How to save money on a kitchen set - expert recommendations

How to save money on a kitchen set - expert recommendations How to save on a kitchen set - expert recommendations

We invite you today to discuss a topic that is quite important for each of us - how to save on the purchase of a kitchen set and at the same time not get into debt. The most important thing before starting the purchase is to make a thoughtful and convenient layout of the premises in all respects. At this stage, huge savings can be achieved. Buying a linear-type kitchen set will be much cheaper than purchasing an L-shaped or U-shaped set of furniture, because in this case you will need a lot of auxiliary pieces of furniture with all kinds of cabinets and not the cheapest fittings.

The French company Mobalpa is the leader in the production of modern pieces of furniture for kitchens.

It was founded in 1907 as a small family workshop for the production of high quality furniture from alpine wood species.

General information

Arthur Guchigov, a well-known expert manager of the company in his circles, recommends all of you to save a lot, and

advises to buy only high-quality products, but only those made of inexpensive materials:

  • For example, Melia kitchen models are the most popular in Europe, but the facade is made of melamine under a cheap glossy varnish and its cost is 50 % cheaper than acrylic or solid wood, but looks identical.
  • You can significantly save money if you purchase blank facades, and not those that are equipped with glass.
  • When purchasing factory products, you can order model variants, which will consist of different materials.
  • Buyers will not be superfluous to find out that swing facades are much cheaper than analogs of the retractable type.

Next, consider the visual component

M Facade material and design

To save a lot and at the same time not to lose in the quality of furniture, you can refuse such material as natural wood, because facades made of MDF are quite inexpensive, but also quite durable and easy to use. But the most budget options for kitchen furniture will be modules made of chipboard and covered with PVC film. Most manufacturers don't make a difference between premium and budget headsets, and both will help provide you with a multi-year warranty, but great product quality will come at a premium anyway.

If glass doors and inserts, frames made of brushed aluminum and beautiful stained-glass windows are not important to you, then you can order simple monolithic doors in different colors so that the kitchen does not seem monotonous and dull. For aesthetics and to a significant extent to reduce the cost of the headset, it is required to add open facades and shelves - they will help bring a rather stylish look to the overall look of the kitchen.

Tabletop quality characteristics

How to save money on a kitchen set - expert recommendations In addition, there will be a tangible difference in price if you replace expensive materials with cheaper similar ones, but in a different range.

If you like stone countertops, but don't have a lot of money, then a countertop that is made of artificial stone, which will not be inferior in quality to its natural counterpart, would be an excellent option.

To save money when ordering a kitchen set, you should not choose solid wood, metal or glass - although such materials are quite original and have a stylish appearance, they are very whimsical in care and use, and will not please you with their cost ...

There is also an option with the installation of a table top, which is made of MDF - during operation, they were able to show themselves even better than wood and glass, and at the same time there is a large model range with a huge number of textures and colors.

How to save money on a kitchen set - expert recommendations It is important to pay the main attention to the ends - no chips and cracks are allowed, and they should also be in fully sealed. Ingress of moisture means that the tabletop will quickly fail - the material begins to swell, deform, and it will be simply unrealistic to eliminate such a defect in the material.

In Europe, at the moment, the most popular material has remained laminate and its compact analogue, which is capable of imitating all types of artificial and natural stone, wood and other materials. It is of excellent quality, pleasant to the touch, much cheaper and unpretentious to use.

Now a little about the fittings - it must be made of a sufficiently strong and high-quality material, because otherwise it can become a big problem for the buyer when using the headset in the kitchen. Also, when buying, you should pay attention to the fact that the drawers have a smooth movement, the doors close quietly and gently, and this is definitely not worth saving on.

Naturally, this does not mean that you should buy only the most expensive options, you just need to make sure of the quality of the fittings and choose a standard and acceptable set for yourself. When everything is put in its functional places, it will be almost impossible to distinguish at a glance - the usual factory stamping or whether it is manual work.

By the way, don't forget about such an element as an organizer.

If you don't know what it is - this is a special module for storing small items. With the help of special organizers in the drawers, the kitchen will always be tidy and clean. Special coasters for bottles, trays of different sizes, inserts and dividers will help to significantly ease everyday life in the kitchen, but this does not mean that such a purchase will be very expensive - there are very budget options. It will be enough to buy plastic analogs instead of wooden and metal ones, and this will not cause serious damage to your family budget.

Helpful hints

Notes for the hostess

  1. Always choose standard door size, because other options can significantly increase the cost of the kitchen set as a whole.

  2. Choose one large standard size cabinet instead of two small ones.
  3. It is worth avoiding unnecessary inserts, angular objects, bends to make the project cheaper
  4. It is best to buy household appliances in specialized stores, and not buy in the same furniture showroom as the headset.
  5. Before you buy a new headset, you should make the correct calculations and abandon the wall-type lockers without losing storage space, but this will help significantly save money from the family budget.

In the end, I would like to give a few examples from the experience of masters in buying kitchen sets - the countertops must be made of a homogeneous material, and not pasted over with such material as laminate. As practice has shown, over time, the stickers on the ends begin to lag behind as a result of temperature changes, and it will be great if there is a monolith of wood under them, and not MDF.

The quality of the fittings is equally important. The situation will not be an exception when the handle on the locker broke, which made it necessary to update the entire set on the headset, because there were no analogues in the store. Such expenses, although small, still leave their mark.

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