Ideal interior for the kitchen - we do a smart renovation

Ideal interior for the kitchen - we do a smart renovation How to make perfect from a simple kitchen and bring her to mind

Have you ever thought about whether your renovation and kitchen interior can be called ideal? If you honestly understand everything, then something will always not correspond to what you want, but you really want it so that there are not even small flaws. But in order for your kitchen space to really be ideal and meet all requests, you should make it fit the hostess in all respects, because it is she who spends most of the time in this place. We suggest trying to figure out what simple steps should be performed in order to achieve maximum comfort in the kitchen space and bring it closer to the ideal.

After all, the best kitchen is not only high style, but also the maximum convenience of placing items.

Important points

Furniture arrangement, as well as the placement of household appliances

If you trust research, then even in small-space kitchens with the hostess is capable of "winding" 10 or even 12 km in a day with incorrectly placed pieces of furniture.

Naturally, after this in the evening she will barely stand on her feet. Add to this the fact that she will constantly have something in her hands (a child, food, pots), and we get a very tired woman who will soon hate cooking and everything connected with it. For this reason, it is worthwhile once and for all to figure out how to place pieces of furniture and household appliances in the kitchen so as to minimize useless movement around the kitchen. By the way, in small kitchens it is much easier to place furniture items correctly.

General rule "kitchen working triangle"

Ideal interior for the kitchen - we do a smart renovation Researchers call the main trajectory of a woman when preparing food by the "working triangle", and this includes three main points - the refrigerator, sink and hob.

But here you can additionally include a work area where the hostess directly cooks. In order for the kitchen to be comfortable for the hostess, the distance between all the main points should be reduced to the maximum, as well as to get rid of objects that can interfere with the movement between the points. According to ideal estimates, the distance between the indicated places should be from 1.5 to 3 meters, but this value will be individual for each person and his kitchen.

Placing pieces of furniture in the kitchen

For small-sized kitchens, the most convenient option will be with an L-shaped layout and a set, but for large rooms a different approach will be required.

It is best to place both household appliances and pieces of furniture in the shape of the letter "P" here. At the same time, on the peninsula, which is located in the center of the kitchen, there must be a working area and a stove, and a sink should be placed on the lintel.But in this case, keep in mind that refrigeration equipment should be placed against the wall so as not to interfere. By the way, kitchen areas with an island-style stove will be quite comfortable. The height of the cabinets is also important, and we are talking about both wall-mounted and floor-standing ones.

Ideally, it is worth observing the following parameters:

  • The height of the countertop should be approximately 0. 9 meters from the floor surface.
  • Wall cabinets should be 1.8 to 2 meters from the floor surface.

But it is necessary to take into account the fact that such indicators can change depending on the height of the hostess, and here only average statistical data are given.

In the kitchen, any detail of the headset, as well as household appliances, should be located conveniently for the woman who spends the most time on it.

Appliances and their influence on placement

How to make the perfect kitchen through the correct placement of appliances? Here it is required to approach all cases individually, because not all housewives use the same household appliances. You should understand the fact which of them will be the most popular for cooking and place in a single kitchen area. The oven, which will be placed directly under the hob, as is still accepted, is not the best option, and much more convenient if it is placed at a height of 0.8-0.

9 meters from the floor surface. This placement of the oven and microwave will be very convenient.

Nuances with lighting different zones in the kitchen

Do not think that the more light in the room, the better. To some extent, such a statement will be true, and even then, only for the working area, but there are certain nuances here. The light should not dazzle the hostess, but ideally it should be directed from the bottom of the hanging cabinets directly into the work area.

But its spread to the sides is not at all necessary, because for this there is natural lighting or even ceiling chandeliers. But the lighting over the dining area must necessarily be soft and unobtrusive so that the hostess is comfortable to sit down and rest. The fact is that a person is able to get tired not only from physical, but even from emotional stress, and it is lighting that will play one of the most important roles in order to provide the kitchen with peace of mind. Not every person is able to withstand such pronounced changes in color and light.

Kitchen interior design

If people think more about how to facilitate their work in the kitchen, then after that everyone suddenly forgets about the design itself, and after all beauty also plays an important role in creating the perfect kitchen.

Meanwhile, the color palette of the kitchen set and walls must either please or pacify, and not leave indifferent or even annoy. For this reason, it is worth starting the alteration of the simplest kitchen into an ideal one at the stage of renovation, as well as when purchasing new furniture.Soft and soothing shades can calm the hostess when working in the kitchen.

Ideal interior for the kitchen - we do a smart renovation If you decide to place chairs and a dining table in the kitchen, then when planning it should be remembered that it must necessarily be located separately from the working one, and at the disposal of each person who sits at the table must be at least 0.5 meters of free space.

A great option that will make cleaning a lot easier is to apply beautiful washable wallpaper on the wall surfaces and ceramic tiles on the floor. Another idea would be to use pieces of furniture with chrome legs, under which you can always quickly clean the floor.

Good advice! To keep the beautiful design and finish of the floor intact for as long as possible, use a mini vacuum cleaner that will be built into the base of the kitchen furniture - this is a very convenient thing.

Placement and number of outlets

The issue with outlets is acute, especially when it comes to the constant increase in the number of household appliances (and their capacity). It is worth asking yourself what is easier to do - to press the button of the device you need or to start by pulling out the plug of one device, then plugging the other into the outlet (for example, a carrier), and then plug everything you need to work at the same time into the carrier and start device? The answer is obvious.

And if you think about how many times, along with the rest of the useless actions, other similar ones are performed, it will become clear how much effort the hostess will need to spend. A good option would be to install hidden sockets, which can be pulled out if necessary.

Placement of kitchen utensils and utensils

Such items must be located near the sink and working area. Otherwise, the hostess will again need to run around the kitchen for all the items. By the way, a little about the sink.

Make sure it is deep enough to accommodate your largest pot you use for cooking. Believe me, the convenient and correct placement of all kitchen utensils will play a rather important role in cooking. In addition, the installation of a dishwasher will be a tangible help for the hostess. One has only to imagine that the hostess, who stood about the stove for half a day, sits down to have supper with everyone. After eating, all household members will begin to disperse to their rooms to rest, and she is back in business, because a lot of dishes need to be washed.

By the way, you should also think about where the trash bin will be stored. Most often it is placed under the sink, but it will be much more convenient for you if you hang it, rather than put it on the floor. New kitchen manufacturers have a number of functional options for trash bin placement and for the corner cabinet where the sink is usually located.

Hood above the hob - what does it affect

It will be impossible to make an ideal kitchen if you do not install an extractor hood, and this question should never be out of sight. If it is very humid and hot in your kitchen, which often happens during the preparation of various dishes, then the hostess begins to tire quickly, and in winter, when it is undesirable to open the window, this may be the main problem.

To solve such a problem, you will first need to take into account 2 main points:

  1. A hood should be installed above the hob, and such a device will be able to immediately remove steam that rises from the surface of the stove.
  2. Creation of a forced ventilation type, which will be turned on when necessary.

The cooker hood perfectly helps to remove steam that rises from the cooking dish. When using a forced draft, pay particular attention to the motor, which must run extremely quietly. Surely each of you has already noticed that being in a noisy crowd, a person gets tired much faster, and here the situation is similar.

For this reason, comfort will not be possible without silence. Pay attention to the fact that the choice of the fan should be approached carefully and carefully.

Generalization of nuances

In order to make it easier to figure out what to look for in your own kitchen in order to create it perfect, and it also makes sense to simply combine all the rules to the main list.

So, for maximum comfort in the kitchen you need:

  1. Correct counting when installing kitchen furniture and household appliances, and also do not forget about creating isosceles working triangle.
  2. Height of hanging and floor cabinet types.

  3. Convenience of placing household appliances.
  4. The degree and scenario of lighting in the dining and working areas.
  5. Beauty of design, correct color scheme for kitchen furniture and walls.
  6. Sufficient number of outlets and convenient placement.
  7. The location of all kitchen utensils, as well as the ease of use.

  8. Ventilation, extractor hood and silence in the kitchen.

This is exactly what the list of conditions for creating an ideal kitchen looks like in general terms. Naturally, it is not complete and it will not work to make one. Many points will depend directly on the hostess, the size of the kitchen, the number of household members, so it can be continued for a very long time, but the main thing that is important to pay attention to has already been listed.


It is quite difficult, and sometimes even unrealistic, to create a truly ideal kitchen.

But everyone can bring it closer to the ideal, because the main kitchen criterion is the attitude of the hostess herself to this room, who spends the most time in this room.This will mean that if everything suits her, in the evenings she smiles sincerely, and does not collapse from fatigue, then the kitchen can really be called ideal.

But even in this case, you should not stop there, because the hoods have a habit of breaking, the taps start to leak after a couple of years, and the sinks become clogged, and this is inevitable. Therefore, a man, as the head of the family, should always be ready to come to the rescue on time and fix the malfunction. Yes, the perfect kitchen is where the perfect family is.

We hope that the information presented was useful to the readers, and in the end we suggest watching a small, but rather informative and interesting video on the topic of the article.


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