Instruction + Photos, drawings and video of production

Instruction + Photos, drawings and video of production In the construction business, the trends of progress begin to be used faster and easier than in other industries, since plastic windows are no longer a curiosity in our country. But here's a bad luck: changing such boring metal-plastic structures for new ones and made of wood is not a cheap pleasure, but what to do if the timing and finances sing romances, and your hands grow just from the right place?

In fact, making a window out of wood with your own hands is not so difficult, especially if you own the tool at the level of the "Home Wizard".

A little experience + basic skills + a pinch of great desire + a little dexterity, as well as the right materials and raw materials = voila, you are ready to go and you can already be sure of victory!

Azy - a window made of wood with your own hands - it's not difficult

It is quite normal that both when building a house and during major repairs it is foolish to think that without experience and practice you can first-class to make a frame of wood, and preferably two, and even slopes to boot. But if you need windows to a veranda, shed or other household building, then you don't need a lot of intelligence. But there is something that should be remembered as Holy Scripture - to maintain tightness, correctly calculate the geometry of the frame block, and of course, good preparation, without which you cannot start.

Instruction + Photos, drawings and video of production Important: when creating a window frame with your own hands, the most difficult thing will be to make a profile for a frame from a simple bar. Here you will need special equipment, without which it will be extremely difficult to do everything right, even for a specialist. Therefore, we advise that you have everything you need at hand, otherwise you can waste a lot of time and spoil the material.

It is also important to understand that wood is an incredible material and a find of mankind, as it is malleable, excellent for processing, durable and creates an interesting microclimate in the room.

Making frames from wood should be thought out in advance, choose the right shape, purchase the necessary raw materials, materials and tools (it is not necessary to buy, for one-time work you can borrow from a neighbor, or rent in a special agency), and only after all fees to start work.

Of course, you are unlikely to be able to process wood as efficiently as in a specialized factory, but you will still get good quality frames if you follow the entire process technology.

Do-it-yourself window made of wood: photos, drawings, video

We make a window from wood: selection of materials

It seems that the easiest way is to go to the store with previously taken measurements and order a block from a master who has already made more than one window, and knows exactly how and what.But it is very simple, and why, if you are a handy and not afraid of experiments master? To begin with, when thinking over how to make a window frame, you should pay attention to what material it will be, because a lot depends on it - strength, functionality and reliability of the entire structure as a whole. In addition, the varieties of trees are different, which means that their durability is also not the same, so you should think about whether your windows will be only an intermediate option or do you want to make them durable?

First, you should find out that the window frame made of wood with your own hands will be made with removable glass, but if you wish, you can always make your own, sealed glass unit. You will have to work longer and even suffer a little, but later you will get the windows of your dreams.

It is in order to take into account all the nuances that it is important to choose the right wood, so as not to bite your elbows from offense in the future and not to curse everyone and everything.

  • Instruction + Photos, drawings and video of production The most expensive and considered to be elite material for wooden frames is oak, which is durable , and durable. But it is worth preparing yourself for the fact that oak alone will cost you like the entire metal-plastic structure in the assembly, and it is not surprising - you have read about the advantages of this wood, which means that its price is appropriate. There is one but: you should take wood only when you are sure of the result, and you also have experience with wood.
  • In order not to confuse how to make a window out of wood with your own hands and not spoil the material, take a birch, which lends itself well to processing and at the same time serves for more than a dozen years.

    It is much cheaper than oak, has a wonderful light shade and has an excellent texture, although finding this material can be problematic.

  • Perhaps the most affordable material, both in terms of price and in terms of prevalence, is pine. If you are going to make a window frame for the first time, give preference to this particular type of wood, since it has a number of advantages - the wood is light, it is easy to handle and has good performance indicators.

It should be understood that most of the window frames are made just from pine, so this option should not be dismissed. In addition, you can find glued laminated timber on sale, which has already been pre-treated with the necessary anti-shrink compounds.

Such bars will prevent the formation and growth of fungus, mold and other things, even with high humidity, which significantly increases the operational life of window blocks and systems.

Making a window from wood with your own hands - choosing a working tool

Before you start delving into the process of creating a window from wood, you should purchase or ask friends for certain equipment, but those who have already worked with wood always have it. In this case, it is important to use the right tool and do everything clearly according to the instructions in order to get the coveted product without defects at the exit.So, what do we need in order to make a profile from glued or ordinary timber, and then a window? It is necessary to create the correct drawings, because it will depend on this specifically whether the frame made will fit your window opening or not, and this is not so simple.

  1. Instruction + Photos, drawings and video of production Electric and manual chisel.

  2. Electric planer and circular saw. You can use a hand tool, but it will take longer in terms of labor costs.
  3. Wood milling machine (preferably manual) - will be needed when working out grooves and design fasteners.
  4. Screwdrivers, painting knife, scraper and other little things that you may need.
  5. Glazing beads - it is better to buy in a specialized store, and choose them from the same type of wood as the future frame.

  6. A can of sealant (silicone) and a construction gun, wood glue.
  7. Tape measure / meter, preferably with a laser level, as well as a marker and pencil.

When all the tools you need are in place, do not forget that you need blueprints for a wooden window, otherwise you simply cannot get started. First, you need to decide on the size, so we measure the window opening, taking into account the presence / absence of the box. If there is no box, do not worry - it does not take much time to make it, but we have provided you with a drawing of even a typical window for a house or veranda to make your work easier.

Manufacturing process

It's time to start!

Now that all the tools are ready, the materials are purchased and you are ready morally - we get down to the work itself, that is, the creation of a window block. Please note that the gaps between the sashes and the frame should not be more than 2 mm, otherwise the entire structure will be unusable - it will blow from the windows and you will immediately have to solve the sealing problem. But what is all this about when you can pay more attention to the process and get around such a problem? We advise you to watch the video, which will be posted at the end of the article, so that you understand how to correctly make a window out of wood with your own hands, in order to see and understand with your own eyes, because it is not for nothing that they say that "it is better to see once than hear a hundred times."

No box? No problem!

If you do not have a box where you have to install the window, you will need to make it yourself. It is required so that the load from the walls (more precisely, their weight) does not fall on the window frames, as this is quite dangerous.

There is nothing difficult in this, you just make a box according to measurements.

  1. Instruction + Photos, drawings and video of production We take a bar / board with a section of 15 * 5 cm - this will be enough to create a box.
  2. In our workpiece we make a groove that will go about 1.5 cm deep and is made in the shape of the letter "L".
  3. At first, you can connect the parts of the structure with ordinary wood glue.

  4. Next, drill holes about 3 cm deep, insert pins into them for better fastening STRICTLY at right angles.

Great! Note that you need to mount the box so that it is motionless, that is, drill holes where dowels or anchors will be inserted and screw the box DEADLY. We blow out the cracks with polyurethane foam, which will be useful for hydro and thermal insulation.

In the work we need a bar with a section of 6 * 4 cm, possibly more. It depends on the size of the window block.

The shape can be different, as it depends on the number of glasses you want to insert and on the thickness and size of the factory glazing beads.

Important: the more you have a window block in area, the more you choose the timber in cross section. It so happens that the frame skews due to its weight and mass, so make sure that this is in advance so as not to correct mistakes in the future.

Several rules

  • If you have a single-glazed profile, you should make 2 rectangular grooves, which are required for installation and glazing ..


  • If the profile has two glasses, make one more groove for the second one.
  • If the glazing bead is 1 cm, choose rectangular grooves and 4 mm glass.
  • From the profile in which the grooves will be made in advance, the frame will be assembled, and you should mark it, and then cut off an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Make a tongue-and-groove fastener and glue it on for greater stability and stability.

You can also additionally secure the structure with self-tapping screws, but you will have to make sure that the caps go well into the wood, otherwise they will interfere with the closing / opening of the doors, and this should not be allowed.

Insert glass

When you have finished making a window out of wood with your own hands, all that remains is to insert glass, and then you can start assembling the block in the box. If you measure yourself carefully and without haste, then after cutting the glass you will have a guaranteed absence of cold due to the tight fit of the glass to the tree.

  • Instruction + Photos, drawings and video of production Be sure to observe safety rules, as you can injure yourself when cutting glass. To avoid this, use special gloves.

    It is a good idea to wear goggles to prevent glass dust from entering your eyes.

  • The permissible error when cutting glass is 1 mm, and after cutting, sand the edges with fine grain sandpaper.
  • Having measured in advance, we insert the glass onto the frame, which should be coated with sealant. After the glass enters the groove, remove the remnants of the sealant with a clean dry cloth, otherwise it will be very difficult to get rid of it after drying.
  • If the window consists of paired parts, then a wooden impost should be screwed to the middle frame.

    It, like the frame, must be made with all the necessary grooves.

  • The doors that will open are made of timber a little thinner, and attached to the main frame with hinged hinges. On this sash we attach the handle, on the opposite one we attach the latch-tongue into the desired groove.

The created block only needs to be put into the box and properly secured, as we described above, if you have the skill (and it should have appeared during the manufacture of the window frame), it will not be difficult for you. Do not forget to seal all gaps to protect yourself from wind and precipitation, as well as from the formation of drafts.

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