Installing slopes on windows: step-by-step instructions- Review + Video

Installing slopes on windows: step-by-step instructions- Review + Video How to properly install slopes on plastic windows with your own hands After you have already installed the window, only finish one more part, namely, install slopes on plastic windows. You will learn that PVC elements perform not only decorative, but even some important protective functions. You can install slopes even with your own hands, without resorting to professionals. How to carry out the installation work with your own hands will be described below.

Plastic finishing device is the most popular way to ennoble the space of a window opening.

PVC slopes have a beautiful glossy surface and are perfectly combined with the material for the manufacture of window profiles.

Slopes for windows - why are they needed

General information

Plastic panels make it possible to protect assembly seams from exposure to moisture and sunlight. Mounting foam, with which the window frame will be fixed to the opening, is a water-repellent material. But if you do not protect it from the direct rays of the sun, then it will gradually begin to deteriorate and moisture will begin to freely enter its pores, which is capable of destroying the bonding material from the inside. For this reason, the slopes for the PVC window should be installed as soon as possible after the windows are installed.

How to make the slopes yourself? You will learn more about this later.

Properties of plastic slopes

Slopes for metal-plastic windows can be made of two types of material - they can be window slopes made of PVC panels or sandwich panels ...

For any of these types of plastic panels, the following general positive points will be characteristic:

  • Installing slopes on windows: step-by-step instructions- Review + Video Long service life.

  • Plastic slopes for windows have a decorative appearance and are perfectly combined with the material from which the window system will be made.
  • Finishing the window slopes inside with plastic makes it possible to reliably protect the foam from any influences in the environment.
  • Installation of plastic slopes is suitable even for finishing arched openings, because flexible PVC casing can be used.
  • You can install PVC panels even with your own hands, and at the same time without professional skills, as well as special expensive equipment.
  • Plastic panels for arranging slopes can be cut even with a hacksaw for metal, but please note that this should be done very carefully, do not make efforts so that the PVC panel does not crack, otherwise you will simply ruin the material.

  • Do-it-yourself installation of plastic slopes is quick, and at the same time, heavy pollution and construction debris are not formed.
  • Ease of caring for PVC panels - it is enough to wipe them occasionally with a damp cloth, which is soaked in soapy water.
  • The panels have low thermal conductivity.
  • The plastic window element has a high level of resistance to moisture.
  • Finishing the slopes of plastic windows will help to reliably protect them from freezing.

Let's take a closer look at everything related to PVC material, as well as how to install slopes with your own hands.

Overview of options

Products from PVC panels

Before proceeding with the installation of plastic slopes with your own hands without assistance, you should first familiarize yourself with the qualities of the material that is used to create them. One of them can be a PVC panel.

Brief description of the material

Installing slopes on windows: step-by-step instructions- Review + Video This material has one more name , namely the ceiling panels. They are made from polyvinyl chloride.

They are made of two plastic plastics with stiffeners inside. For certain models, the presence of tool joints at the ends is provided. The panels can be made in different sizes, but during installation work, in any case, you will need to cut everything to the required size. At the same time, the panels can be 3 or 6 meters long, but it is best to buy 6-meter products. The thickness of the panels can be from 0.

5 to 1.2 cm. The variety of products can also be different - slats, panels or PVC sheets. In addition, you should buy accessories for plastic panels. In the kit, you must definitely have fasteners and plastic elements, the description of which is presented in the photo below.

One of the obvious advantages of any plastic material is a wide range of colors, and colored slopes can be selected for any interiors. In addition, the interior decoration will look extremely unusual if the window openings are sheathed with plastic panels that imitate any material of artificial or natural origin. If you have colored or brown windows, you can use products painted in different shades. It is important that in this case all window fittings are combined with them. Panels are monochromatic, varnished, laminated, and also have an image or a printed pattern on their surface, which is applied by a special method (thermal printing).

Installing plastic slopes will help to give the windows a neat look of decorative frame trim. How to make slopes yourself, we will consider further.

Advantages of the material

High-quality finishing of slopes with the help of plastic with your own hands will definitely turn out due to the unique properties of the ceiling panels:

  • material is not toxic.
  • Plastic is highly resistant to moisture.
  • The material is easy to maintain and install.

  • It is lightweight and therefore will not load the base.
  • Plastic is a non-combustible material, but when melted it can emit poisonous pungent smoke, and in addition, the products themselves are quite resistant to temperature extremes.
  • Are frost-resistant.
  • Create a beautiful flat surface that is firmly in place.
  • They have a modern look and are suitable for any interior.

  • The honeycomb structure will provide reliable isolation from noise.
  • Not capable of accumulating static electricity on surfaces.
  • The panels are resistant to household chemicals.

Now you can proceed to the installation of slopes on plastic windows with your own hands.


How to put slopes made of plastic on windows in stages is shown and described below.

Before you start finishing the slopes with panels, you should take measurements.

Lateral inner sides should be measured twice - at the wall and at the window:

  1. Installation of plastic slopes on windows begins with removing the foam, which managed to go beyond the seam along the entire perimeter of the window frame. To do this, use a construction or stationery knife.
  2. Next, a block of wood should be attached around the entire perimeter of the window frame. When making a bar, a slope should be made on one facet.

    This is required so that you can firmly anchor the block near the window frame.

  3. Finished bars should be installed around the entire perimeter of the window frame so that they slightly go over it. Fastening can be done with dowels or self-tapping screws.
  4. The plastic strip, called the starter profile, must be purchased from a hardware store. Next, we take a construction stapler or self-tapping screws, and attach it to a wooden block around the entire perimeter.

  5. According to the measurements that you made earlier, you should make all the elements you need. Cut the plastic carefully so that nothing is damaged.
  6. Install the panels first on the side walls of the window opening, and the panels must be installed in the starting profile.
  7. Next, separate the element from the wall and cover the entire space with polyurethane foam. Then put it back in place and press down lightly so that the foam can grab.

  8. Thus, you need to trim all the slopes, make them plastic, and decorative corners can be attached to the trimmed fragments. Fix the finished product with masking tape, and let everything remain in this form until the foam sets to the end.

When installing slopes on metal-plastic windows, platbands can be attached in the corners.

Products from sandwich panels

Installation of plastic slopes without assistance can be performed using a multi-layer material, which is covered on both sides with decorative plastic ..

. When installing plastic slopes with your own hands with sandwich panels, you may not carry out additional thermal insulation. Installation of PVC slopes when using this material will be quick and with a minimum amount of waste.The use of PVC slopes, or rather panels, will help protect windows from freezing.


Sandwich panels have the following characteristics:

  • PVC provides reliable sound and thermal isolation.

  • Finishing the slopes with such a material will increase the energy efficiency of the window system as a whole.
  • If you correctly make the slopes from the panels with your own hands, then the window opening will have a beautiful appearance.
  • Do-it-yourself plastic finishing of windows is carried out quickly and efficiently.
  • Even an unprepared person can make insulated slopes.

Let's go directly to the installation.


The sandwich panel can be attached in the same way as the PVC panel. How to properly make such a finish yourself is shown in the photo below. How to make window slopes using plastic without a starting profile is shown below.

  1. This method will be relevant with a small distance from the opening to the frame, when you simply have nowhere to mount the starting profile.
  2. Excess foam should be carefully removed.

    Attach a thin strip on all sides of the opening, and in this case, the panel will be installed in the foam by 1 cm, which means that the latter must be cut accordingly along the entire perimeter.

  3. First you need to insert the upper part into the resulting groove. Bend it a little, and the resulting space will be covered with a small amount of foam, and attach the panel to the rail using self-tapping screws.
  4. Side fragments should be attached in the same way.

That's it, editing is over.

Let's consider another option.

Finishing with plaster mortar

This option is rather outdated, because it has more disadvantages than advantages. Still, it is worth considering this option.

There are two main advantages of this type of finishing:

  • Low cost of installation.
  • If the windows are installed close to the walls, then this is the only real finishing option.

Unfortunately, there are many more drawbacks in this option, and therefore it is worthwhile to think in advance about the negative consequences of using.

Of these, we highlight the following:

  • Plaster is not the final finish, and you still have to putty and paint the slopes.
  • There will be a lot of waste after work.
  • It is not possible to install an additional layer of insulation made of plasterboard or mineral wool.
  • Experience required.

  • Not the best look, expensive paint will be required.
  • Short service life. After a while, the plaster will start to fall off.


If you come to the conclusion that this is what you need, feel free to get down to business. More recently, drywall has become popular, since a large number of structures, including slopes, can be made from it.

During installation, you may encounter difficulties, but there are much less of them than in the version with plaster. I would like to note in advance the fact that the installation of slopes is not the type of service for which the cost is so high that it is better to save money. For this reason, many people try to hire specialists who will save you time and materials. You just have to admire the beautiful view with cleanliness and minimal costs. But since you still need to follow the masters, all the knowledge from the article will definitely come in handy.

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