How unusual it is to paint the wall with your own hands using scrap materials. Interesting ideas from designers

How unusual it is to paint the wall with your own hands using scrap materials. Interesting ideas from designers Wall painting is considered the simplest decoration and even boring. But with the help of creative engineering ideas, you can independently create an unforgettable interior. Using inexpensive tools at hand, your walls will take on a unique look.

We will show you how to create an unusual DIY wall painting, as well as design ideas that will help you with this.

One of the easiest helpers for creative wall designs is ordinary tape, which can be found in any stationery store. With its help, you can make a striped wall of the same color, as well as a bright multi-colored, as well as an abstract canvas.

For example, a wall is painted in one color. Then it is sealed in random order with tape and painted with a different shade.

Then the adhesive tape is removed and an interesting pattern is obtained.

General information

Another adhesive tape can be used for color blocks - different contrast, gradient, separated clearly along the contour by a one-color frame, smoothly flow into one another, be the same size or different. There are as many options as your imagination will last.

Currently, a chevron is a very fashionable ornament. Here you will also need masking tape, with which diagonals are made along the square or rectangular figures marked on the walls.

It turns out a kind of zigzag ornament.

Note : It is important that the chevron is combined with the surrounding interior.

Another fashionable color scheme is amber, that is, a smooth flow of one color into another. Thanks to this, you can visually raise the walls, erasing the border between the wall and the ceiling. For example, a transition from dark to light shades, or vice versa.

Note : By mixing techniques such as chevron and amber, an interesting picture is created.



The classic option is painting walls with using stencils and stamps. You can use ready-made or do it yourself.

How unusual it is to paint the wall with your own hands using scrap materials. Interesting ideas from designers Patterns, whatever your heart desires, but again, you need to match to the surrounding interior so it doesn't get ridiculous. Here you can use a variety of figures, drawings of animals, floral ornaments, etc.

Note: The walls in the children's room can be decorated with drawings of cartoon characters, abstract paintings, fairy-tale animals.

It has become popular to decorate a bedroom or living room with drawings of a tree with birds or butterflies. A three-dimensional drawing on the whole wall will be a highlight of the interior.

You can also place photo frames with photos of family members on the branches of the tree, or even create a family tree.

Unusual solutions using improvised means

Using the materials at hand that everyone has in the house, you can paint the walls in an unusual way. Items such as a sponge, brush, paintbrush, cloth, old newspaper.

With a sponge soaked in paint, abstract drawings on the wall with a characteristic texture are obtained. With a brush or brush, a raised surface with streaks is created.

With crumpled pieces of fabric, you can achieve the effect of Venetian plaster, and with the help of old newspapers, add letters to the texture.

Today, stains, blots, smudges of different shades are also considered a fashion trend. With the right combination, even a very interesting solution can be obtained.

Minimalism will never go out of style. This is an unobtrusive combination of geometric shapes, straight or broken lines, chaotic geometric shapes, herringbone patterns, etc.

Walls in one room can be made in different colors. For example, one wall with a pattern, and the other three are plain.

Interesting ideas from professionals

How unusual it is to paint the wall with your own hands using scrap materials. Interesting ideas from designers Modern designers use bold options in interior design , including walls.

And experimenting not only with the color scheme. This is the aging of the walls with the effects of the formed mold on the damp wall, using bold shades of blue, pink and green for this.

Large blots, spots, streaks look very interesting and unusual. This kind of decor should be used for one wall in the room to highlight a certain area, as if making it the central object of the entire interior.

Recently, pieces of furniture and slate-colored walls are gaining popularity.

On such a surface, with the help of chalk, a variety of images can be drawn, which, depending on the mood of the owner, can change at least every week.

Note: Another advantage of painting a wall using slate paint is that after it dries, you can draw on it not only with chalk, but also with a dry erasable marker.

When using glue paint, do not rush to immediately apply the entire pattern to the wall, it is better to first try how the colors will combine on thick paper. It should be used warm and not more than two coats, otherwise it will just fall off.

Before direct painting in the apartment, glue the skirting board and sockets with masking tape to prevent accidental staining.

A protective layer of newspapers or special repair tape should also be laid on the floor.


With the help of paints, you can independently create an unforgettable and unique design. Experiment with paints, photo frames, textures. The winning options will be a combination of different shades of the same color, related shades, combined with each other, contrasting colors. If traditional drawings are closer to you, then take stencils.

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