Installation of interior doors with your own hands

Installation of interior doors with your own hands Do-it-yourself installation of an interior door + step-by-step instructions

It is worth considering how to install interior doors with your own hands, but first things first.

Since the replacement of high quality doors is possible only with experience,

and also certain knowledge, beginners need to understand a competent algorithm of actions. The article presents all the steps in stages.

Start. Options and sizes

Interior doors are produced in standard sizes, but they differ in different countries.

Speaking of standards, the following parameters must be taken into account:

  • In residential premises, a canvas is required, the width of which is from 0.6 to 1.2 meters, height is 2 meters.
  • The sanitary facility is 0.6 meters wide and about 2 meters high.

  • In the kitchen, the canvas is more than 0.7 meters in width and 2 meters in height.

When, when replacing the canvas, the opening cannot be correlated with the usual dimensions, the craftsmen use special additions. There are three types of assembly:

  1. Linen replacement - in this case, the box must be purchased additionally.
  2. Replacing doors with a frame - everything is included, but in this case, the frame is usually assembled from separate boards, and it is not assembled.

  3. Door block - replacement of the whole structure is carried out by a specialist.

With the same quality of door leaves, the price for such sets will differ significantly.


How to correctly install interior doors when replacing the door leaf

Removing the old door leaf

Installation of interior doors with your own hands Before installing a new product, you need to remove the old one, and this is very dusty, destructive and time consuming procedure. Moreover, it is required to think over so that the dust that appears during work does not fall into other rooms of the house. If you need to leave the old frame, then removing the doors from the hinges must be done very carefully so that the structure is not damaged.

First remove the fastening elements, and then unscrew the hinges.

Preparing a new blade

If we take into account that the sashes have to be replaced, and the box will remain in place, it is important to adjust the blade under the parameters of the doorway, taking into account the size of the previous sash. Alignment is carried out at the place of installation of the door handle on the door leaf itself. Use a pencil to mark unnecessary elements, and after excess parts you just need to remove with a saw.

Installing door hinges

When you fold the new door to fit, you can start installing the hinges.

The order of work is as follows:

  • The old canvas must be put on a new one and straightened to the maximum.
  • Make a marking for the hinges, first with a pencil, and then with a construction knife.
  • The blade needs to be face-mounted.
  • Use a chisel or chisel to mark the depth of the groove.
  • Form the groove.

  • A loop is required inside the recess.
  • Fasten the hinge with items such as screws.

Consider the next step.

Embedding a lock into an interior door

There are quite a few types of locks that are used when installing interior doors, and moreover, they differ greatly in dimensions. It is required to take into account the fact that working with a chisel requires additional skills, where caution and accuracy are of paramount importance.

It is most convenient to embed the lock on the already mounted canvas, where the construction foam has already fixed it in the box and the opening. At the end of the installation work, you need to put a mark on the box for the lock, and then the striker and install everything.

How to install the canvases with your own hands

When starting installation work, the sash needs to be raised to a certain height, and then put boards. Align the elements first of the lower one, and then the upper one. If you figure out exactly how to install interior doors, you need to emphasize that such work will go much easier if done with an assistant.

In such a situation, there is a chance to qualitatively mount the door leaf.

Installation - step-by-step instructions

Installation work begins with unpacking, which must be done with extreme caution, so as not to cause harm during installation, and also not to spoil the appearance.

What tools and materials are needed

The canvas is usually closed with a dense film material. It is better to refrain from unpacking before starting the installation. This will make it possible to protect the new door from dust and unnecessary damage.

The following devices and tools will be required:

  • Building level.
  • Saw.
  • Milling head.
  • Electric drill.
  • Screwdriver.

  • Hammer.

Let's look at all the steps.

How to remove an old door

Any major renovation of a premise usually involves replacing old doors with new ones. This stage usually means that the old canvas will be disassembled, and the process can be done by hand. This will help you save a certain amount of money that could have gone away as a foreman's salary.

The dismantling of the old door leaf must be done very carefully so that the doorway in the wall is not damaged, and new doors must be easily installed. During the dismantling process of the old door, there is a possibility of making many mistakes, which afterwards will emerge only at the stage of door installation. When removing the old canvas, it is extremely easy to damage the opening, which will not allow you to accurately install new canvases. When the old door has been removed properly, no fit is needed. First you need to remove the old canvas.

After the hinges are released, lift the blade up. When the door is too heavy, a pry bar can be used. It is required to put it under the open door, and then raise the canvas.

Initially, you need to perform the following preparatory work:

  • Free up space around the box from pieces of furniture and other things that interfere with the work process.
  • Furniture items in the room should be covered with plastic wrap.

  • Cover the floor with newspaper or cloth.

The first step will be to remove the platbands, because if there is no need to save the old box, you can make cuts and remove it partially. These options help to strengthen the structure:

  • Cutting strobes along the common perimeter of the doorway.
  • Cut the channels to size for the opening surface.
  • Install the channels in the grooves (required for fixing, and for this use the studs of the required size).

  • A number of elements must be welded in the corners.

Now about the box.

How to mount a door frame

Interior door installers say that the developers offer frames in different configurations:

  1. In assembly - in this situation, the structure can be installed in the opening without preparation.
  2. Disassembled - in this case, you will need to assemble the box in advance.
  3. In the role of a curly bar - in this situation, you initially need to cut off the elements of the required size, and then connect them and at the end install the box.

How to assemble? This includes the following stages:

  • The three parts are laid on the cover against the canvas at an emphasis.
  • The right side and top harness must be fastened with nails with a length of 7.5 cm or with self-tapping screws.
  • Bind the left and top harness together.
  • Between a pair of side straps at the bottom, nail a bar with a section of 2.

    5 * 5 cm.

Now about the installation of the hinges. For fastening it is required:

  • Separate the fastened hinge elements.
  • Place them on the canvas.
  • Disassemble, remove the axles and screw them into the hinges.

The standard distance from the bottom and top door edges for fixing the hinges is approximately 20 cm. When 3 hinges are hanging, the third one needs to be placed 59 cm from the upper canvas part. further on fixing the box. The procedure is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Pieces of plywood are placed at the junction with the wall.
  • Check the verticality of the sides.

  • Fix the box to the bars with 6.5 cm nails without the head.
  • Remove the nailed strip and check again.

If the box is fixed in the opening, then first you need to do the same with clamps, check the verticality and horizontal position, and then plant the entire structure on screws and nails, seal it.

How to mount the door leaf with your own hands

It is required to screw the counter hinge part to the door in advance or mark holes for planting.

To insert an interior door leaf, you need to put it on the hinges. Then make sure that it functions correctly.

Installation of extension strip

If required, the width of the box can be increased by means of extensions. The width of the extensions is chosen taking into account the wall width. When the dimensions of the additional strip are slightly larger than required, it must be trimmed.

Each of the cuts is made from the outside to the back so that no chips appear on the surface of the coating.

How to mount platbands on doors

Installing platbands on interior doors is very important, because the door does not look beautiful in a room if it is not decorated. You can purchase the kit separately. Most often, a special adhesive is used, such as "liquid nails", but first you need to do the preparation work:

  • Installation of interior doors with your own hands Standing platbands are used at the planned installation site, and then marks are made.
  • The cross casing needs to be marked and trimmed at a 45 degree angle.

  • Attach to the mark and mark out a vertical trim for a 45 degree trim.
  • Cut the second trim at a 45 degree angle.

After some time, you need to hold and release the bar, but it will fully grab within 24 hours.


The price for installation will depend on the design features of the doors, work performed and materials of manufacture. The approximate price is as follows:

  • Dismantling the old door leaf - 350 rubles.

  • Installation of a laminated door - 1 950 rubles.
  • Installation of veneered doors - 2,900 rubles.
  • Installation of solid wood products starts at 4,000 rubles.

Sooner or later, all people are faced with the fact that the room needs to replace the interior door. This process is not the most difficult, and therefore there is a chance to cope on your own.

If you have an idea of ​​how the process will take place, then the help of the wizards may not be useful.