Important factors for choosing wallpaper for a nursery - Review + Video

Important factors for choosing wallpaper for a nursery - Review + Video Children are the future of society. As they will be brought up from childhood, so they will go through life.

The foundations of the worldview are laid for a child from childhood.

The objects surrounding him create a general image for communication with the outside world.

The little person spends more time in his room.

It is very important to immediately create the world around him in benevolent colors.

An important point in the implementation of the issues of raising the best qualities in the character of children is the surrounding interior of the children's room and, in particular, wallpaper for the children's room.

Important factors for choosing wallpaper for a nursery

The children's room in the house serves not only for sleeping, but also plays the role of a scientific laboratory, a spaceship, a forest of wonders, a sports field. There is no limit to fantasy. For the correct arrangement of this room, you must start with the wallpaper.

They must comply with the data series:

  • Environmentally friendly materials.
  • Important factors for choosing wallpaper for a nursery - Review + Video A solid foundation.
  • Reliable colorants.
  • Design.
  • Information content.

  • Linking to age.
  • Subject.
  • Sex difference.
  • Color combination.
  • The use of natural materials for gluing photo wallpaper.

  • Room lighting.
  • Room dimensions.

Photo wallpaper for a children's room. How to choose?

Selection criteria


Important factors for choosing wallpaper for a nursery - Review + Video Paper can serve as a material for wallpaper at an early age of a child, it is made from the most environmentally friendly raw materials.

These wallpapers are suitable for young children with the expectation that their service life should be short, as they will have to be changed often as the child grows up.

But here not only the themes of the images on them play, but also the desire of the kid to better understand the world for strength.

As they grow up, children need a more serious choice, both in material and in the image on the wallpaper. They go to kindergarten. Into the environment of society and new relationships.

They are just beginning to understand what is right for girls and what is for boys.

Formation of personal relationships is in progress. At this time, the design of the surrounding world should help to understand what is bad and what is good.

Photowall-paper should be chosen from more reliable materials. A non-woven base will be the most correct option. The wallpaper is impact resistant and hard to scratch.


A drawing from more abstract forms should already have a precise theme. These are frames from cartoons about good characters. Plots evoking positive emotions. It is advisable to distinguish between the belonging of the image for boys and for girls. Scene pictures with perspective can show the child that the world is not only within the walls of the room, that it is necessary to show the desire to learn about other places.

Boys and girls

Boys will suit wallpaper on a non-woven base

They are not afraid of being hit by a ball, rolling on surfaces of machines. Images are taken from fairytale cities, characters of animals and birds, castles and mountains in the clouds will help your child train their imagination.

As they grow older, the images on the wallpaper change to serious plots of outer space, countries for travel, or topics with the exact sciences, if the child is capable of them. The condition for choosing pictures is the most interesting direction in the study of sciences.

The color scheme should be chosen in light, pastel colors.

There should be no predominance of red, signal blue or bright yellow. The child's room serves as a place to rest and sleep. His nervous system is at rest in this place.

Girls, in general, have a calm character

They do not need to disassemble everything in order to understand the universe. For their room, photo wallpaper on paper and on the basis of non-woven fabric is suitable.

The patterns should be dominated by gardens and flowers like in a fairy tale, images of princesses, elves and good fairies. Fairy-tale themes in wallpaper patterns can be maintained long enough for a girl's aesthetic education. Romantic stories are important to them at any age.


Children's room should be a bright room. In case of a lack of lighting for viewing pictures, it is necessary to add spotlights or wall sconces.

You can enhance the effect of a futuristic or fabulous perception of paintings by coloring the finished photo wallpaper with transparent fluorescent dyes. The child himself will gladly join this process, the result for him will increase several times with an understanding of personal participation. In the dark, the room will have a full sense of a fairy tale, when the pictures begin to be highlighted with a flickering pleasant light.

When entering the ranks of schoolchildren, photowall-paper should set up the future conqueror of the world and support the desire to learn the sciences. The themes of the drawings are transferred to the category of thematic ones in accordance with the studied sciences at school.


The process of choosing a photo wallpaper for a children's room is a complicated process. There are no hard and fast rules on this. It all depends on understanding the inner world of the child.

This material creates not only comfort in the room, but also organically fits into the interior. Drawings should not strain your eyes.

The materials of execution, both of the wallpaper itself and of the drawings, must comply with high environmental friendliness.

Early childhood feelings, even with stories on the walls, can influence future adulthood.