Ideas for the New Year + Video

Ideas for the New Year + Video Every owner of a private house, summer house or cottage undoubtedly wants to decorate the facade of the building to his liking, so that his home looks cozy and beautiful. The exterior of the house is no less important than the furnishings inside. The owners can show their creativity, imagination, to make their beloved home unique from the outside, thereby emphasizing the peculiarity of their family.

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The design of the facade does not require high costs at all and can be easily done by hand with the participation of all residents of the house. Most often, the courtyard of the house and the entire plot are decorated with flowers, ornamental shrubs, fruit trees and other ornamental plants.

Ideas for the New Year + Video

If you want to plant shrubs around the perimeter of the house, then do not forget that they require care.

Ideas for the New Year + Video The branches will need to be cut, the fallen leaves should be swept away, and often watered. Climbing plants look very beautiful when their shoots are wrapped around windows or doors of the house, but they should be tied up so that they are not noticeable. On the balcony or terrace of a summer cottage, stunted plants are most often planted in pots or flowerpots, pots are hung.

Home decor elements

  1. For large houses, well-to-do owners can decorate the facade of the house with columns, frescoes, balustrades, all kinds of arches and curly cornices.

    These elements give the exterior of the house not only a beautiful, rich look, but also increase its value. Ideas for the New Year + Video

  1. Decorative elements of the facade of the house made of artificial stone.

Currently, there are many different models of decorative stone panels that are easy to install yourself. It is enough to choose the material suitable for the style of the house or your taste. Artificial stone panels are mounted on a metal profile or wooden lathing.

The material is more durable than wood, damaged panels can be easily replaced with new ones.

Ideas for the New Year + Video You can decorate only the basement of the house with such material, but you can also the whole house.

  1. One of the most popular materials for decorating the facade of a house is siding. It not only gives the house a clean, well-groomed look, but also protects the walls from moisture, does not collapse, does not fade in the sun.
  2. Decorative plaster is used on brick or block surfaces.

    Easy to lay down, with the addition of dyes can take on a variety of colors. On the plastered walls, you can apply frescoes, all kinds of drawings. You can use stencils or paint any geometric patterns.

Frescoes give the house a unique architecture, they can be made in a wide variety of styles, in the form of trees, flowers, silhouettes of animals or people, fairy-tale characters, Mediterranean style, classical, country, baroque, in general, for the most refined taste.

  1. Tiles for finishing the facade of the house have a variety of colors and shapes, which allows you to decorate the house with individual elements.

    Ideas for the New Year + Video It is very fashionable to use foam products. It can take different forms, cornices, curbs, columns, all kinds of stucco molding are made of foam. Ideas for the New Year + Video

  2. The facade of a wooden house is decorated with elements of carved wood: porticoes, friezes, platbands, cornices. Additional decoration can be wooden figurines of animals or flowers that decorate window shutters or door frames. Wooden elements must be varnished to increase their service life, protect against mold, mildew, and decay.

  3. Lighting the facade of the house serves not only a practical purpose, but also an aesthetic one. Take care of beautiful, discreet lamps and install them at the entrance, to the sides of the front door.

Festive decoration of the facade of the house

Ideas for the New Year + Video An important question for the owners of private houses is how to decorate your home before the holidays, especially before Christmas and New Year.

The most preferred solution is to decorate the house and the facade with New Year's garlands. Glowing lights give your home an unrivaled holiday spirit.

To do this, use LED garlands and duralight cords, nets, rains. Pay attention to the quality of the illumination you buy. Home garlands are not suitable for outdoor use in severe frost conditions.

Ideas for the New Year + Video In order to arrange a unique lighting design of a country house, some owners resort to the help of qualified specialists, since the illumination of the house must be correctly mounted.

The shops offer a wide assortment of New Year's glowing figures: these are artificial spruces, Santa Clauses with snow maidens, snowmen and other toys.

The cost of decorations for the facade of the house for the new year depends on your wishes. Some accessories can be made by yourself. Garlands of Christmas tree twigs or decorative paper, plastic or any other materials are decorated with bows, Christmas tree decorations and hung on doors, windows, cornices.