IKEA kitchens from China + catalog

IKEA kitchens from China + catalog Kitchens IKEA made in China - how to choose a set and not only

We suggest you consider how to save a lot if you are in China - IKEA kitchen furniture will delight you with an unusual assortment. We will not delay - let's go directly to the review.

Kitayka perfectly know how to do only what is already on sale in other stores. At IKEA you can find new kitchens with a "Mona Lisa" facade, and the design is taken from the popular Italian designer. True, it is better not to buy such furniture in China.

You may ask: "Is it possible to order a facade headset, as in the picture on the Internet?", And perhaps they will not even refuse you, although IKEA is trying to adhere to uniform standards.

But do not forget that the original is one thing and the copy is another. Your happiness if you get something at least 10% similar to the original in Italian performance. Your best bet is to buy standard facade designs. Surprisingly, Chinese IKEA has a lot of furniture of a slightly different configuration and colors.

Kitchen facade design

Special attention will be paid to a set with a facade on which a pattern is applied by means of embossing or wood burning. It can be different rounds, ovals, colors, rhombuses, etc. It is better to refuse, but if it is not possible, then ask to make such a sample for you, one door, and it is desirable that it be semicircular.

IKEA kitchens from China + catalog Curved doors are the most difficult to manufacture, and professional equipment is required, as well as competent specialists. But refusal to you may be a bad sign, because in China they refuse if one or another furniture option cannot be provided to you, because they order samples from a third-party manufacturer, or the factory is sure in advance that the check will not pass.

Round moldings and doors are the key to classic kitchens with natural lacquered fronts, and it is worth paying attention to how they are done in the IKEA store. Modern technologies make it possible to mill the most curved and complex parts from a single piece of wood. A facade detail that is cut from solid wood always looks harmonious, but if you see cheap headsets where a semicircular facade is made up of many glued segments and a semicircular ceiling molding is assembled, moreover, with a terrible pattern fit, it is better to refuse this option (unfortunately, but this can really be found in China).

Changes in the color of wood and knots - usually this also does not happen, but the Chinese nation is famous for the fact that they do not consider small and medium-sized knots as a vice, and this should be borne in mind. Since the facades made of natural wood are glued, some door segments can be lighter or darker - this is also the norm.

Important details!


I would like to say a little about the WTO.Although China is a member of it, all the same, those items that are imported are extremely expensive and furniture fittings too. In addition, do not forget about a small (store policy), but a markup. It is in China that the markup on kitchen furniture with good fittings can be up to 30% of the total cost of a headset.

But cases when there is really a need for extremely expensive accessories are rare.

This usually applies to small corner-type drawers, a couple of door hinges with a large opening angle, electric-type pushers (for those people who cannot tolerate handles on facades) and pneumatic-type lifters for wall cabinet doors. In other cases, it will be more appropriate and wiser to use analogues that have the same functionality and quality, but the cost is several times less.

If there is nothing to replace the fittings for kitchens from the Chinese catalog, then it is worth writing down what you plan to use, for example, lifts, and indicate the article from the catalog, but do not include the position in the price. In your homeland, you will find the same mechanisms at times cheaper than in China. Technically, everything will remain the same, but in terms of price, you will benefit significantly.

The cabinets themselves, ordered by you in the Chinese IKEA, will be made taking into account the fittings that you will buy in the CIS.


IKEA kitchens from China + catalog In China, all sinks in the kitchen are glued in by default. the surface of the countertop, you only need to indicate the correct and convenient location for you, and the supplier will do everything himself. The recommendation is that it is better to refuse pre-gluing, because there is a high chance that the sink will split during transportation. Trust me, it doesn't hurt to be careful.

The gluing procedure is not so complicated, every professional can handle it, and at a cost it is not so much. But if the tabletop breaks in a narrow place, you will need to buy a new segment again, and this is expensive.

Choice of colors

If you plan to use an IKEA headset or a painted or veneered facade, then you should note in advance that you will first have a color sample painted. This is especially true when it comes to a color that is not available in the salon as a sample. Only after you have approved the received sample, you can take the headset.

Quality control

Since the kitchen is a complex room, it will need to be checked for quality. In fact, we will talk about the partial assembly of the frame base without installing large-sized fittings, like hinges, drawer guides, and so on. Usually IKEA charges an additional fee from 1 to 2.3 thousand yuan for this - much will depend on the size of the headset. For this reason, indicate in the order that you choose the party that will pay for the assembly during the quality check.

Do not expect the Chinese to automatically include such things in the price, and if they did not say it right away, they will definitely tell you later, which can be an extremely unpleasant surprise. Negotiate everything in advance and make discounts on mentality.


It is desirable, but not at all necessary, to pack all the boxes of the kitchen set in a wooden crate. A company can have a lot of scrap material in the fold, and they can be made into a sturdy, reliable package that won't let you down on delivery. If for some reason the supplier refuses to do this, then ask for a crate for the countertop, glass parts and hoods.

The price of the issue is small, but the benefits are enough.

Exhaust system

What is especially pleasing in the Chinese IKEA is that on the spot you can choose a suitable hood immediately to the selected headset. True, the cheaper the device you choose, the louder it will be. To make life easier, use decorative covers that are created in a classic decorative headset. You can modify the device yourself by gluing it from the inside with sound insulation for cars.

Household built-in appliances

Factory kitchen made in China (but from IKEA) for an amateur. It is better not to order built-in appliances in China at all, because it is unrealistically difficult to clear them through customs upon delivery. Firstly, equipment purchased in China usually has a limited warranty period and will only be valid in China. But whether you need to bother with embedding - definitely yes!

Before traveling to Chinese IKEA, choose which model of microwave oven, oven or refrigerator you like, from which manufacturer. You should write out for yourself the dimensions of the equipment, how exactly it is built in, what size the cabinets should be, and come for the kitchen of your dreams.

The fact is that all over the world there are uniform standards for built-in appliances, and usually it is enough to name a brand of equipment so that you can choose a kitchen that suits your request.

Material of cabinet manufacture

And what is better not to save on is materials. China gives an excellent opportunity to buy headsets from waterproof plywood sheets, and there is practically no such material in Ukraine and Russia, but in China it is everywhere. It is wonderful in that it is lightweight, durable and strong, and still almost does not swell when wet. Such plywood will be lighter than MDF.

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