Ideas for creating animals and Christmas tree decorations + Photo and Video

Ideas for creating animals and Christmas tree decorations + Photo and Video We all probably use plastic bottles in our everyday life. Very often "buns", and these are the people who accumulate in their bins so many items, including containers, that it can be used to build, for example, a greenhouse in the country.

And you can find another use for them, creative - to create toys from plastic bottles.

Various centers for children even teach master classes where you can learn how to make various cute crafts and things you need in everyday life.

About plastic as a material

Plastic is a very malleable material, so you can make a lot of interesting objects from it.

If the task is to cut an animal out of a bottle or use some part of it to imitate the body of an animal, then even a child can cope with it. To make the proportions believable, bottles of different sizes can be used in the entrance. Alternatively, it can be cut and transformed into a rectangular sheet.

With the help of decorative materials and finishes, you can bring a children's craft from a plastic bottle with your own hands to mind, giving it a complete look. Most often, plastic crafts are painted or covered with papier-mâché.

Toys from plastic bottles

A distinctive feature of making toys from plastic bottles

With different painting techniques, you will receive as a result of different animals. For example, if you use 2 bottoms from bottles, fastened together with tape or glue, you will get a toad. Draw eyes with paws, and there will be no bounds for children's delight. Cut a crown out of the same material - get a fairy-tale character, build a hat - and a funny craft frog will come out from a plastic bottle.

Penguins made from plastic bottles are very popular.

You can decorate the bird with paints, or make an additional hat and scarf. Penguins can be created from bottoms and whole bottles. Add wings, legs and some new element - get a new toy.

Plastic bottles with a volume of 1 - 1.5 liters are most often used in practice.

You can use small yogurt bottles to create small figures. Such materials make wonderful snowmen.


If you do not plan to practice painting, use an opaque white plastic craft base as a basis.

Plastic bottles with a volume of 5 - 6 liters are not ignored in this direction. From such materials, wonderful animals are obtained, which in nature are large in size - elephants, pigs, hippos.

To create legs, take 500 ml bottles; as a head, you can take any other container that you think is best suited. The tails and ears can be cut from a sheet of plastic.

Fastening toy elements

  • Adhesive for plastic products;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • A combination of methods.

From plastic bottles you can create not only animals or other fabulous, cartoon characters. If you wish, you can build a doll house.

Your main task is to prepare the required number of bottles, clean them and choose the decor. On various resources on the Internet, you can video tutorials on the creation of such dimensional toys.

The Creative Process

The process of making children's toys from plastic bottles is waste-free. Even traffic jams can be used. They are placed on a thick wire and formed, for example, a robot.

Boys will like this toy first of all, and the fact that it will also move will cause delight.

Invite your children to immerse themselves in the creative process, we are sure that they will really like this idea. Mention that you will be making popular cartoon characters. Children really like exotic animals from hot countries: crocodiles, hippos, giraffes, lions.

Crocodile or other animal

Try creating a crocodile from a plastic bottle.

To do this, take:

  • Ideas for creating animals and Christmas tree decorations + Photo and Video Containers of 0.5 liters in the amount of 4 pieces. It is better to take two bottles with a wide mouth.
  • Stationery knife, scissors;
  • Scotch tape;
  • Green paper, corrugated and cardboard of the same shade;
  • Varnish, glue and brushes.

Follow the manufacturing instructions:

  • Cut the bottles into rugs.

  • Tie the two bottom elements together. To do this, you need to make a cut along the edge of the bottle. Then the parts are inserted into each other and wrapped with tape.
  • Wide neck pieces are good for making feet. You can glue them with tape.

  • The remaining parts must be fixed on the craft. They are assigned the role of mouth and tail.
  • The finished frame is pasted over with colored paper in the papier-mâché style. We fix the eyes, and we make paws and a comb from cardboard.
  • After the craft is ready, we open it with varnish.

Hint. Use a glue gun to make your job easier.

If you have an idea to make an animal craft from a plastic bottle, pay attention to the lion. The algorithm of actions will be similar to the previous one, with the only difference that you will not need to cut a long muzzle and a comb for the back. Also, you need to choose the appropriate color of the paper - orange, yellow or cream.

Using brown threads, you can create a lion's mane. It will turn out to be a very interesting toy.

Christmas toys from plastic bottles and New Year's crafts

Green plastic bottles are best suited for this purpose. Take materials and tools at your discretion. Of course, you can't do without glue and scissors.

Try creating an artificial Christmas tree from bottles.

First, cut off the bottom of the container. You will have a cylinder. Now it needs to be cut on one side, and then across into three elements.Each piece taken separately must be shorter than the previous one.

This way you can shape the craft into a cone. Further, the blanks are cut into strips, leaving a free edge of about 1 cm. Use the cork from the container as a base for inserting whatman paper, which must first be rolled into a tube.

Cardboard is also suitable for this purpose. The elements are fixed with tape.

So, when the trunk of the tree is ready, start fixing the branches on it. Start working from the bottom in order to cover the attachment points with the next tier. Christmas decorations can be cut out of the same plastic, only in a different shade.

Toy vehicles from a plastic bottle

The easiest way to build a boat or plane from plastic containers is due to its streamlined shape. Wings for an airplane can be cut from thick cardboard, or made from wire.

Paints or colored paper are used for decoration. They do the same with ships. The plastic container serves as a frame for the workpiece, you can make the rest of the parts from anything.

Paints for beautiful toys from plastic bottles:

  • Ideas for creating animals and Christmas tree decorations + Photo and Video Acrylic . An excellent material for decorating crafts, which can be entrusted to children to work with, since the paint is easily washed off the hands and adheres firmly to the plastic.

  • Automotive . Provides good coverage and is toxic.
  • Paints in cylinders . They are convenient to use, they require the use of a stencil to obtain a clear pattern.
  • Acrylic varnish .

    A good shine for the craft will extend the life.

  • Enamel . They give good coverage but have an unpleasant odor.
  • Artistic . They can be used provided they are coated with a fixing agent.

    Watercolors and gouache are easily washed off.

  • Markers . Used to draw details.

Toys from plastic bottles can be made without cutting. If you have the skills of an artist, then you can easily draw any drawing on the container.

First, come up with who you would like to portray, make a sketch on paper, then you can start working with plastic. Any plastic container is suitable for work, including detergents, washing powder, fabric softener, shampoos, etc.

The simplest toy children can make is the ladybug. Cut off the bottom of the bottle at a level of 3-4 cm. Using red paint, paint the part, and apply black dots on top.

Watercolors or gouache can be applied from the inside of the element, so you can be sure that nothing will rub off. A round from the bottom of the bottle can act as a head. Details can be drawn with a permanent marker. That's all, the ladybug craft from a plastic bottle is ready.

White bear Umka

Take a white plastic container, in the amount of 2 pieces and cut off the bottom.

You can take containers of different calibers and insert into each other. Uses glue for fixing. Draw a hat along the contour, make big eyes. You can make a scarf from fabric.


As you can see, there are a lot of ideas for crafts from plastic bottles, we have given only a few popular examples.

You can find instructions for creating crafts on any Internet resource for decor and creativity, watch visual videos on YouTube channels - crafts from plastic bottles. Include imagination, invite children to creative activities, this contributes to the development of their creative inclinations, sleight of hand and thinking.


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