ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video

ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video Most of us don't mind change. People often try to change the environment around them. Such a useful desire often becomes the reason for cosmetic repairs.

New types of familiar finishing materials are constantly appearing on the market.

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ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video These include wallpaper in 3d design.

Modern material will allow you to create a completely unique, inimitable interior without special costs. In addition, such a wall covering can visually expand the space and create a special effect. Not so long ago, an ordinary consumer could not afford such a "luxury": wallpapers were considered exclusive, were made to order for a lot of money.

Fortunately, sooner or later, all ultra-fashionable innovations are made available to the vast majority. Today, 3d wallpaper on the wall is a special pattern applied to the wall canvas, which creates a distinct three-dimensional image.

This method of interior design is not at all considered such an innovation for modern designers. The idea of ​​creating a volumetric image worried even the ancient masters, who tried to achieve the effect of a pronounced relief by combining various shades and tones.

ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video Using 3d wallpaper and a creative approach for interior decoration, you can get an absolutely incredible design of your home. It will be original, unusual, with a special atmosphere - solemn, cozy or festive. Whatever you wish! A three-dimensional drawing will create a three-dimensional effect, the image will seem to protrude from the walls of the room.

Such a wall covering, like the usual one, is combined in style with the decoration of the ceiling, floor, curtains and furniture. This material can be glued not only directly to the walls, but also to decorative partitions, cabinet doors, ceiling and even doors.

3d wallpaper in the interior: features

ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video Main feature We have already marked the indicated products - these are large-format volumetric images. The technology for creating such coatings is similar to that for the production of photowall-paper.

First, the simulation of the pattern is done using a computer.

For this, there is a special program that helps to select colors, print.

Various roll materials are suitable for large format printing: paper, non-woven, vinyl. Depending on the type of base used, wallpapers are selected for the kitchen, dining room, bedroom or living room.

There are several types of 3d wallpaper for walls:

3d wallpaper in the interior

Wallpaper with the effect of volume can be safely used in any interior. They will perfectly emphasize the style of the kitchen, living room, bedroom or nursery.

ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video

Coverings with a large pattern can be glued to the entire walls, but it is also allowed to use separate 3d images to decorate certain parts of the walls or to highlight zones.

For example, using them to decorate the kitchen space, three-dimensional drawings can be used to highlight a part of the wall between the bedside tables and the upper shelves located in the work area.

In rooms with a small area, specially selected photo wallpapers can significantly expand the space visually. They can visually divide any room into separate zones.

ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video In order for 3d wallpapers to look stylish and effective, their general tone should be in harmony (or contrast) with the general style and color of the premises .

.. The volumetric pattern on such wall coverings should be clearly visible, but this does not mean that such an effect can be achieved due to bright and annoying colors.

Also, you should not use even very elegant pictures that categorically do not fit into the overall interior.

For a modern or hi-tech style, it is a good idea to dwell on models with an abstract pattern.

If the room is decorated in a classic style, then you can try to beat large panoramic images. But their drawing should also correspond to the chosen style. Most wallpapers with a volumetric effect are great with moldings or wood paneling.

Wallpaper in the interior: ideas for design

How best to use 3d wallpaper for interior decoration?

Consider several possible options. ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video

  • Romantic drawings can significantly revive and decorate the dining room or kitchen.

    A lovely rural landscape, a cozy wooden veranda or an exquisite French courtyard will look great in them.

  • In the bedroom, calm and pacifying drawings are preferred. Here you can use images of a green forest, a beautiful park or a relaxing beach.
  • What to choose for the living room? For this room, the image of an art gallery, an old castle or a museum will be quite appropriate. Spectacular wallpapers with flowers or various abstract compositions are suitable here.

  • Paintings depicting a bustling beach or ultramarine sea waves will effectively decorate the bathroom. When decorating the interior of a kitchen, living room or bedroom, it is not at all necessary to be strictly guided by a given theme. Do not be afraid to turn to fantasy and create a unique, unique design. ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video
  • The natural theme has always been very relevant, and now people return to it, perhaps even more often. Chic colorful roses will be a great decoration for your living room or kitchen.

    Live 3d wallpaper with the image of trees or forest animals can be used for various premises.

Wallpaper selection

How to choose the right 3d wallpaper? There are some pretty important principles to follow.

  • The prevalence of soft pastel colors in the wallpaper reduces the pressure of the image. The darkened part of the room is visually moved aside.
  • In small rooms, it is better not to use coatings with large contrasting patterns: they can cause a crushing effect.

    For living rooms, panoramic canvases are suitable, which are glued to all walls. Such large-scale drawings visually enlarge and expand the space. ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video

  • Bright, spacious rooms are in an advantageous position. The choice of wallpaper for them is practically unlimited - the pattern can be bright, colorful, shiny or textured. The only limitation is the upholstery of furniture and the colors of its accessories.

    If they are catchy, bright, then it is better to choose wallpaper in calmer tones.

  • Glossy wallpapers glued to the walls opposite to the windows can create reflections , which often distort the picture. Pay attention to this.
  • If zoning of a room is supposed, then the theme and pattern of wall coverings should be selected in accordance with the allocated zones . For example, in a recreation area, images of waterfalls, ponds or woodlands are appropriate.

    The area for meeting and receiving guests can be decorated with wallpaper with original abstract designs.

Advantages and disadvantages of the wall covering, its care

The covering does not need any special maintenance. To remove dust and dirt, you can use any detergent composition, since the surface has a wonderful quality of repelling water. The reason for this is the polyester contained in the material.

ideas for the walls of the bedroom, living room, kitchen- Review + Video It also provides the wallpaper with durability: they are able to withstand minor mechanical stress and deformation.

The coating is also resistant to bright sunlight, does not fade or fade, and is non-combustible.

For very small rooms, pasting walls with bulky wallpaper may be inappropriate. Indeed, to create an optical effect of volume, the viewer must be at a certain distance from the image.

The preliminary preparation of the wall before pasting should be taken especially carefully. After all, even a very slight unevenness can spoil the effect of a full-fledged three-dimensional image.

Is it possible to stick such wallpapers on your own? To do this, you need to have some experience, so it is better to invite specialists. Then expensive enough material will definitely not be spoiled.