Installation of siding Alta Profile: instruction + Video technology features

Installation of siding Alta Profile: instruction + Video technology features Installation of Alta-Profile siding: instruction, video, technology features. The choice of modern home decoration is based on a whole analysis of various factors, and this includes both ease / speed of installation, and the final cost / durability. With the latest technologies that are used to create finishing materials, you can really work wonders - restoring ancient buildings, creating modernized buildings or even medieval castles from them. Everyone chooses what he likes, and we will talk about what kind of material siding and how to install basement siding Alta profile.

With a properly selected basement siding, you can reliably protect even the most vulnerable parts of the facade, extend the life of the building several times, regardless of the conditions in which they are used.

Products from the domestic holding "Alta-Profil" are one of the most justified solutions for finishing the building as a whole and for many years.

Panel Features

The main feature of the basement siding from the specified manufacturer is the surface of the planks, which ideally imitates the surface of natural materials. In addition, the products are highly resistant to temperature extremes, moisture, do not deform, reliably protect the walls of the house throughout the entire service life.

Installation of siding Alta Profile: instruction + Video technology features It should be noted that even with high-quality clinker brick or facade plaster, which are often used when finishing a building, regular maintenance is required. The plaster will need to be tinted and cleaned, and the brick will need to be regularly cleaned of the resulting efflorescence.

Facade panels from a domestic manufacturer do not require special care and at the same time perfectly retain their original attractiveness until the very end of use.

Interestingly, each Alta-profile panel differs from the others in its minimum thickness, which makes it possible to finish the finished building with alignment of the facade and basement.

Siding also has excellent aesthetic data, pleasant appearance and compact size. In addition, the weight is relatively low, making the material suitable for use in walls, pipes, upper floors, turrets and other elements.

Separately, we note that the panels do not contain elements that pose a threat to human health, despite the fact that this is an artificial material that is an imitation of natural stone.

To increase the lifespan of the panels, manufacturers have invented and introduced additional stiffeners to the panel manufacturing chain, which make it possible to make the planks even more durable than real stone.


Before carrying out the installation of Alta-profile siding according to the instructions, you should familiarize yourself with the main characteristics.

  1. Installation of siding Alta Profile: instruction + Video technology features The panels meet the basic requirements for strength, and this is confirmed by the results of testing according to a special program of climatic structure based on the American methodology, taking into account the peculiarities of the climate in the country and individual regions.
  2. Demonstrated resistance to impact, corrosion, deformation does not occur for 30 years even at extremely high and low temperatures, while maintaining plasticity and material does not delaminate.
  3. When used in a region with a moderate climate, Alta-profile panels will retain color saturation and have the ability to heat insulation for the entire period of use.

  4. Installation of siding panels is carried out quickly, without wet works in any season according to the instructions.
  5. No special care required, easy to clean with hose and water.
  6. Installation of planks is possible without the use of glue or cement mixture.

All the properties described above are confirmed by the protocols of tests carried out on the basis of the Polisert laboratory with all certificates.

How to install correctly?


Installation of siding Alta Profile: instruction + Video technology features Installation of siding panels according to the recommendations of manufacturers should be done only on a crate made of natural wood, as well as with slats, which are treated with protective compounds.

Alternatively, of course, you can use a metal frame made of galvanized strips, which will avoid linear distortion during operation.

Also note that to prevent mixing of elements on the starting strip, the panels should be mounted very carefully and done from top to bottom so that no pressure is applied to them. The easiest way is to start the installation from left and right, and do not start finishing the new wall before you finish the cladding on the previous one.

Important! Remember that the installation of the basement siding Alta-profile is intended only for the basement, and in no case should it be used for floor or roof sheathing. The panels should be installed only vertically, since the main purpose is to finish the basement.

To prevent linear distortion, we recommend using only a metal crate made of galvanized battens. They must be installed strictly at a distance of 25 cm from each other in order to ensure ventilation under the panels.


  1. First you need to prepare the surface, and therefore install the crate over the entire surface of the wall. When installing, it is imperative to use the building level, otherwise distortions may occur during installation of the panels.
  2. For home insulation, use insulation on the outside of the wall.

    The space between the rivers, which is also called the crate price, should be filled with insulation, while it must be protected with a special waterproofing film.

  3. Installation of siding Alta Profile: instruction + Video technology features In order to prevent moisture penetration between panels and walls, the entrances and exits should be sealed with a sealant. refers to electrical, water, gas and other highways, and then treat the walls around doors and windows.
  4. The installation of the panels should be carried out and move from left to right, while completely completing the installation of the wall, and only after that start work on the next one.
  5. Panels are made to fit only vertically.

  6. Facade panels and accessories should only be fastened to the battens through certain grooves. Do not try to make the holes yourself, as this can result in the physical shape of the finishing materials being disrupted.
  7. Use galvanized / aluminum screws or nails to install the panels to avoid rusty streaks on the panels. Screws or nails must necessarily enter strictly perpendicular to the fastening base, only at an angle of 90 degrees and nothing else, as well as strictly in the center of the holes that are provided in the panels and strips to ensure possible vertical expansion.
  8. Install the panels, leave a small gap between the top edge of the head and the panel to allow free expansion-contraction.

  9. It is desirable to carry out the installation at a positive temperature.


When finishing solid walls of a building, the length and height of which is more than 6 meters, take into account the linear expansion that is likely to occur when temperature change:

  • Installation of siding Alta Profile: instruction + Video technology features Leave a small gap between the panels.
  • Leave a gap between the top edge of the nail head and the panel.
  • Use the decorative strips to create expansion joints. Cladding strips, joining strips or J-trim strips (if using vinyl siding) can be used as decor.

If you are planning to install basement siding Alta-profile in winter, and the temperature is not higher than +5 degrees, then try to keep the distance between panels and trim strips for finishing at least 1 cm, taking that in the cold the planks will be slightly compressed. Basement siding must be stored in a warm room prior to installation.

As for the fittings, their length should be at least 1.3 cm - it is to this depth that the battens should enter the surface of the slats. Pay attention to the fact that the nails are not driven "tightly", thus limiting the movement of the planks.

Leave a small gap between the cap and the surface.

Please note that additional holes you make will negatively affect the quality of the coating. Installation of panels is carried out only through the grooves. The easiest way to complete the installation is if the strips are at the level of the installer's belt, which will make it possible to control the length of the panel when joining.

Also remember that manufacturers advise not to take foil covering for basement panels, and if you do not heed this advice, the company disclaims the obligation to carry out warranty repairs.

The best option would be to use a windproof membrane. To obtain reliable thermal insulation, the use of modern insulation is allowed. We will describe below how the insulation goes.

Insulation of basement siding

Naturally, the paneling itself will contribute to the insulation of the basement of the house, but taking into account the fact that the fastening when using the frame will leave free space, it would be unreasonable to refuse to install an additional layer of thermal insulation.

Please note, that the best insulation option will be mineral wool or its analogues, namely stone wool and glass wool.

The option of using foam is also allowed. If necessary, a hydro-barrier made of cellophane should be created before installing the frame.

After your insulation layer is securely fixed, start installing the panels and close the structure. As for wind protection, usually a thin but dense layer of tarpaulin or cellophane is used for this, which creates reliable protection from the sun and blowing. Also, these materials keep warmth in the house during the cold season and create coolness in the summer heat.

The cost of finishing with panels from Alta-Profile

Despite the durability and high quality, installation of basement siding Alta-profile will cost you less than the products Western manufacturers. High-quality panels for finishing the basement of a house from American manufacturers will cost at least $ 12 for a bulk order, and inexpensive options for panels under the guise of Italian or German are brought to us from the construction market in Europe, but they are not able to cope with the weather conditions in Russia. Installation of siding Alta Profile: instruction + Video technology features

The cost of panels from Alta-profile will largely depend on the variety and collection, because the manufacturer produces both acrylic and vinyl panels that are in many shades, colors and differ in structure. A particularly wide selection was noted by buyers who saw the "Economy" category. But there is also an obvious disadvantage of siding from this series - it is not resistant to ultraviolet radiation and quickly loses its saturation (color).

For this reason, when choosing products from the Economy collection, focus on panels and planks in pastel colors.

Basement siding comes in the form of strips with different sizes, from 113 * 47.5 cm and ending with 115 * 45 cm. The price will depend on where you buy the material - directly from the manufacturer or through an intermediary. It will also be reasonable to buy accessories and trim strips in the kit.

These elements are presented in various colors.


With the upcoming installation of Alta-profile siding, please note that the material can imitate such materials:

  • Brick.
  • Slate.
  • Quartzite.
  • Topaz.

  • Sandstone.
  • Malachite.

Panels are created using the latest technology - under the influence of high pressure using polymer components that are rammed under pressure on special thermoplastic machines. Due to this, basement siding will last longer than its counterparts. In addition, a new method for painting panels is used, which makes it possible to achieve even a dark color without the risk of deteriorating strength.

Let's consider the most popular collections:

  • Installation of siding Alta Profile: instruction + Video technology features "Canyon" - panels made of stone, suitable for the style of the wild west, as well as for design in the style of water elements.
  • "Rocky stone" - is an excellent imitation of natural stone masonry with a well-defined structure, ideal for decorating urban establishments and private houses.
  • "Facade tiles" - panels imitate dolomite, travertine, basalt and other natural stones.
  • "Brick" - such panels are perfect for home decoration in a simple style.
  • "Granite" - products are available in various variations, ranging from Ural and ending with Balkan and Crimean granite, will help to change the house beyond recognition.

As you can see, siding from the manufacturing company Alta-profile will fully justify itself in all plans, even despite the fact that the material is of domestic origin, and the fact that the installation will not take much time and it can be done by hand, makes the material even more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers.