How to stop filling your wardrobe with unnecessary things: Minimalist Tips + Video

How to stop filling your wardrobe with unnecessary things: Minimalist Tips + Video If you begin to notice that without hesitation you buy all the goods for the promotion, even if this item is the third in a row and it no one will ever use, then this is already a disease called the tendency to involuntary purchases.

It leads to unforeseen expenses and the growth of unnecessary things. In this article, we'll talk about how to stop buying unnecessary things - minimalist tips.

Why do we constantly spend a lot of money on trinkets?

The reason must be sought at a subconscious level. For example, a person has a problem with self-esteem and needs universal acceptance.

When he does not receive this attention from others, he tries to get this imaginary recognition by shopping.

Another option is purchases as moral support for oneself: "I have endured so much, I can pamper myself."

Also, do not forget about such a mental illness as shopaholism, in which a person is satisfied only at the expense of the purchase process itself. He cannot cope with this irresistible desire and buys unnecessary things.

Techniques with which you can develop immunity to unnecessary purchases

First, you need to find vulnerabilities.

Marketers have been successfully using psychological tricks for a long time and successfully:

  • Luring with the help of bright moments, thus highlighting the goods that they want to sell faster. Be careful with colors such as shades of reds and oranges, as these are the colors subconsciously pushing you to buy. We are forced to buy unnecessary things.
  • When laying out goods on the shelf, there are also some tricks. So each shelf has the most advantageous zone.

    In such places are the goods that bring the maximum profit to the store;

  • The rule of tactile contact. This technique is usually used by street vendors who try to foist the imposed product into your hands first. From a psychological point of view, this already implies a willingness to buy the product that is in your hands;
  • Marketers also select special music that is relaxing. And all sorts of smells, just make you impose a full basket of unnecessary goods.

How to stop filling your wardrobe with unnecessary things:

Tips of a minimalist - how to do without buying unnecessary things

The first step is to make a list of things that you already have.

Quite often it happens that we take too much due to ignorance of what is already there. The story about that woman of fashion who constantly has nothing to wear and, at the same moment, has nowhere to put things, this is absolutely true.

Once you have a list of what you already have, the urge to buy something new will diminish. It is better if this list is further divided into categories: what you need, sometimes used, you need, but you can do without, trash.

It is necessary to work through this list, and understand which of this I really need, whether I will use it sometime, whether this or that thing gives me joy.

How to stop filling your wardrobe with unnecessary things: Minimalist Tips + Video The next step is to estimate the cost of unnecessary junk. Before you get rid of it, try to roughly calculate the cost of unnecessary items. And do not hesitate, this figure will surprise you very much.

Now let's make another list, which will contain those things that are not worth money, but that make you happy. After that, you will understand that the most important moments of our life are not worth a dime.

So why spend so much money on things that don't make you happy and that end up in the trash?

On the other hand, sometimes buying a trinket is the best cure for depression. However, here you also need to define boundaries. So, for example, you love to collect clay figurines and a new exhibit for the collection will surely bring pleasure. But if along with it you take some more thing, just because it was on the same shelf, then it will no longer be included in the list of what is permitted.


Another no less significant point is the payment for purchases by card.

There is no cash in your hands and you do not control your expenses, it happens unnoticed. If there are only a few banknotes in the wallet, then they are subconsciously more difficult to spend than the same amount from the card.

Finally, decide for yourself that you no longer want to buy unnecessary things.Of course, you won't be able to get rid of this habit instantly, but over time, adhering to this decision, you will notice how there are fewer unnecessary things, and the budget is significantly saved.

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