Installation of fencing in the local area

Installation of fencing in the local area Fencing of the adjoining territory of an apartment building

Around large houses with many apartments there is always an adjoining territory, which can be used for recreation of residents, taking into account the wishes of homeowners. If you follow the regulations, then you can install a fence in the local area when arranging children's playgrounds, parking for personal vehicles of house residents, recreation areas and special green areas.

In most cities of the Russian Federation, special programs are used that are aimed at improving, as well as arranging the adjacent territory, which belongs to apartment buildings built after 2007. To participate in the program from the HOA, an application is required with the provision of certain documentation.

General information


  1. Installation of fencing in the local area Copies of the notarized minutes from the general meeting about the desire to participate in programs to improve the surrounding area, indicating a certain list of works.

  2. An act of survey of the territory indicating the state of the infrastructure of the house.
  3. Data from the person in charge provided by homeowners.
  4. Hard copies that will confirm the status of the organization.
  5. Calculation and plan of the working volume, which are needed to perform on the territory that is adjacent to the house.
  6. Design project for the yard area decoration.

The entire package of documents must be submitted to the local government within the specified time frame.


The value of the territory around the house

Near each house of a residential type, an adjoining zone should be defined with an area according to the norms taking into account the residents living, as well as the placed types of objects that belong to the common share property. All actions are performed on the basis of the current codes and rules: "On the procedure for installing fences in the local area", taking into account the placement of houses. Owners' rights are determined by the Land Code of the Russian Federation, Article 36, and operate without the issuance of a special legal act. Based on such provisions of the code, residents are able to make decisions at a general meeting on the performance of all kinds of work on the fence of the local area - parking fences, areas and other important objects.

The truth of house tenants is enshrined in legal acts:

  • In the supplement "On the introduction of the housing complex of the Russian Federation".
  • In the resolution of the Plenum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation No. 16.
  • By order of the Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation No. 22.

Let's talk about how to design objects.

Registration of adjoining objects

All objects located on the adjoining land plot will be subject to the strictest registration in the communal organization and the construction / demolition of new objects must be agreed without fail with the local district administration.To restrict the use of the territory around the house, you can erect the following fences:

  • Which fully restrict the access of unauthorized persons.
  • Which partially prevent entering the territory of the site.

Fences can be erected as fences:

  • Decorative type made of various materials (wood, mesh, plastic or forged metal).

  • The height of the fences to be mounted should be from 0.5 to 2 meters.

Additionally, you can install wickets, gates, which are equipped with intercoms and locks (to open them, use a card or a code key). It is also required to provide a system for quickly opening the gate so that vehicles from special units - police, firefighters, taxis, ambulances, electrical and gas communications services - can enter. To prevent the passage of unauthorized vehicles, it is required to install a barrier at the entrance, however, its installation is allowed only by decision of the State Inspectorate for Architectural and Construction Supervision.

These types of fences can be installed to restrict special objects - sports and playgrounds for children, as well as places for mounting containers to collect waste.

If necessary, you can set temporary types of fences:

  • When performing repair work on the roadway, engineering and communal systems, as well as the facade of the building.
  • Driving on the road due to an accident, taking special measures.

How to organize all the work correctly?

How to coordinate the work

For fencing the adjacent territory of MKD , or rather, its construction around objects in the local area is strictly regulated and must necessarily meet the established requirements, which are reflected in the current urban planning code and fire safety regulations. The decision to build a fence at the very beginning is discussed and taken at the general meeting by the residents (the majority of the participants in the meeting are 2/3).

Prior to the commencement of construction work, a mandatory agreement with special city services (they are also called territorial) is carried out:

  1. Inspectorate for control in the field of construction and architectural supervision.
  2. Subdivision on the territory of the Ministry of Emergencies.
  3. Police headquarters.
  4. Ambulance services.

The construction of any fence should not interfere with the passage of special vehicles and free access of people living in the house.

The unauthorized construction of fences will be subject to demolition with the imposition of penalties on the persons who are responsible. When deciding on the fencing of the adjacent area at the general housing assembly, meetings are often created that are related to the price of the upcoming work. The entire working volume will be paid from the residents' bills. For this, the house committee must organize a collection of finances, and the total required cost will be divided proportionally between all residents.To carry out the scope of work, it is required to draw up a phased plan for the construction of facilities, clarifying all expenses and approve at the general meeting of residents.

Types of fences

On the plan of a plot of land around the house, a certain order of installation of fences in the area around the house should be carried out. Various materials are used to enclose sites and the area around the house, which will prevent the entry of unauthorized persons and at the same time serve as a decorative decoration of the area around the house. The choice of materials will mainly depend on the functions that are presented to the fence and the price of the material used. Other factors also play a huge role - the durability and strength of the built fence during operation, resistance to the influence of natural precipitation, suitability for repair in case of any damage. For the fence of the territory, as well as internal sites, different materials are still used in accordance with the established tasks.

As the material of the installation, you can use:

  1. Installation of fencing in the local area Wood, which is mainly used in the form of wood, pre-treated with an antiseptic picket fence and painted with water-resistant paint, which makes it possible to re-paint after 6-10 years. These picket fences are inexpensive and can be painted in different colors.
  2. Steel mesh fences. For installation, special ready-made sections of fences are used, which have special equipment for fixing. This type of fence is mainly used for external fences.

  3. Plastic fences, which are assembled from elements made of PVC. They are used for fencing playgrounds, stone beds, green spaces, in various shapes. They can withstand operation from 10 to 50 years, and the property of fences is of great importance - they do not need painting and special processing, which makes it possible to save money allocated for regular repairs.
  4. Fences made of wood-polymer composite (i.e.

    WPC). Fencing the local area with a fence of their relatively new material used to install fences. Such material is very durable, does not react to changes in temperature, precipitation and the influence of sun rays. It also has a beautiful and modern appearance with the ability to make the fences varied for the surrounding areas.

  5. Particularly attractive and durable fences are made of forged structures that can serve for more than a dozen years.

    Also, they do not need repair of the elements, only periodic staining. The disadvantage of this type of fencing is the high cost of the installed elements.

  6. Fences made from ornamental shrubs. They are capable of performing a double function as a fence and landscaping of the local area. In order to make green fences, decorative and berry bushes are used.

    These are mainly hawthorn, mountain ash, lilac and jasmine. During the year, the branches are periodically pruned and shaped.


The presence of the green zone makes it possible to reduce the gas pollution of the environment, and also prevents the spread of dust and noise, reduces the air temperature on hot summer days ...

Lawns, which are covered with grass, reduce the air temperature by 10 degrees and help to remove dust and carbon dioxide.

Gardening can be done using conifers, fruit and decorative deciduous trees with a breakdown of lawns and flower beds, arrangement of special installations of sand, stones and water fountains that decorate the environment. Fences with the use of modern materials that are resistant to the influence of natural precipitation and the sun, will provide a decorative appearance of the territory, and also prevent the entry of strangers.