Interesting and unusual facts about the construction tape

Interesting and unusual facts about the construction tape Construction tape - its history and interesting facts

Measuring the size of objects or even objects may require different instruments and devices, and each of them will be "sharpened" for certain conditions. The simplest device is a building measuring tape, which is needed in order to determine the dimensions of linear objects.

This tool is used almost everywhere, and it helps to solve construction, domestic, industrial, geodetic and many other tasks that are associated with measurements.

Those measuring tools that every home owner buys for themselves are most often construction ones. There are other types of tape measures, and each type is used for specific measurement conditions.

Characteristics and structure

The construction of the simplest tape measure is very simple:

  • The measuring band is a metal or a plastic sheet (sheet), with a scale on the front.

  • Interesting and unusual facts about the construction tape The body is made in the form of a small metal or plastic box, and in it and the canvas is stored, which is rolled up.
  • Hook - tip and metal for the measuring band. It is required to fix the zero mark of the scale for the corner of the measured object, or its protruding element. This makes it possible to use the tool with one hand.

    There are also such tape measures that are equipped with a double hook - these are two teeth that protrude from the back and front side of the canvas.

  • Latch is a mechanism located on the body, which makes it possible to fix the canvas in the selected area. In most cases, this is a slider key that presses the canvas against the body when pressed.

  • The spring is the most important element that will ensure the ease of use of the tool. She is responsible for ensuring that the canvas is self-winding into the body.

In addition to the elements that form the basis of the tape measure, there may be other additional mechanisms on the case, for example, a small flashlight for hanging the scale, a strap for easy removal of the device from a pocket or for wearing on the wrist, and belt clip. The main parameters that will characterize the tool are the parameters of the measurement scale, the material and size of the blade, the parameters of the body, the accuracy class, the type of the retainer and the parameters of the hook (hook).

Interesting facts

After the ruler, it is the measuring tape that is the most popular device, and at the same time we use it very often. And there are such professions where people do not part with the tape measure all day.

Do you know that a lot of unusual and informative facts are associated with such a measuring instrument?

  1. July 14 is the Day of Measuring Roulette, in any case this holiday is truly celebrated in America!
  2. The first person who thought to roll a flexible ruler was a Chinese scientist named Cheng Dwei.

    This event took place back in the 16th century, and such an intelligent person can rightfully be considered the inventor of the roll measuring device - the prototype of the modern building measuring tape.

  3. And the creator of modern roulette is Alvin Fellowes, who lived in Connecticut, which is in the United States of America. Such an invention has an exact date - July 14, 1868, which makes it clear why the Day of the measuring tape fell on this date. Alvin just inserted a roll of markings into a small-sized case and attached a handle to the axle. In addition, he did not forget to patent such an invention.

    Interestingly, the first roulettes were incredibly expensive - at that time $ 18 was a fortune, and if you translate this amount at the current exchange rate, you get about $ 320.

  4. The word "roulette" itself comes from the French "roulette", and it translates as "wheel".
  5. Interesting and unusual facts about the construction tape Do not panic if you notice that the hook "walks" a little, and is not tightly screwed, this is not at all marriage. Such a small-sized movement will compensate for the thickness of the hook, which means that when measuring with a hook on the workpiece, one edge of the hook will be the zero point, and during measurement from the hook to the workpiece, the second edge will already be the zero point, and if there were no movements, then exactly there would be an error in the measurement.
  6. Most tape measures have a figure written, for example 80 mm.

    This will be the width of the tape measure. If you measure from an angle, then you will need to add the width of the tape measure to the obtained value, and you will get the perfect accurate measurement.

  7. There are two types of tape rewinding mechanisms - with a return spring, in which the tape will be unwound when released, or with a rotating handle, in which case it is necessary to turn the reel and practically manually wind the tape. The original roulettes were all mechanical, that is, of the second type.
  8. Almost all tape measure hooks are equipped with built-in magnets, and when we measure from something made of metal, it will be enough to bring the hook, and it will attach itself thanks to the magnet.

  9. There are even electronic roulettes with a small screen, and after measuring, there is no need to consider what value is on the scale, because all the data will go to the screen, which is built into the body of the roulette. Such a tool will be convenient because it has memory and you can simply save the result, and not write it down every time.

  10. In our time, space exploration is in full swing, and progress makes it possible to launch satellites even for students, but these are exactly the people who are not at all rich. It is for this reason that in real spacecraft, which are made by a group of students, the simplest construction tape often plays the role of an antenna.

Results and video on the topic

And in 2018, the measuring tape in its modern form turned 150 years old! We hope that these facts have become an interesting discovery for you.

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