Installation of plastic frames on windows from the street for exterior decoration in a wooden house? DIY Installation - Review + Video

Installation of plastic frames on windows from the street for exterior decoration in a wooden house? DIY Installation - Review + Video How to install plastic frames on windows: varieties, finishing, do-it-yourself installation. Plastic windows, or rather their finishing, are regulated by certain standards.

If you look at the preliminary work, pay attention to GOST 30971. So you can see with your own eyes how to properly decorate the window perimeter, where anchor plates should be used and what a vapor barrier membrane should be used for.

If you adhere to these standards, you have a guarantee that the structure will not succumb to the force of the wind, the foam will not crumble and the frame will not be left without support.

By the way, most of all disputes arise precisely on the topic of fastening, not finishing. If we talk about finishing works, then everything is almost the same here.

A little about the finishing of plastic windows

Please note, that the finishing of plastic windows is just the installation of platbands, window sills and slopes ...

At the same time, everything should look harmonious. This will be the main topic of the article.

Initial finishing preparation

Installation of plastic frames on windows from the street for exterior decoration in a wooden house? DIY Installation - Review + Video Usually after installing the frame before us appears the view of a bare span with polyurethane foam. According to the standards, from the inside everything needs to be covered with a vapor barrier membrane, which should be done if careless builders have forgotten about it. This must be done before you start finishing work.

Such an overlap will guarantee the outflow of moisture from the thermal insulation, since water has an unpleasant property for construction to penetrate everywhere.

Have you noticed plastic plugs on the outside of the frame before? Sometimes there are suggestions that these are mounting elements that are not related to decoration. But these plugs cover the holes that lead to the integrated glass unit. This helps to get rid of the suction cup effect caused by the many rubber seals that can be exacerbated by moisture inside.

But how? Very simple.

In any case, moisture will penetrate inside the window through the seal, which will make it difficult to open the sash in the future, and also, if necessary, remove the glass unit.

For successful operation, practice has shown that the above actions will not be superfluous, which means that a vapor barrier membrane is also needed to keep the insulation dry. We strongly do not recommend changing it to polyethylene.

Installation of platbands and slopes on plastic windows

I would like to add that when laying a vapor barrier film, you should cut off excess foam. After that, finishing begins.

To begin with, you should use a starting profile, which is similar to the letter G. But there is a small problem: from the end of this "G" a stick will hang, which is equal to a third of the base. This profile should be screwed with semi-cylindrical self-tapping screws outward with the long side along the entire perimeter of the window.With its upper edge, our L-shaped profile will lie on the border of the window, and a beautiful joint is obtained.

The lathing should be laid on the other side of the slopes.

On the inner perimeter of the window opening, we nail a not thick rail. How much will it be in cm?

You can choose one of two options:

  1. The tree should not crack when mounted on dowels-nails.
  2. When using pressure screws in the installation, they must enter at a 45 degree angle. Choose the thickness and width of the rail just for this parameter. And again, taking into account that the tree should not crack.

The next step is to set the slopes

Installation of plastic frames on windows from the street for exterior decoration in a wooden house? DIY Installation - Review + Video Their inner horses , which is adjacent to the room, bifurcates under the F-profile.

After installing all the elements, we come to the most interesting thing - the installation of platbands. Plastic window trims have many advantages over wooden ones: they do not dry out over time, do not rot, and will not be affected by fungus. But their functions are the same: cover the joints of the window box with the wall, prevent moisture from entering the gaps, increase the sound-insulating and heat-insulating properties of windows.

Carved plastic window trims

Very often used for PVC structures, but sometimes they are combined with wooden ones: the design, color and texture are so diverse that sometimes you can find even samples with wood imitation.

The material can be easily matched to the facade (if the house is clad with siding), or vice versa, you can make a contrast to the windows.

Important! New elements should not break the uniformity of the facade style. For example, snow-white PVC will be out of place on the windows of a log house.

But plastic platbands with a wood-like texture will look great in a building made of logs. PVC window trims are not unique, as polyurethane analogs can also be found.

This material is resistant to temperature changes, lightweight, not capricious, and also quite plastic and aesthetic.

Polyurethane platbands

Do not have to be straight, as even a window in the form of a porthole can be made of them. They are not used as a separate element of decor, but on the contrary, for general decoration: using polyurethane, you can make chic bas-reliefs for stucco moldings and other decorations, examples of which you can find on the Internet.

Made of foam

There are also window frames made of foam of high density, but even with such parameters they are fragile and therefore hardly used.

In appearance, the platbands can be telescopic and overhead: the former are something like a designer (especially if you take additions in the kit), where each element will be joined together with ready-made locks.

Plastic platbands are often installed along with them on the slopes.

Advice: it will always be better if you buy platbands with extensions - it will be much easier to select a single color scheme, which is very important when decorating windows in different shades or wood imitation.

Platbands on plastic windows for exterior decoration are installed and fixed with self-tapping screws, adhesives of synthetic origin, and nails. If there are no locks for attaching elements to each other, you need to saw off the ends at an angle of 45 degrees.

Installation of plastic frames on windows from the street for exterior decoration in a wooden house? DIY Installation - Review + Video There are also removable products: in this case, metal fasteners will need to be installed on the windows, and the platbands will snap onto them .

.. This is very convenient, especially if you will constantly change them or just need to replace a damaged element.

If the installation is carried out on outbuildings, the platbands can also be attached to double-sided tape. But this method is far from reliable and will not withstand gusts of wind.

In shape, plastic platbands are flat, convex or profiled. The profile itself is asymmetric and symmetrical, combined and curved, and the composition includes bulges and all kinds of combinations of angles.

It is interesting that shaped platbands can be used both for facade decoration and for premises.

Usually, plastic window trims do not have a high coefficient of thermal expansion. The plastic will not swell with water and will not get wet.

It is quite simple to install and does not require technological gaps.

Types of plastic frames for windows

Plastic windows are reliable and functional products. But sometimes, when the window is installed flush with the wall, it becomes necessary to refine the joint between the wall and the window frame. Even with high installation quality, the joint will always remain. This problem can be solved by finishing trims for plastic windows.


The main function is to connect two mating surfaces so that the wall and window have a complete look. In addition, the casing covers the joint from negative factors and their effects: direct UV rays, moisture ingress. To some extent, the platband even protects against temperature extremes, but this depends on the material from which it is made.

The latter function is purely decorative, although for some it comes first. But this also largely depends on the form and material.


The most common variant is flat. This is a popular and budget option, plus they are easy to install and manufacture. If you don't need sophistication in terms of decoration, then these platbands will be perfect for you.

Such a variety as profiled platbands differs from flat ones by the presence of a convexity of a certain shape on the outside. This surface can be on both symmetrical and asymmetrical profiles.

Sometimes the profile has not only a curved surface, but also corners.With a complex, combined look, roundness and angles will be combined. Shaped platbands have a relief on the outside.

Please note, that the relief on the surface can be complex, and the platbands themselves can be made of wood or PVC with imitation wood imitation.

And, finally, carved platbands are a work of art, which are made of any material, in particular, wood.

But they are not always beautifully combined with plastic windows and do not fit into the style.

Materials for the production of plastic frames for windows

Installation of plastic frames on windows from the street for exterior decoration in a wooden house? DIY Installation - Review + Video The most common material is plastic sheeting, which is often used to create flat trims. It can be monolithic, or it can have an internal part that is structured. Plastic perfectly withstands temperature extremes, sun rays and humidity. It is produced in all shades, and this makes it possible to choose platbands to match the color of the windows.

An important detail should be noted: the plastic has a low elongation coefficient. Due to this property, the platbands will not deform with temperature changes. During installation, do not leave thermal gaps - this action will help avoid water absorption of plastics, exclude the possibility of deformation and other negative consequences.

The second variant of platbands made of materials of artificial origin is platbands made of polyurethane or PVC. Thanks to the properties of these materials, you can make not just flat casing, but with a profiled surface, or specimens with a complex external configuration due to pressing or casting.

The next material is MDF. As a rule, these are profile-type platbands or simple flat ones. They are usually used for indoor installations. And the thing is that MDF does not very well tolerate the changes in humidity that occur during outdoor decoration. When installing MDF on the street, its service life is significantly reduced.

Place of purchase

You can buy platbands for plastic windows in the same companies from which you ordered the windows. They belong to the category of fittings, but are completely optional during installation.

Sizes (standard):

  • Length - 2.2 m.
  • Width: 4-7 cm.

Is it worth doing it yourself?

For those who decided to install platbands, this issue has become an urgent problem. Someone decides the issue by simply starting to do everything on their own, while someone turns to firms that provide such services for help. For those who decide to contact the company, it will be pleasant to know that there is a wide selection of products.

If you are a good builder, then it will not be difficult for you to carry out the installation yourself, but if you are not confident in your abilities, it would be better to contact the specialists. The designers who help you choose the trims will help you choose from all the options the pattern that is ideal for your windows.

I am also glad that the price of this pleasure is not high, and the result will really please you from year to year.