How to start building a house correctly

How to start building a house correctly How to Start Building a House - Step-by-Step Guide

Every year more and more residents of the city make a choice in favor of living in a private house - outside the city, away from the hustle and bustle. And although this choice is justified by many advantages - relaxing in your garden, playing in the fresh air, barbecuing with friends and other joys, however, first you have to go through the tangible chores that are associated with building a house. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that the decision to start construction is an important step.

Without any reason, thinking about where to start building a house, most people take the preparatory stage and laying the foundation for the zero cycle. In practice, this is only the beginning of problems, because before starting construction, you will have to go through 9 circles of hell, and the success of the whole enterprise will depend on this.

In addition to obtaining the necessary permits, it is required to work out each construction stage, which helps to avoid problems in the future, for example, with an uncomfortable ladder and a garden that is swampy.


It is at this stage that important issues will need to be resolved - choosing a place for construction, calculating a budget, choosing a project, obtaining a construction permit and choosing a contractor. All questions are of equal importance, and you will have to pay enough attention to everything.

Acquisition of a plot

When selecting and purchasing a land plot for a new house, you need to pay attention to practical and legal nuances. The procedure will be accompanied by the execution of a large number of documents, and therefore it will be more expedient to involve a realtor or a lawyer.

It will not be possible to figure out how to build a house without a painstaking examination of the site on which the work will be performed, and ideally everything will start with finding land for construction. The fact is that the convenience of future life fully depends on the location of the site, and when choosing the latter, you need to be guided by certain criteria:

  1. Features of the site - take into account not just the relief, but also the area. The site on the slope needs additional cash investments for earthwork and planning works, building retaining walls.
  2. Documents of the seller (owner) - it is important to verify the authenticity and accuracy of filling.
  3. Location - it is important to take into account the proximity to civilization, the quality of access roads, the ecological situation (harmful production facilities located nearby).

    It is important to find out if there is a swamp, sewage treatment plant or landfill nearby.

  4. Infrastructure - evaluate the availability of engineering type communications (you will receive detailed information from the management company).
  5. Possible additional expenses - there is a possibility that there are dilapidated capital structures on the site that are subject to demolition, or high-lying groundwater, which means that an effective drainage system will need to be installed.

This and other information you can get from the owners of neighboring land plots, as well as from the city administration. Experts with extensive experience recommend making a request to special institutions about the authority to connect to the existing engineering networks.

Otherwise, an unexpected ban can become a serious problem.

When the place for building a house is finally selected, they perform activities that will facilitate the work, and you will learn how to start building a house correctly:

  • They conduct geodetic and geological surveys, and more topographic survey of the area. The result will be information on soil composition and water depth, which helps to adapt the base of a typical project to specific conditions. If there is construction on the ground, it will be necessary to attach to the foundation that already exists, and possibly strengthen it.
  • After purchase, the site needs to be fenced.

  • In order not to contaminate most of the soil with construction waste, it is required to determine a place for storing waste, mixing concrete, incinerating waste, and also access to construction equipment.

How to minimize losses when building a house, see the video.

What to build a house from

The choice of good materials is a topic for a separate conversation. Any material, be it wood, brick, aerated concrete, has certain properties. Such qualities can manifest themselves both positively and negatively, and this depends on the context of application.

When choosing a material, local conditions (topography or climate) and financial capabilities will be decisive factors. The latter often interfere with making a house reliable, comfortable and at the same time environmentally friendly. It is also required to remember that every house needs well-thought-out insulation, a reliable roof and modern engineering-type support. In general, it will be faster and cheaper to build block and frame houses. the least time (a couple of days) is spent on installing a modular house, but this option is not the most budgetary.

Construction costs

The desire to save money is quite understandable and does not justify itself when building a house, because most often it leads to increased costs in future. The phased construction of a house involves a detailed calculation of the estimate, and it is better to draw it up together with the foreman. Once the roof and walls have been built, the engineering costs of the building may seem very high, but it is not recommended to cut them without a good reason.


Project creation and binding to the area

By a large number of parameters, a typical project is the most convenient and profitable option ( when compared with self-construction and an individual project). It makes it possible to immediately start construction without delaying design work.

The ideal option would be to purchase from a company or a construction company with guarantees and solid recommendations.The downloaded version via the Internet can ultimately cost more, and when choosing a project, the owners start from the conditions and method of their life, determining the important parameters for the future home:

  • How to start building a house correctly Is the second stage required - less spending on roofing and foundation work for a two-story house, and you can also increase the area for a gazebo or flower garden.
  • Roof shape.
  • The number of rooms and their area (will depend on how many permanent residents and how often you plan to receive guests).
  • It is possible to provide for the construction of a house with a bath.

  • Room height (for a residential floor from 3 meters).
  • Room sizes.
  • Number of sanitary facilities.
  • Additional premises - dressing rooms, sauna and garage.
  • Internal type of finishing (a design type project is being prepared).

  • Additional amenities (washbasin inside the garage).

After all the details are agreed, the project is linked to the terrain. During this stage, the ideal alignment position on the site is selected.

Construction permit. So where to start building a house? A step-by-step guide will guide you through all the work.

Before starting construction work, they need to be agreed. To start construction from scratch, prepare documents, the list of which has certain differences in different regions. The list can be checked in the administration. Next, fill out the site survey report and the building passport of the house. the fire and sanitary and epidemiological inspectorates agree on the development plan, and additionally in the fire department - the gas and electrical circuit.

After studying the plan, you need to issue a construction passport.

Landscaping. The purpose of the landscape type planning is to transform the site into a territory that will meet the needs of the family to the maximum.

The arrangement carried out by specialists will make it possible to solve several problems:

  • Choose a place for a house, utility rooms, a garden, a recreation area and a vegetable garden. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the illumination, soil composition, the shape of the site and the occurrence of waters in the soil.

  • Determine a place for laying utilities, and if necessary, separately design a place for a septic tank.
  • Play with difficult terrain, if you want, change it.
  • Provide ground drainage.
  • Choose the style of the site and make a unique design.
  • Select ornamental and beneficial plants that are suitable for growing in these conditions.

Next, let's talk about building materials.

Purchase of materials

The composition and the required amount of materials are specified in the estimate. When choosing, finishing and building materials that have a manufacturer's certificate (quality assurance) are preferred. This helps to avoid future disappointments in the roof or exterior finish, which begins to rapidly lose its beauty in appearance after a couple of seasons.As a rule, most of the materials are bought with a stock.

Construction can often be delayed or temporarily suspended, for example, for the winter. With improper storage, the quality of the material can decrease, sometimes greatly (this applies not only to structures made of wood, but also from bricks, blocks of a building type, dry mixes).

Building a house

You already know how to start building a house. Then you can think over the further stages of the construction of a country house and not worry about the disrupted deadlines. Before starting work, it is required to provide access roads, water supply and electrical energy to the construction site.

At this stage, the axes of the building have already been brought to the site according to fire and sanitary standards. Building a private house goes through several stages. Construction technical supervision - should I order? This question is of interest to almost everyone who builds a house, carries out repair work, and so on. Today, consider how to control a construction company? What is important to pay attention to? Also, where can I find independent technical supervision and what is the essence of the service? We will also consider how much technical supervision will result in you and what are the advantages of such a service?


and sewer outlet, dig trenches for them, lay and insulate pipes. Then the foundation is laid, and for this they dig a pit, a crushed stone pillow is placed on its bottom, the formwork is installed, and after the reinforcement is installed, concrete is poured.

It takes 20-30 days for it to gain strength. This time can be devoted to arranging a well or a septic tank, and then they build walls.

Construction of a frame house

How to start building a house correctly At this stage, the walls are built and the floors are installed, and then the rafters are built and the roofing material is laid. The last step is to insert and install the garage door and the front door.

Finishing and interior work

It includes external wall finishing, installation of a balcony and stairs (if provided for by the project).

Further, carrying out the insulation of the floor and walls inside, the primary finish, the floors are installed and the ceilings are sheathed. At the same time with these, you need to lay engineering networks (water supply, sewerage and electrical wiring). The buildings can then be insured as a construction-in-progress. Before the final wall decoration, an air conditioning system and a warm floor are installed.


The stage will include the completion of interior decoration, installation of the kitchen and plumbing equipment, putting the territory in order.

After the completion of the work, the owner and the contractor will sign an act of delivery and acceptance of work indicating the guarantee for the work.

Further, the building must be registered in the State Building Inspection (we are talking about the State Architectural and Construction Supervision) and in the State Register.The construction of a personal country house is an exciting period in the life of a family. The path from the approval of the architectural type plan to the housewarming will be remembered for many years. These will definitely be pleasant memories if you choose a construction company wisely, whose masters help with the right choice of a site and a project, in addition, they draw up a well-thought-out construction plan.

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