Inexpensive repair of a turnkey bath and toilet

Inexpensive repair of a turnkey bath and toilet How to make a turnkey bathroom repair inexpensively (for 100 thousand rubles)

A new, comfortable and well-equipped sanitary facility requires large investments, primarily material, as well as labor and financial. Naturally, there are home craftsmen who are able to equip both the bath and the toilet with their own hands, without outside help, but it is still better to contact specialized organizations that provide such a service as "turnkey repair".

This means that from A to Z they will arrange the premises in accordance with your wishes, color schemes and ideas. True, if you want to do an inexpensive turnkey bathroom renovation, then most likely you will need to learn in the process and do everything yourself.

General questions

How much does the repair of a sanitary unit cost?

Repair for 100 thousand rubles - is it real? What's the real cost of changing a bathroom? These are the first questions that appear if there is a need to carry out repair work.

This is a technically challenging task that involves a lot of hidden work. For this reason, the estimation of the cost of renovation work in the bathroom by the number of square meters of tile laying and the cost of replacing the toilet, bath and washbasin will be far from the truth. You do not need to study in detail the process of all work on changing the bathroom if specialists are involved in the work. An understanding of the main repair processes will help to assess the objectivity of the assessment. Such knowledge will help you avoid falling into a number of those customers who noticed how the estimate for work increased several times in the process.

What is the cost of repairing a bathroom formed from?

The final price for repairing a bathroom will be formed by their cost of work, the price of materials and the cost of plumbing fixtures. With the price of plumbing fixtures, everything is quite simple - here everyone can choose equipment and appliances according to their pocket and taste.

Building materials can be broadly divided into two main categories - finishing and rough:

  • Finishing materials can be attributed those used for surface finishing. They include ceramic tiles, decorative plaster, mosaics, paint and other finishing materials.
  • Rough materials include all items that precede finishing.

    These are plaster mixes, adhesive composition for tiles, mixes for the manufacture of floor screeds, materials for the cultivation of plumbing, electrics, sewers and much more.

When the prices have been sorted out, you can see what it is worth starting the renovation work in the bathroom.

How to start a bathroom renovation

To make it easier to determine what you really need, it is best to start with standard planning.

First of all, you should define for yourself:

  1. Inexpensive repair of a turnkey bath and toilet Room design that you consider optimal and most comfortable for yourself, as well as aesthetically pleasing (textures, color variations, placement of elements). But here you should definitely take into account the fact that most often beautiful pictures from the Internet do not correspond to reality.

  2. Filling, namely the equipment that you want to install in the sanitary unit - a bath or shower (if you want to change), a towel dryer, a washing machine, a boiler or boiler, cupboards, a boiler, etc.
  3. Repair budget - the amount that you can allocate for the implementation of the project. The fact is that everything will be included here - the costs of agreeing and approving redevelopment works, if you plan to carry them out, payment for the services of the BTI and other similar organizations, the purchase and delivery of the necessary materials, equipment, the cost of removing construction waste, that is, garbage , payment for the work of the construction team and much more.

If you are an inexperienced customer and this is your first major repair, then be sure to take into account all the points. For this reason, it is recommended to contact organizations that are engaged in professional bathroom renovation.

In this case, try to give preference to legal entities, since:

  • You will have a formal agreement, which will take into account all the wishes of the customer (that is yours), the terms, conditions for payment are discussed, detailed estimates and a preliminary task (draft) will be attached.
  • You will have a designer or architect who, after completing all the measurements, will start developing a sketch, taking into account the layout of communications, and he will also help prepare a phased plan for the implementation of repair work.
  • Procurement and delivery of building materials is in progress. If necessary, you can check all invoices and receipts at any time, as a customer.
  • The works are carried out by our own masters with decent qualifications, who, in addition to skills, have all the necessary equipment for carrying out repair work.

  • Continuous monitoring of the process is carried out, which allows you to quickly solve all emerging problems.

As you can see, working with legal entities is much safer, but if the budget is not enough, you can only rely on yourself.

Alteration of the sanitary unit - all stages of the work

So, in order to make the repair of a turnkey bathtub inexpensively, we completed all the stages of preparation, and you can start. Bathroom renovations should be done traditionally from top to bottom. They can be both capital and cosmetic (and it is with the second option that you can do everything on a budget and quickly).

The first option includes all the work from scratch, and the second implies that the usual finishing or only external refinement will be performed.


It will require the following:

  1. Drawing up a design project, making a calculation costs.
  2. Dismantling doors and old windows, removing floor, ceiling and wall coverings.
  3. Replacement and wiring of communication systems, as well as installation of a plumbing box.
  4. Preparatory work and surface finishing of walls and ceilings (priming, filling, if necessary, installation of prefabricated structures from sheets of moisture-resistant plasterboard).

  5. Rough leveling of the floor for further laying of tiles, porcelain stoneware, waterproof laminate.
  6. Installation of electrical communications.
  7. Final finishing of the ceiling, walls and floor with selected finishes.
  8. Installation of plumbing equipment, connection of light and everything else that is required.
  9. Installation of interior doors.

Now let's look at what may be required for a major overhaul.


The list of works is as follows:

  1. Development of all documentation (project, design, estimate).
  2. Dismantling of the old coating, including the rough one (plaster, screed, etc.).
  3. Removal or erection of partitions in accordance with the redevelopment project.

  4. Work with various communications (water supply, electricity, heating, ventilation and sewerage).
  5. Rough finishing of the floor, wall and ceiling surfaces, if necessary, you can make noise insulation and waterproofing, install a "warm floor".
  6. Room decoration with finishing materials.
  7. Installation of plumbing fixtures, various equipment (boiler, heated towel rail, shower, etc.).

  8. Installation of cabinets, lamps, various accessories and more.
  9. Insert new door leaf.

As you can see, an inexpensive turnkey bathroom renovation will cost at least 100,000 rubles.

Redevelopment and examples

Separately, I would like to talk about the issue of redevelopment. Premises for sanitary needs are often not large in size, so often there is not enough space for installing additional equipment or for a simple comfortable stay.

Overhaul in the bathroom suggests that it will increase the area by combining it with a bathroom and toilet, a corridor or a non-living part of the room. But for such a rework, it will be necessary to remove existing partitions, transfer walls, a sanitary unit or even a doorway. According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, all changes in the existing technical passports should first be approved by the supervisory authorities (housing inspection or BTI, as well as utilities, other regulatory institutions).

Please note, that if you enter into an agreement with repair organizations, they will completely take over this issue.

Such an event as redevelopment, although not very strictly, is still regulated by the normative acts of the Russian Federation.

To increase safety and comfort of use, it is prohibited:

  • Carry out such redevelopment work when the sanitary unit is above the living rooms of the downstream apartments (kitchen inclusive) ...
  • Use various communication channels, including ventilation ones, not for their intended purpose.
  • Carry out the transfer of the doorway so that it faces the living or kitchen area.

  • Reduce standard distances in front of plumbing fixtures. For a shower enclosure, bathtub and sink, this value will be 0.7 meters, and for a toilet bowl 0.6 meters.
  • Raise the floor level in the sanitary facility, because according to Russian standards, for safety reasons, it is better to install the floor covering 2 cm lower than in other rooms.

Permissible works are given below, however, with them you will not be able to make an inexpensive turnkey bathroom repair up to 100 thousand rubles.

Redevelopment example

There are several options:

  1. Inexpensive repair of a turnkey bath and toilet Room alignment. If your toilet and bathroom are small, you can remove a partition between them to ensure the most comfortable use of the room. Even the transfer of the sanitary unit is allowed. The method is not suitable for an apartment where more than 5 people live.

  2. Dividing the object. This method is more relevant for premises that have a large area. A partial or complete partition should be erected between the bathroom and toilet. In this case, you can transfer communications, but always taking into account the rights of neighbors.
  3. Transfer of the entrance opening.

    Most often, this type of repair work is performed at the very beginning of the process. This is required in order to equip a useful space for installing a shower stall, washing machine, sink and other plumbing equipment.

  4. Increase in area. Allowed only at the expense of a part of the corridor or even non-residential premises (storage room, extension, etc.).

The option that you choose will primarily depend on what the features of the house or apartment are. but it should be borne in mind that a good designer, architect and professional builder will immediately warn you about such dangers as an illiterate transfer of risers or a change in the wiring system (there may be problems in the form of stagnant water, blockages, etc.). For the rest, their advice is usually balanced, and also make it possible to more rationally use all square centimeters of the bathroom.

Selection of materials and equipment for the room

Not all types of finishing materials will go for a sanitary unit.

The following options will be required for the ceiling:

  • PVC panels with a thickness of 0.5 cm.The products are practical, waterproof, but after a while they acquire a yellow tint.
  • Glued polystyrene tiles. This is probably the cheapest way to make the ceiling surface more beautiful.

    Water and steam are not terrible for such material; if you wish, you can paint the ceiling with the help of interior compositions.

  • Water-based fungicide paint for ceilings or standard oil enamel. When applied correctly, both materials can last for many years, the varnished surface is not afraid of mold and steam. leaks may cause stains and streaks.
  • Wallpaper (non-woven or fiberglass) for painting.

    These materials are environmentally friendly, convenient to use and work. It makes it possible to achieve a very fashionable texture today.

  • Stretch ceiling. The most practical type of finishing materials, which will not be afraid of mold, leaks, fell and even household chemicals, which are famous for their aggressiveness.

Glazed ceramic tiles should traditionally be laid on the walls in the bathroom.

It is easy to clean, very practical, and the number of colors and decorative types will satisfy even the most demanding people.

As analogs, you can use:

  • Glass wallpaper for painting or with a photo image.
  • PVC panels.
  • Decorative plaster.
  • Slabs made of composite stone.

One of the most well-known floor coverings is a material such as porcelain stoneware. This is a simple and durable facing material that has a long service life - more than 20 years. Modern alternatives can be composite or ceramic tiles, PVC strips, waterproof laminate, as well as special semi-commercial or commercial linoleum, as well as self-leveling decorative floors in a thin layer. You can also use wood coatings (panel parquet, solid wood, etc.), which will have a high-quality tread treatment, which will provide excellent water resistance and biostability.


The problem of equipment is extremely acute. In the sanitary unit, you want to see the maximum amount of equipment, as well as a lens for storage. Which is better to choose - shower or bath? Which towel dryer to use - water, electric or combination? Where is the best place for the boiler / boiler? It is best to ask such questions to professionals in their field, or in extreme cases to sales assistants in a hardware store. The most important thing is to choose high-quality plumbing fixtures and equipment from well-known manufacturers, who have quality in the first place. This will guarantee a long service life - at least 10 years.

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