How to wire under a stretch ceiling + photo

How to wire under a stretch ceiling + photo How to wire under the stretch ceiling + photo

At the moment, the electrical wiring under the stretch ceiling does not provide anything difficult in itself. Electrical wiring under a stretch ceiling should be carried out only by those people who have special skills and knowledge. You need to consider security requirements in advance. In this article, we provide you with complete information on how to conduct wiring under a stretch ceiling canvas. Here you can see not only detailed instructions, but also photos that describe the process in full in stages.

How to make a wiring under a stretch ceiling?

Requirements for electrical installation

Stretch ceiling webs must be made safely when laying under them the wiring. Before starting the installation work, you need to select the conductors well. To select it, you need to determine what cable cross-section you need. If the cross-section turns out to be wrong, and then the wires may start to overheat.

If the electrical wiring is installed on a wooden surface, then it is important for you to consider the following recommendations:

If you decide to run your wires on a concrete ceiling, then you can use a corrugated pipe. If the pipe can protect the film on the stretch ceiling from overheating.

You also need to remember that when you install spotlights on a stretch ceiling, you need to use non-combustible cables.

To lay this type of electrical wiring, you will need to calculate the length of the electrical cable. It is required to remember that if you carry out the installation work correctly, then problems with overheating of the cable do not appear.


How to make wiring under a stretch ceiling

Next, it's time to learn how to properly make electrical wiring under do-it-yourself stretch ceiling canvas. Here are the main stages of installation work.

Before starting work, you need to draw a wiring diagram for the ceiling.

You need to remember that the electrical wiring under the stretch ceiling must run perpendicular or parallel. When placing junction boxes, you need to provide access to them. When doing charting, you need to study the overall placement carefully.

If you don't think about the layout, then wiring can be awkward. After completing the drawing, it must be transferred to the ceiling surface.

holes for clamps or dowels can be made using a puncher, and when choosing the distance between the clamps, you need to remember that the wire should not sag. It is also required to place the junction boxes according to the diagram.

To place electrical wiring under the stretch ceiling, all wires must be placed in a corrugated pipe. The release of wires from the corrugated pipe should be no less than 0. 15 meters.

After completing all the work, it is required to visually check the correctness of the work.

Alternative options for overlapping

Electrical wiring under the stretch ceiling can be placed on reinforced concrete and wooden floors. Floor wiring can be installed using this method.

Installation of wiring under stretch ceilings should be carried out taking into account the following recommendations:

  1. How to wire under a stretch ceiling + photo If the floor has a void inside, then it is required to run the electrical cable inside such voids. If you do not want to use voids, then you will need to use a corrugated pipe, or cable channels.

  2. It is required to fasten metal pipes together for routing wiring on a wood ceiling by welding. In this case, junction boxes must also be made of metal.
  3. In order to prevent the plaster from falling apart in the places where the cable will be laid, you will need to use a reinforcing mesh.
  4. The cable under the stretch ceiling sheets must not be produced without a corrugated pipe. It is she who makes it possible to additionally protect electrical wiring from moisture.

As you can see, everything is pretty simple.


Installation of wiring under stretch ceilings is not more difficult, and also not simpler than other types of connection of electrical circuits for household use.

In any case, even if you are, you will be fully confident in the correct installation and switching of contacts, before starting the lighting of the stretch ceiling, at least a double check should be performed, since otherwise it will be necessary to remove cloth and, in search of contact, disassemble the harnesses separately.

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