Ideas for Sun Protection on a Balcony Without Air Conditioning- Review + Video

Ideas for Sun Protection on a Balcony Without Air Conditioning- Review + Video Ideas for sun protection on a balcony without air conditioning. If your apartment has a balcony on the sunny side, then you know better than anyone else about what the heat is on summer days. Moreover, if there is no sun protection on the balcony, then even an air conditioner will not help you, which is not always advisable to install from an economic point of view. It is for this reason that the question arises of how to protect the balcony from the scorching rays.

To solve the problem, it is not at all necessary to use wet sheets that will close the windows from the sun's rays, since there are many modern methods.


Color Matching

Color matching is one of the most important things when choosing sun protection. How the sun's rays will be reflected will depend on this. To begin with, you should completely abandon dark shades, as this can give a directly opposite effect, and together with protection from the heat, you will receive stuffiness as a gift. The fact is that dark shades perfectly absorb heat, so it is better to refuse colors such as black, navy blue, burgundy and the like. The choice should be made in favor of pastel shades like blue, beige, light green, cream, white, lilac and the like.

Please note that warm and bright shades like orange and yellow are not recommended, as they will only intensify the light and you will definitely not get coolness. Also, when choosing a color, you should take into account the interior as a whole on a balcony or loggia, so that you get a truly harmonious combination.

Types of balconies sun protection

At the moment, you can find many devices in order to protect balconies from the sun's rays. Most often they have been used for a very long time, but there are also some modern options.

Most often, the following means are purchased for a balcony from the sun's rays:

  • Ideas for Sun Protection on a Balcony Without Air Conditioning- Review + Video Blinds.

  • Various curtains.
  • Awnings (canopy over the window).
  • Outside roller shutters.
  • Stained glass and reflective films.

All means and materials can be different, and we will talk about this further.

Details of the question of choosing an option


Often, in order to make the balcony structure protected from the sun, curtains are used that are of various types. their designs. You can always choose the ones that suit your interior and you will like it. You can use roller blinds, roman blinds, and curtains. The easiest way is to hang the curtains, especially if you have the option of sewing them yourself.

The main thing is that the color and composition of the fabric is correctly selected, so try to choose materials that are less susceptible to the influence of ultraviolet rays than others.

But there are certain disadvantages:

  • Any fabric will collect dust, which means that you will have to take off and wash the curtains quite often.
  • If this piece of furniture has a simple cut, then they will look simple, so they are unlikely to be able to decorate it, and curtains on the cornices with a lot of folds will decorate the balcony, but make it visually smaller.

Now it's worth talking about the next sun protection on the balcony.

Roller shutters

Ideas for Sun Protection on a Balcony Without Air Conditioning- Review + Video Roller shutters are a very expensive, but extremely effective way, that close the balcony from light entering it.

The system consists of a solid sheet, a folding box and an opening mechanism.

The material for making the cloth can be any:

  • Steel.
  • Aluminum.
  • Plastic.
  • Wood.

Roller shutters are usually installed outside the house, and also lowered if necessary. The only drawback of the system is that you will not be able to adjust the shading inside the room. But the advantages include the fact that you can provide excellent protection against burglaries, install a sound insulation system and completely isolate yourself from the external environment. The best option would be to use roller shutters on the first floor balcony, and combine this with curtains inside.


Ideas for Sun Protection on a Balcony Without Air Conditioning- Review + Video This tool is one of the most popular .

.. Such curtains can be completely different in design and the material from which they are made, but they are united by the fact that the canvases will be rolled in the form of a roll, from which the name came. Such curtains can be easily mounted, and the choice is simply amazing - you can find any color scheme that suits any interior.

Such devices are extremely convenient in that you can easily adjust the height from the window sill, and also in that they do not visually reduce the room, because usually the frames are not covered with curtains, unlike glass.

The materials for creating such curtains can be very different, which speaks in their favor, since you can find exactly what suits you.

Fabric blinds

This piece of furniture can be sewn from any multi-layer or single-layer fabric in the form of a whole canvas, which can be attached at the required height above the window with a cord.

But there are some significant drawbacks:

  • They will need to be washed frequently due to dust.
  • It will be possible to roll such curtains into a roll only manually.

At the moment, roller blinds made of polyester fabric in three layers, which have a satin weave, are extremely popular.

During the manufacturing process, such a material is treated first with acrylic foam, which gives rigidity, and then with an anti-dust composition.

Each layer has its own function:

  1. The layer of material that is located on the street side reflects ultraviolet rays, as a rule, it is white ...
  2. The middle layer is stiffer and denser and because of this the curtains are also opaque.

    Depending on the density, the curtain is capable of reflecting from 5 to 100% of the light.

  3. The layer on the side of the balcony is decorative, and it can be of any shade and with different patterns.

The material is unique in that it can absorb almost all ultraviolet rays, due to which it meets all the necessary standards. Such curtains are attached to the frame above the glass unit, which makes it possible to ventilate the room without raising the curtain. Another popular type is the "day-night" curtain, in which you can adjust the degree of openness, due to which you can block the flow of light completely or allow it to penetrate, but partially.

These curtains are made of two panels with stripes that alternate (thick and transparent). If required, the canvases can be displaced to completely darken / illuminate the room.

Roman shades

Ideas for Sun Protection on a Balcony Without Air Conditioning- Review + Video Recently he began to gain popularity and all thanks to the fact that they can be made by hand at home, if you have everything you need. So, for Roman sun protection on the balcony, you will need to choose a material such as linen or cotton material.

It is better not to use synthetic fabrics, as they will quickly deteriorate under the influence of sunlight, so you will simply be wasting your time.

Such curtains differ from rolled curtains in that they do not curl, but simply gather in folds. This does not affect the quality of operation - the curtains will be compact and aesthetic when lifted. You can choose any thickness, it all depends on preferences.


Blinds are another fairly popular way to protect the balcony from the sun's rays. They are various - horizontal, vertical, fabric, plastic, wood and even metal.

The range of colors is incredibly large. For balconies, plastic blinds are usually used, but, unfortunately, such a material will not protect well from ultraviolet rays, especially if the windows are on the south side. Vertical blinds are denser and will help better protect the room from heating due to the characteristics of the material. If the blinds are lowered completely, the heat will not penetrate inside. In order for at least a little light to enter the room, you should choose blinds in light shades.

Please note, that it is plastic products that accumulate dust on themselves, which is very difficult to remove later.

Aluminum blinds are denser than other options, but their disadvantage is the material of manufacture.When heated from the sun's rays, metal will begin to give off the accumulated heat to the room, so even the white color of the product will not save you. But the plus is that it easily removes dirt and dust. If you want exactly the blinds, make a choice in favor of wooden products, since they practically do not heat up, and also perfectly protect the balcony from the rays of the sun, but the cost of the product will be appropriate.

Yes, they will also collect dust, but it can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner, and besides, wood is an environmentally friendly material, which is absolutely safe for human health. For balconies, it is advisable to choose light wood so that it reflects color better.

Sun protection film

The simplest and most economical way to protect from the sun's rays is a film.

It is of three types, which differ from each other:

  1. Film with a reflective mirror surface - it is fixed inside the room. You can choose a film with any degree of light transmission, and this will determine how much light there will be on the balcony.

  2. The second type of film is also installed outside the window. Such a film will not only help protect from the sun, but also from shedding glass in case of possible damage. Such a film also has a mirror surface that is capable of reflecting light, but its cost is also quite high.

  3. Spatter coating for glasses is a film made of glass-reflective material, which is covered with a thin sputter of refractory metal. Due to the peculiarities of such processing, the film will reflect ultraviolet rays much better than analogues.

    Such a coating should be attached indoors, and this already greatly helps to facilitate installation. But the biggest drawback of coverage (and only one) is the high price.

And yet, the most popular are inexpensive films with light reflection, which, although worse in quality than spatter coating, are available to everyone, since they can be bought for a penny at any hardware store ...

It is not difficult to attach such a film - press the KK to the wet glass one hundred sides of the balcony. Plus, you can change your film every year without hitting your budget.


Yes, a variety of devices can be found in hardware stores to darken the balcony, but in addition, you can come up with many interesting ideas yourself, and do everything yourself. Blinds or curtains made with your own hands will become not just a beautiful object in the interior, but will also give the room a characteristic, originality.