IKEA catalog of new products - description of the best products of 2020: Review + Video

IKEA catalog of new products - description of the best products of 2020: Review + Video IKEA novelties catalog - description of the best goods of 2020. In 2020, IKEA has a real holiday, namely a big anniversary - the company turned 75 years old. And for this reason, the brand decided to prepare gifts as well as special offers that can be found in the anniversary catalog.

But, nevertheless, we will consider other new items of IKEA 2020, which previously started in America, and are now available in every store in the Russian Federation.

Billy bookcase

IKEA catalog of new products - description of the best products of 2020: Review + Video The company issued a new version of the world famous Billy wardrobe, which differs from the others in that it has shelves that can be adjusted in height, as well as deep niches (to accommodate both large books and a series of favorite magazines) - this is truly the formula for an ideal wardrobe.

The appearance of the product has remained practically unchanged since 1979, but this year the designers decided to delight customers and make the model in dark red.

The doors are made of glass to help keep all things dust free. The module can be used to organize storage in a small space, or it can be the basis for larger combinations if storage needs change. The set includes 5 shelves. For safety reasons, this piece of furniture is best fixed to the wall surface using the supplied wall fasteners.

Please note that you should be as careful as possible with the glass! If it is damaged at the edges (scratched / chipped), then there is a possibility of unexpected cracking and breaking. Try to avoid side impacts, as this is where the glass is vulnerable.

Wall mounting will depend on the type of surface, you select all the elements yourself (not included). The minimum height allowed is 2.05 meters.

To care for the bookcase, use a cloth and a mild detergent, then wipe everything with a dry cloth. For glasses, you can use special products. The size of the cabinet is 0.8 meters wide, 0.3 meters deep, and 2.

02 meters high. The main production material is chipboard, plastic edging and paper film.

The cost of the goods is 11,990 rubles.

Cushion cover "Daggrut"

In the new anniversary catalog you will find a lot of products where the bet is on color, and you are presented with a really wide selection of shades , and catchy. In addition, this novelty has a double-sided pattern (on the second side, the cover has a blue solid color).

The cover can be easily removed with a built-in zipper on one side. The size is 0.5 * 0. 5 meters.

To care for the product, please note the following:

  • Machine wash is allowed, but the temperature is not higher than +40 degrees.

  • Cannot be bleached.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • You can iron the product only in medium temperature conditions.
  • Dry cleaning prohibited.

Manufacturing material - cotton, and 100%.

Its peculiarity is that cotton is renewable, that is, the material of manufacture of the product has been processed. To improve the interior, you can buy a blue Oddrun blanket in the kit, and if you really like the cover, but there are no pillows, you will find a pillow of the same size (0.5 * 0.5 meters) at IKEA for only 159 rubles.

The cost of the product is 249 rubles.

Basket "Snidad"

IKEA catalog of new products - description of the best products of 2020: Review + Video Great new IKEA product in September 2020! The basket will be a great addition to the home, as it has an unusual appearance due to the fact that it is made of rattan. In it you can store beautiful bedspreads, blankets, which are simply a pity to hide from strangers in the closet. By the way, with the help of this novelty you can decorate a balcony or a bathroom - the material is designed for use in rooms with a high level of humidity.

Interestingly, each product is unique in its own way, as each basket is handmade! The kit includes plastic pads to help protect the floor from scratches. Maintenance is simple - just wipe the basket with a dry cloth.

The height of the product is 0.39 meters, and the diameter is 0.54 meters.

The basket itself and its binding are made of rattan and transparent varnish, and the legs are made of steel, polyethylene and galvanized. The material is suitable for further processing or energy-type disposal if possible in the region where you live.

The cost of goods is 2,499 rubles.

Blanket "Capaster"

Viscose, cotton and polyester are included in the blanket, the color is pink and white, and the pattern is abstract. You can't do without such a blanket in the fall, when the summer heat has already gone, but it's not very cold yet.

To care for the product, adhere to the following rules:

  • Machine wash is acceptable, temperature not higher than +40 degrees.
  • Cannot be bleached.

  • Tumble dry allowed, but at low temperature.
  • Iron only in medium temperature setting.
  • Never use chemical cleansing.

Now a little about the size - the length of the blanket is 1. 7 meters, and the width is 1.

3 meters. The composition of the fabric is ideal because it contains 72% cotton, 23% viscose or artificial silk and only 5% polyester. Sourced cotton, which is cotton that has been processed or grown with less pesticides, fertilizers and water. This product can be recycled.

The cost of the product is 1 599 rubles.

Ophus storage system

IKEA catalog of new products - description of the best products of 2020: Review + Video Nice new IKEA 2020 is a modular storage system that can be expanded to any desired height and can also be used in the attic or under stairs. The second feature of the product is the availability of an affordable price and laconic design.

In any home there are places that are empty because there was no really suitable furniture for them. The system called "Ophus" is an extremely practical modular furniture that makes it possible to create storage solutions for absolutely any room in the house - living room, bedroom, nursery or hallway. A large range of sizes and varieties of frames make it possible to truly effectively use the space in a room, where there is even a sloped ceiling or other architectural features.

Parts of the system can be combined to use space more efficiently, create roomy and roomy solutions, and additional accessories inside, outside and between the modules are ideal for arranging small apartments. Also, the combination can be completed with practical boxes and inserts from the wide range of the store. So all things will lie in their places, they will always be easy to find. Pay special attention to the Knock suspended modules and boxes, as they are perfectly suited for the Ophus frame system.

The system includes wardrobes (for clothes), benches with drawers (for a 2-in-1 hallway - a chair and additional storage space for shoes), a wardrobe, a chest of drawers for several drawers.

The minimum cost is 3 600 rubles.

Kvarnwick Boxes

This series of storage boxes is available in a delicate tiffany shade (blue). Round-shaped models look especially elegant. To complement the colorful boxes, you can use a serving table in a similar or similar shade. The window and handle with labels can be positioned on either side of the box.

The product is large, spacious and suitable for storing clothes, accessories and toys. It will fit perfectly in terms of style if you want to buy an Eket wardrobe, the depth of which is 0.35 meters, and for other furniture, where the depth of the shelves is not less than 0.3 meters. For cleaning, wipe the product with a dry cloth.

Size 0.3 * 0. 3 * 0. 3 meters. The material of manufacture is paper and solid cardboard, and the metal parts are made of steel.

Please note, that the company has stopped using during the production of textiles and paper that contain chlorine bleach, which can have a negative impact on the environmental situation in the world. The material of the product is suitable for recycling or energy recovery if possible in the region where you live. Renewable material - paper.

The cost of the product is 1 199 rubles.

Cabinet "Eket"

This module can be used to organize storage in a small room or will be an excellent basis for creating large combinations if your needs change.

storage. The cabinet can be placed on the floor, or it can be attached to a wall surface to free up floor space.The assembly is extremely simple, even a beginner can handle it, since pins are used that can be inserted into the prepared holes.

If we are talking about ready-made solutions, then you should use Eket overhead rails to fix the cabinet to the wall. For such a frame, you will need 1 patch tire, the length of which is 0.

35 meters (it is sold separately and is not included in the kit). If you want to place the cabinet on the floor, then you should supplement it with the help of a plinth or legs, which are also sold separately. It is easy to care for the cabinet - wipe it with a damp and dry cloth, regularly check all fasteners and tighten them if necessary. The size of the product is 0.35 meters wide, 0.

35 meters deep and 0.35 meters high. The back panel of the product consists of fiberboard and paper foil, a panel of chipboard, paper honeycomb filler, fiberboard, paper foil and plastic edging. The module can be used to create the most unusual storage solutions - even asymmetric ones! They can be installed on top of each other, combined, and a huge number of combinations are suitable for arranging any premises!

The cost of goods is 1,400 rubles

Coffee table "Lunarp"

A white table, laconic, has a shelf for convenient storage of various little things - the Swedish brand, as always, remains faithful to neutral solutions. The novelty has two size ranges - the length of the table is 0.

9 meters, but on sale you can find smaller models for compact rooms. Due to its neutral design, a piece of furniture from IKEA novelties can be combined with anything. Angled legs lend expressiveness to the table. To care for the product, wipe everything with a damp and dry cloth, check the fasteners regularly and tighten if necessary. Dimensions - length 0.

9 meters, width 0.55 meters, and height 0.48 meters. Manufacturing materials - chipboard, paper film and plastic edging.

The cost of the product is 3 499 rubles.

Lamp "Ared"

The feature of this lighting device is a stylish red hue, which is both neutral and saturated at the same time. Both the shade and tripod can be easily adjusted to customize your desktop lighting however you like. It is also possible to complement the lamp with other lamps from the same series. Bulbs are sold separately, it is recommended to buy an E27 milk ball LED. Maintenance is simple - wipe the product with a dry cloth from dust.

The height of the lamp is 0.53 meters, the base diameter is 0.23 meters, the lamp shade is 0.15 meters, and the wire length is 1.5 meters.

Power 13 W.

The arm, tube, base and lampshade are made of steel and powder coated. The lampshade mount is made of aluminum and nickel plated, the reflector is powder coated and aluminum, the hinge is made of zinc and nickel plated, the weight is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and cast iron, and the adjustable pin is zinc plated. The recommended E27 LED costs 399 rubles at IKEA.

The cost of the device is 2,999 rubles.

Bed linen "Yettevallmo"

Also in the new catalog among the various prints for bed linen, you will note a clear trend towards ethnic motives, as well as oriental theme - in such an interesting way IKEA tries to interpret the boring classics. This kit is available in two sizes, you can choose pink, blue or gray.


  • 2 pillowcases.
  • Duvet cover with a length and width of 2 meters.
  • The length of the pillowcase is 0.

    5 meters, the width is 0.6 meters.

The main advantages are that the material is completely natural, 100% cotton, which becomes softer with each wash. The duvet cover is equipped with a secret zipper to prevent the duvet from falling out.

ะก the cost of goods is 1,400 rubles.

Roller blind "Tretur"

IKEA catalog of new products - description of the best products of 2020: Review + Video New IKEA September 2020 has a neutral gray color, which will be appropriate in any interior, and with a large size range, the curtain can be selected for any window size. The curtain perfectly blocks the sun's rays, so it will perfectly protect from bright rays and will help out if you want to sleep during the day. In addition, the product does not have a cord to keep children safe. It descends smoothly, quietly due to the fact that there is a built-in soft closing mechanism. The surface of the curtains is excellent at blocking light, and the cover panel helps to block the light even if the curtain is installed inside a window frame.

If desired, you can always remove the cover.

Includes wall brackets. Please note that the roller blind cannot be cut off. To care for the product, you will need to wipe everything down with a cloth that has been dampened in a mild detergent. The dimensions of the product are as follows - width 0.

8 meters, rod width 0.834 meters, length 1.95 meters, and total area 1.56 m 2 .

The cost of goods is 2,499 rubles.