Installation of outlets in slopes, photos and why they are required

Installation of outlets in slopes, photos and why they are required Installation of sockets in slopes, photo and why they are required

Sockets are a device that is used in every home. There are many types of electrical outlets (including slopes), which you should be able to understand in order to choose the right one. Sockets are an electrical device that is used to connect devices to a household electrical network. Outlets as well as switches are very important components of a home network.


Outlets are required in order to connect household electrical appliances to the mains through a plug. Each electrical outlet has three main components - contacts, protective housing, and base. The main characteristic is the current of the rated type, at which it will remain operational during the service life.

Home sockets are rated for 10 A and 16 A (that is, for appliances with a power that is not more than 2-3 kW). You can select outlets with and without grounding.

Devices with grounding have increased energy safety. Most often they are installed in rooms in which there is a possibility of contact with water - a kitchen, a bathroom. They are also used to operate aquariums.

General information

Types of sockets

Devices can be divided into the following types:

  • Installation of outlets in slopes, photos and why they are required Built-in - used for hidden wiring.
  • Overhead type - they are attached to the surface of the walls.

  • Double - can be both overhead and built-in.
  • With additional functions (protective shutter, lighting, ejection devices).
  • Extension cord.
  • Power connectors.

By the method of wire fastening, we select:

  • With a clamp by means of screws.

  • With terminal type clamp.

By designs:

  • Double and triple.
  • Single.
  • Telephone.
  • Computer.

  • Antennas.
  • Telephone.

The selection of electrical outlets


depends on which devices will be connected, and also on their total power. The wrong choice of devices will threaten an early breakdown, fire, and also the likelihood of electric shock.

For home use, electrical outlets can be divided into two types - special and conventional. The latter are used for every low power device. Ordinary devices can be selected from any brand, every variety and brand.

They will work at home without an increased degree of stress, strong temperature changes and moisture. Special devices include electric hob sockets, washing machines, and dishwashers. Power points for use in new homes must be grounded. You can also additionally choose "telephone" and "computer" sockets. They are chosen depending on the cable category (twisted pair) and will determine the data transfer rate.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of equipment in the bathroom. They must necessarily correspond to the microclimate of the room - be protected from moisture and resistant to temperatures. The level of protection of such devices must be at least IP44, and the higher the better. Firms whose sockets are suitable for home use. They were able to establish themselves as reliable and high-quality devices, and in the line you can also choose models that are perfect for the design of the apartment.

By the way, sockets in window slopes will look stylish.

How to choose the right one

TOP-5 manufacturers

Various companies from countries from all over will manufacture mechanisms for connecting devices the world. The highest quality devices are considered to be from German, French and Swedish factories.

Lеgr a nd

The French company are leaders among equipment manufacturers. The main office is located in France, and there are 90 manufacturing plants around the world.

The main advantages of the sockets of such companies are their quality, reliability, a large assortment, as well as thorough fire safety checks and price flexibility. The company tries to take care of its reputation, and therefore only those components that are of high quality are used to create devices.


Another French company, which ranks second among manufacturers. Devices from this company are actively used by professional electricians. On the territory of Russia, there are five factories from the company for the manufacture of electrical switches and sockets.

The advantages of the company's products are:

  • Possibility of replacing frames.
  • High quality components.
  • Modular designs.
  • Large collection.

Of the shortcomings, we note only the cost.


The list of the best manufacturers also includes a Swedish company, which was founded in 1883. Manufacturing plants are located in more than 100 countries around the world, and there are as many as 7 plants in the Russian Federation.

Product advantages:

  • Resistance of the material to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Shock resistance.
  • Design elegance.

  • Modularity.
  • Simplicity of installation work.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • Naturalness of materials.

There is also one drawback, and again, high cost.


Installation of sockets in the slopes of windows will be better if you use products from a German company that offers a wide range of electrical installations - from classic sockets to dimmer switches. Advantages - a large assortment, design, beautiful German quality, modular designs, natural materials. The downside is the big price tag.

rkе r

Also a German company famous for the reliability of goods. It is used to implement backlighting in a smart home.

The advantages are classic style, reliability and quality, low cost and durability. The downside is the lack of richness in the design.

The best sockets for office buildings and high loads

A computer outlet should be installed for office work. They are used to connect a PC and other peripheral equipment. Sockets should be chosen with a single RJ-45 standard - such devices will comply with communication standards, and also ensure the reliability of information transfer.

If the office has landline telephones, and you can additionally install a telephone analogue RJ-11. Sockets for phones have four contacts, and for a PC, eight contacts. A computer electrical outlet can be used for telephones. Computer sockets can be divided into categories, from which the signal transmission distance will be determined. They also divide the sweat to the type of installation and configuration.

For a higher type of load, a power load is required, which is an electrical connector and can be single-phase, as well as three-phase (for 220 V and 380 V). High quality material is used for manufacturing, which is resistant to temperatures and mechanical stress. Popular connectors will be models with ground, phase, and neutral pins, as well as three phases with zero and ground.

The popularity of sloping sockets is growing at an incredible rate. This solution has a number of undeniable advantages, which will be very relevant if the safety rules are followed.

We will learn below how to install the outlet into the window slope and how rational such an idea will be.

Advantages of placing electrical fittings in the slope

PVC windows are distinguished by an increased level of functionality relative to their outdated counterparts. For example, a window sill, which, due to its impressive size, will play the role of a spacious shelf. Such window sills, which for the most part resemble countertops, are increasingly used as a place for the installation of household appliances that are powered by a 220 V network. These can be electric kettles, lamps, electric blinds, and other similar devices.

In addition to the devices that are located on the windowsill, there are those devices that appear there from time to time. It makes sense to put an outlet in a window slope to connect chargers for different devices - tablets, phones, electronic photo frames. The convenience of such a solution will lie in the fact that windows usually do not have pieces of furniture that can become an obstacle to approaching an electrical point, and moreover, such an outlet can always be reached without obstacles.Also, installing an outlet on a slope helps to celebrate the New Year, because from there you can bring out an electric garland and hang it on the window itself, as well as connect the illumination of a Christmas tree. In case there are spotlights in the window opening, the side slope will be an excellent place to place a switch on it.

It makes sense to put another one near it if there is a bed or a sofa near the window, and a sconce is connected next to it, or there is a desk with a lighting lamp.

Safety in use

Installation of outlets in slopes, photos and why they are required This fear is justified enough, because about Condensation can build up on windows, and water, which is an excellent conductor of electricity, can cause short circuits. On the question of whether this is safe, most experts will answer this way - moisture itself does not conduct current, but the substances that are in the composition of water (salt, for example) are ways to do this.

But even in a room with a high level of humidity, although condensation appears on the contacts, its amount is very small, and the composition does not differ from distilled water, which is simply not capable of conducting current. It should also be noted that the main cause of condensation is temperature differences.

Since the slope of the windows is in a room with the same indicator, the likelihood of moisture on the contacts is excluded.

In addition to the above, there are concerns about the ingress of moisture from the outside, for example, during a rainstorm when the windows are open. Even if the socket is located under the sash, due to its design features, it will open inward, and thereby protect the electrical fittings from possible short circuit. By the way, rainwater has no salt and cannot conduct electricity. The likelihood of fires will be no different from the rest of the electricians in the apartment.

The protection will be automatic switches, which can be disconnected before the conductor reaches critical temperatures. It should be remembered that non-combustible materials are used for window slopes. So, the installation of the socket in the window slope is completely safe.

Installation instructions

In fact, the installation process does not differ much from the usual technology that is used anywhere else in the apartment. The points at which the sockets or switches will be located must be selected in advance, and after the installation work, the cable will already be in place.

The height above the windowsill will not play a special role, but experts advise keeping at least 0. 1 meters. The slope of the window should be separated from the foam, prepare holes in it for the installation of socket outlets. After the slope is installed in place with a small amount of glue or polyurethane foam. It is important to check the strength of the structure after dismantling work, and even modern sockets hold the forks strongly, and its removal in certain cases can cause delamination of the slopes.

Socket boxes should be chosen not for concrete walls, but for plasterboard ones. They differ in the presence of special special screw clamps, with which it will turn out to be fastened. After such manipulations, it remains only to put the outlet or switch into the socket box using conventional technology. From that moment on, there will be no additional nuances for installation. The video clearly demonstrates how to install the outlet and what nuances should be taken into account during installation.

Now you know how to carry out the installation and that the process is almost the same as the usual conditions for fixing electrical fittings.

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