Instruction and Installation + Drawings and Video

Instruction and Installation + Drawings and Video Dormer construction + drawings and photos. The variety of skylight designs makes them suitable for any type of roof.

In this article, you will learn about the types and functions of such windows. The article describes information about standard designs, all the subtleties of design, mounting and selection.

Varieties of window openings on the roof

In modern houses, you can see four types of dormers:

  • Windows on the gables.

This front (front) opening device is the most popular solution for mansard and gable roofs. In addition, the gable window has become an economically viable option, as the installation is similar to the inset of a conventional window.

  • Dormer. In everyday life, a gable roof, which has a dormer window protruding beyond the roof slope, has the simple name "cuckoo". Such a window is also a popular option with many modifications.

    As an additional element of the architecture of the house, the cuckoo complicates the design, and this will lead to unplanned expenses. But nevertheless, the dormer also carries an aesthetic load, namely, it increases the living area and expands the view in a circle. The glass must be installed vertically, and this slightly restricts the flow of light.

  • Instruction and Installation + Drawings and Video Antidormer. It, in contrast to the construction described above, does not protrude beyond the kat, but, on the contrary, is built in and, as it were, is recessed into its surface.

    By the way, it is also cheaper, although you will have to spend money on improved waterproofing. Despite the originality of the appearance, this variety is not suitable for widespread use, since it will reduce the usable area of ​​the attic room. Antidormer with glass vertically located in it is suitable for installation in a sloping attic roof.

  • Roof window. A dormer on the roof of the attic is built into the inclined plane of the roof, which provides natural lighting to the maximum.

    The installation of a tilted window is characterized by small amounts of work and dimensions, and they look impressive, but there are also costs - they will cost you a little more than standard plastic windows, and are also prone to leaks and are inconvenient to use when located at a high location.

If you want to fill the attic with sunlight, installing a skylight would be an excellent option. This is a special translucent structure that is installed on a flat roof. They are so varied in size and configuration that they are an elegant addition to any style of home. But installing an anti-aircraft lantern will require careful design and selection of materials.

Structures and their variety

It may seem that the variety of structures and design solutions knows no bounds, and every craftsman tries to make his dormer better.

Instruction and Installation + Drawings and Video And all this beauty can be distinguished in the form of several typical window designs, which include such models:

  • With a pitched roof. This is a window with side walls and a flat roof, and the slope of the roof must necessarily be less than that of the main roof. This design will have a lot of space under the ceiling (unlike the next type of model).
  • With a gable roof.

    The cuckoo so beloved by everyone and has become a classic, in which the structure of the rafter system is very similar to the traditional gable roof.

  • The dormer is triangular. This is a simplified version of the gable roof, which is necessary in order to give the structure a fabulous romantic look. A distinctive feature is that there are no side walls, and this makes the dormer easy to implement. The main disadvantage is that very little light enters the room.

  • Dormer under the hip roof. A hip roof with a dormer window will always attract the attention of others, thanks to which the building will be elegant and respectable. In order to achieve harmony, the angle of inclination of the hip above the dormer must necessarily be the same as above the main roof.
  • Arched dormer. It is very beautiful, but many problems arise during its arrangement, and therefore this option is extremely rare.

    Window openings of this type are sometimes set vertically, one above the other.

  • Bat. This is the original view of the window opening, which is elongated and pointed towards the corners (in the architecture of those times, it is called the "bull's eye"). But for the construction of such a plastic form, the help of a professional who previously performed such complex projects will be required.
  • Roof lamp .

    This is a structure that gives the building the effect of lightness and airiness, and can be in the form of a sphere, pyramid, oval or rectangle.

Dormer window function

Instruction and Installation + Drawings and Video

Most people know that a house must have at least one dormer, so the design of a dormer is always included in the drawing.

Modern roof windows have several functions:

  1. Ventilation. This is the first and most important function of the opening. There must be high-quality ventilation in the attic, due to which the roofing material will not be threatened with damage and deformation.

  2. Lighting. This is the second goal, which is also practical, and it fully justifies all the difficulties that will have to be faced during design and installation. For this purpose, skylights are best suited.
  3. Expansion of usable space. But this is a quality that is not inherent in all types of dormer windows.

  4. Exit to the roof. If repairs are required, then the dormer window will be the safest and most convenient way to get to the roof.
  5. Design. A typical house with a standard roof looks a little old-fashioned and boring. Dormer windows will be a great opportunity to make your country home unique and attractive.

Nuances of design

First of all, the dormer must correspond to the general concept of the architectural plan of a country house. When the time comes to decide whether it is necessary to have a dormer on the roof, the structure will need to be included in the sketch, drawing, and then in the final project. The design of the frame for the future dormer window and the roof truss system should be carried out simultaneously. The complexity of the project and the parameters of the window will be largely determined by what material for the roof you have chosen.

After the frame is ready, the turn of the pie for the roofing will come.

To obtain a high-quality layer, you will need to think about what kind of thermal insulation and waterproofing you will use, as well as choose in advance the finishing material for the roof.

There are certain SNiP standards in relation to dormer windows, although this refers more to private construction as recommendations, and the most rational design methods are proposed:

  • Possibility of arrangement. You are unlikely to find a location if the ramp angle is less than 35 degrees. In this case, we recommend using only window openings on the gables.
  • Dimensions.

    The minimum dimensions of the opening are 120 cm by 80 cm.

  • Placement. The main tasks of the construction of a skylight on the roof, attic and attic are ventilation and lighting, therefore the best solution would be to install it on any side of the house, except for the north.
  • Roof location. Choosing a location for a roof window is just a matter of taste.

    The main point is that the windows are not located too close to the edge of the roof (with a cornice, ridge, wall of the pediment - at least 100 cm), as this can weaken the reliability of the system.

  • Location of multiple windows. If you plan to make several windows in a row, then the distance between them should be at least 80 cm. This distance is required so that there are no problems when laying the topcoat. In addition, if the windows are located close, the preventive examination will be aggravated in the future, and in winter snow will accumulate and it will be difficult to remove it from the roof.

  • Placement of a window in the attic. The distance of openings to the attic floor should be no less than 100 cm.

The peculiarity of dormer windows, as elements of architecture, is that their number and type are selected depending on the style and purpose of the house (utilitarian or decorative). Since there are no clearly established rules in private construction, it remains to be guided by your experience in construction and the tastes of the customer / designer.

How to choose a dormer

When choosing the type of dormer that will suit the roof of your house, you should highlight the goals you have set for the windows .

.. Determinants of what is more important for you:

  • Improving aesthetics, when you want to add originality to the building. In this case, an arch dormer, a bat or a skylight is ideal.
  • Natural lighting, which will come in handy in a residential attic.

    We advise you to buy an attic double-glazed window for this, since it will be practical - with modern window models, even with a large glazing area, such double-glazed windows will be safe and equipped with energy saving, and these are additional positive characteristics.

Over the past few years, home owners have become more choosy and now opt for dormers rather than dormers. By the way, the latter are often found only in those houses that are made in the classic style.

This can be explained as follows:

  1. Skylights provide improved air exchange and are able to transmit 35% more light.
  2. In most country houses, modern projects were used during the construction, and it is in this type of buildings that dormer windows will look more natural.

  3. Despite the increased cost, such windows are still more economical, since their installation does not require changing the roof structure and it is not so laborious.

If you decide that the skylight design will be superfluous and want to completely abandon it, you will receive the following unpleasant consequences:

  • Lack of timely air circulation through the ventilation system or window opening can lead to an increase in humidity and the formation of condensation.
  • In the absence of normal lighting, along with a high level of humidity, mold will begin to form, and this will trigger the process of destruction of the rafter system.
  • A roof without a window opening is more airtight, but this has its drawbacks, since with a strong gusty wind, air pressure differences will appear, and it is even higher inside. Also, because of this difference, a lift will act behind the overly fixed roof, like on the wings of an airplane.

    And the dormer, if available, evens out the pressure on the street and in the room, which will prevent damage to the roof.


Dormers are not the last element that affects the perception of the house, therefore, such elements should be designed even when creating a sketch.

In the event of an error in calculations or work, you can turn the original architectural detail into a defect that will be conspicuous and affect the reliability of the structure. Prudent homeowners entrust the creation of the roof and the installation of window openings on the roof only to specialized companies.

Experienced planners and roofers will give amazing results - excellent rafter systems, reliable waterproofing and thermal insulation and aesthetically pleasing finishes.