Installing a lock on a corrugated gate

Installing a lock on a corrugated gate How to choose and put a lock on the gate made of corrugated board

Security - this is the most important thing, and therefore suburban areas are surrounded by a reliable fence, in which the gates and doors are mounted. In the article, we suggest you talk about one important task - how to choose a lock for a gate made of corrugated board.

It is worth starting specifically with the analysis of the proposed assortment, which means that you need to be aware of the fact that street-type locks are operated in the open air, which means that they will be affected by all natural loads.

The conditions for them must be tough, or rather, the locks must easily withstand the high level of humidity, work even in severe frosts and not deform under the influence of the sun's rays.

Castle classification

For this reason, today on the market you can buy so-called out-of-weather locks for wickets, which are assembled from parts that have a high degree of resistance to moisture and temperature, as well as high performance - wear resistance and durability.

You can also install a simple lock on the gate, which will need to be closed with a protective casing.

There are several characteristics that formed the basis for the classification of wicket door locks:

  • By opening method.
  • By fastening method.
  • According to the design features of the locking type mechanism.

Naturally, the cost of the product will directly depend mainly on the complexity of the design and the manufacturer's brand.

It just needs to be added that mechanical samples are much cheaper than electrical ones.


Varieties of locks according to the fastening method

Firstly, the fastening method itself is important to select according to several positions:

Standard street wicket lock - hinged type.

Previously, they were called barns. Obsolete models are large-sized structures, heavy and not always convenient to operate. But their degree of reliability is quite high. Modern models are small, but no less reliable. Today there are code and cylinder varieties.

There are many advantages of padlocks, for example, low cost, ease of use, you do not need to call a wizard to install it. The main task is to attach two locks to the gate by welding. It should be noted that there are certain disadvantages:

  • They can only be opened from the mounting side.
  • If a hamok weighs on the gate, it means that there is no one in the house - a signal for people who are dishonest.
  • The wicket door is not rigidly fixed in the "closed" position.

  • Even old models can be cut, and new ones will be easily scraped.

Today, suspended structures are often used in those summer cottages or suburban areas that are located in the protected area, or they are located inside, closing the gate at night.

Mortise structures

Most people think that mortise locks for wickets are the most convenient option. This is due to the fact that the kit includes handles, which ensures the comfort of opening the wicket. Outside, it can be opened with a key, inside with a spinner.

The design has a latch, by means of which the wicket can be fixed in a closed video. The most important thing is that the castle itself will cut into the wicket door, that is, it is covered from both sides from the rays of the sun and atmospheric precipitation. For the key from the street side, you need to leave a small hole, which will be closed with a steel bar. The only thing that is important to pay attention to is the thickness of the wicket door. It should not be less than 4 cm, since the thickness of a standard lock is 2.

5 cm. There are also smaller designs on the market, namely 2 * 4 cm, which are installed on metal gates. It is these dimensions that allow installation in the wicket frame. The advantages of such models are installation inside the canvas, which means that it will not work to get to it and hack it. There are more minuses:

  • The complexity of installation, which cannot be done without a specialist.

  • Insecure fixation at the place of constipation.
  • A groove is made at the installation location, and this increases the installation complexity.

As for the cost, everything will depend on the complexity of the internal mechanism.

Overhead models

You can also choose another lock for the wicket made of corrugated board, if the wicket is a frame structure that is sheathed with one sides with non-thick material, for example, steel sheet, corrugated board and others. Here an overhead construction will come to the rescue.

Such locks have one characteristic feature - an uncovered one side, which is mounted on the canvas, which means that the sheathing material will cover this side. For overhead wicket locks, the thickness of the material to which it will be attached does not matter, strength will be more important. Today the market offers electrical and mechanical models. An electric door lock is becoming the most popular today, and for many, ease of use is an important factor.

But all modifications of overhead locks are installed on the gate by means of four bolts.

As for the advantages of surface mounted modifications, it should be noted:

  • Simplicity of installation work.
  • Low cost.
  • High protection against burglary.
  • The lock is not visible from the outside.

Some models of patch locks have handles and latches.

If the task is, then install the lock on the wicket door made of profiled flooring, and a steel strip must be laid under the sheathing material itself in order to increase the reliability of fixation.

Classification by the fastening principle

There are only a couple of positions:

  • Mechanical, which can only be opened with a key.
  • Electrical (electromechanical), which can be opened remotely.

The first option is presented on the market only in a small number of models, which may differ from each other in the type of locking mechanism. There are four positions - rack, cylinder, lever and latch.

The latter is the simplest, and such a lock with 2 handles and a spring-loaded latch. It does not have a locking function, namely, it is sold without a key. The latch will simply lock the gate closed.

A rack and pinion lock is a modern type of simple bolt. Previously, such a design was used when closing a gate, and the updated version is a design with a bolt fastened to a rail, which will simplify the "open-close" process itself.

It is required to pay tribute to rack and pinion locks, among all the mechanical models are the most reliable. At the same time, the installation is quite simple, and the resistance to burglary is high. The only drawback is the large key.

A cylinder lock is a structure in which one of the constituent elements is a replaceable core. The latter is a cylinder with spring-loaded protrusions that are recessed when the key is inserted into the well.

The pattern of protrusions is individual for each lock, and therefore another key will not be suitable for opening. It's like a kind of pin code, and codes are an incredibly wide variety of options, from which there is a low probability of choosing a key for someone else's lock. Advantages of cylinder locks:

  • Installing a lock on a corrugated gate High degree of reliability.
  • Low cost.
  • Easy to install.

  • If the key is lost, it is not required to change the entire lock as a whole, it is enough to replace the core with a set of new keys.

Lever type - complicated cylinder lock. In this version, the key is complex in configuration, where the protrusions are placed not on one side, but on 2 or 3. This is what will increase the resistance to burglary and the reliability of the structure. True, these locks are more expensive than cylinder locks.

In this case, if you lose the keys, you will need to replace the lock as a whole.

Electromechanical locks

Installation of a lock on a corrugated wicket door can be different, as the locks differ from each other. The electromechanical gate lock got its name only because it works under the influence of electric current at a distance. But from the outside, everything opens with a simple key. The principle of operation lies in the fact that inside instead of locking springs, a magnetic coil is installed inside.

It is she who will retract the crossbars when it is required to open the wicket. In the video, a specialist tells about electromechanical locks, shows all their varieties, and also denotes negative and positive parameters.

Electromagnetic type locks

In fact, this is an electronic type lock, which functions on the same principle as electromechanical. It just needs to be opened with a special electronic key, which must be attached to the button, which is located on the outside panel on the outside. Or you can use a push-button code dialing system.

Such locks are ubiquitous installed in the entrance of an apartment building. They can also be installed on wickets. The only thing that is important to note is only one drawback - if you are outside the border of your site, and at that moment you turned off the power supply to the house, then you will not get inside through the gate. The high degree of strength and reliability of the product makes it possible to talk about the high characteristics of the protection of the structure. According to experts, such a lock can only be broken with a tractor.

It is quite difficult to mount an electronic lock on a gate, and only specialized companies should do this. The thing is that this design is not just a mechanical part, but also an electrical one, whose installation scheme is not the simplest.

Radio wave locks

This type is included in the category of electronic type models, and it differs from those described above in that the opening process itself is performed by means of a key fob ...

The latter gives a radio signal to the control unit, which will open the wicket. The opening mechanism itself can be electromechanical or magnetic. You can open this lock from anywhere in the yard or from a distance, approaching the house. These are the most expensive modifications on the market today.

Please note that all wicket door locks that operate on electrical energy have one serious drawback.

They will stop working if the electricity supply to the house for some reason stops. For this reason, these structures are equipped with an emergency power supply, which will also increase the cost. This is, in fact, a small battery, which is also important to keep track of.

Selection criteria

As you can see, the lock for a wooden or metal wicket is a serious lineup. There are many different modifications on the market, which differ from each other in the materials used, the number of valves, the presence or absence of a secret mechanism, and so on.

For example, some manufacturers offer titanium bar locks and stainless steel outer guards. Complex locks are very popular at the moment, and they can be opened with a key, a code set or by means of a remote control.

Although this will complicate the design (and at the same time increase the cost), it will make it possible to open the gate even if there is no electricity in the house. As for the choice among the models of the mechanical type, preference is given to mortise and overhead modifications.And ideally, if it is a leveled option, since this species is not afraid of severe frosts and incredible heat.

Pay attention to the dimensions, because the lock for a wicket made of corrugated board or similar material should be small in size. This also applies to keys. It must be as tight as possible so that dust and dirt do not get inside. The latter will reduce the service life, as they cause abrasion of parts and corrosion.

And more additional tips:

  1. The build quality is a decisive factor in the high quality of the product, and therefore there should not be large leaks in the lock, and even more so, gaps and cracks.

  2. Check the structures before purchasing, all mechanisms and parts must move smoothly, without snagging and jamming against each other.
  3. If the choice fell on electrical models, then pay attention that the kit includes a plastic corrugation, which will be used for the current supply cables.
  4. Check all key locks.
  5. Request a quality certificate from the seller.
  6. Buy locks from specialty stores.

  7. It is better to get an expensive model, as safety comes first.

This will help you choose the perfect castle.