This style is perfect for an apartment with high ceilings.

Despite the rough finish and elements that seem ordinary, factory-made, you will have to tinker with such a design. Particular attention should be paid to finishing. It is not necessary to dig the walls to find the cherished bricks; the masonry can be replaced with imitation wallpaper, decorative plaster, or simply leave the concrete walls. The floor is made of wood, as a rule, it is parquet or laminate (ideally glossy). A loft is nothing more than a play of contrasts, and therefore it is worth trying to combine modern furniture and antiques in the interior.

Curtains are optional, a living room in this style is fine without them. If you are not comfortable with open windows, buy floor-length curtains or roman blinds.

Lamps for this renovation-design of the kitchen and living room should be as simple as possible, or deliberately modern, because a loft is an extreme. Do not forget about the colors used muted shades of green, red, gray, white and black.

Furniture items and appliances for the kitchen-living room

When choosing pieces of furniture, you should make sure that it is harmonious and practical.

Since both zones are located in the same room, they should be performed either in the same or in styles close to each other. Choose furniture for both the living room and the kitchen in such a way that it is combined with each other, and at the same time you can use bright accents, but in general the colors of the rooms should overlap with each other. To make the living room more comfortable, give preference to materials of natural origin. Remember that light shades help to visually expand the space, but you need to approach the choice of color solutions correctly - the furniture in the living room will quickly get dirty due to the neighborhood near the kitchen, because there will be constant exposure to steam, smoke and soot.

For this reason, the best materials will be moisture resistant and non-marking.

To avoid cluttering the apartment, buy only what you really need. Give preference to compact models, and built-in appliances will look aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen. Do not choose whole sets, because when you buy separately, you will be able to purchase only what you need and not spend money on unnecessary items. Now about the hood. Choose models that are equipped with a standard air vent, in which case there is no need for recirculation mode.

It is better to hide bulky air vents, and if the living room is decorated in a loft style, then on the contrary, it will complement the interior. Also, when choosing a technique, you should pay attention to the fact that it is silent, carefully study all the characteristics and make a choice in favor of the quietest models. Do not forget about versatility - one item can perform several functions at once, for example, the same bar counter. The setting is also of great importance, it can be L-shaped, made on both walls or be U-shaped.

It is not difficult to decorate a kitchen-living room, and you can do it tastefully if you know exactly what you want in the end.

This requires a responsible and creative approach to the process, and also do not neglect the recommendations of professionals.

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