interesting ideas, step-by-step manufacturing instructions + Video

interesting ideas, step-by-step manufacturing instructions + Video A beautiful fence made of wood: interesting ideas, step-by-step manufacturing instructions for people with hands!

Although recently, the range of materials for creating fences has been expanded, no one has canceled the old and proven option for the manufacture of structures from natural wood. Fences that are monotonous in shape are already in the past, and now there are a huge number of design solutions that have been proposed by both design professionals and home craftsmen.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, effort and time to design a beautiful wooden fence. You can express your creative approach to business by transforming the picket fence into a unique fence that will attract the attention of everyone around you.

What are the functions of the fence?

interesting ideas, step-by-step manufacturing instructions + Video The key function of the fence is to prevent foreign territory.

But you should not make this the main goal and install the same fences as around the prison, and in this regard, the desire to make a beautiful fence is quite justified, since this will testify to the aesthetic taste of the owner of the suburban area.

In addition to the main purpose of protection, hedges are often made as a fence for animal enclosures, they decorate front gardens or simply zone the space. A beautiful wooden fence for a private house can be chosen by design, taking into account all the functions assigned to it.

Fences made of wood directly at the summer cottage are usually made of a lightweight type, but external fences differ greatly in "transparency" and height. You choose the need for a completely "blank" fence yourself, but even seemingly massive structures should not be deprived of the opportunity to become beautiful.

The photos in this article are direct evidence of this.


Types of light structures

It is not necessary to make a high and solid fence for a private house. If you have no need to hide all the beauty of the courtyard from the inside and there is reliable security in your village, you can opt for light wood structures.

This solution has many advantages :

  • The purchase of the material will not cost much.
  • Installation is simplified.

  • You can install such a fence yourself.
  • Eats many interesting design patterns.

For such beautiful fences, a wooden beam, pipes made of asbestos concrete or metal will be a support.

Note! To ensure stability of the fence structure, it will be necessary to deepen the supports below the level of soil freezing and a sufficient contact area.

Concreting and creating a basement around the posts will significantly extend the life of a wooden fence.

Types of massive fences

The price for massive structures of a fence made of wood will not be less than for brick or metal.In favor of installing a beautiful fence, the argument that it can become an architectural concept with a main house, a feature of landscape design and a desire to make a unique fence will play a role.

But with a large weight of the structure of a wooden fence, you will need to install a reliable support.

There are two options for solving this problem :

  1. The depth of concreting of the supports should be greater than the level of soil freezing.
  2. Sand and gravel cushion and reinforcement should be made.

Pillars made of stone or brick can be used as supports. This will extend the life of your wood fence and therefore you can use the supports later on for new fence configurations. A distinctive feature of large fences is that they cannot be installed with your own hands, and therefore you will have to use the services of a team of craftsmen.

Materials, forms of manufacture and their variety

You can build your beautiful wooden fence from all kinds of lumber:

  • Rack
  • Boards.
  • Rods.

  • Slabs.
  • Logs.

The choice will depend on cost and overall parcel style decision. Based on the materials that have been proposed, there are such options for creating beautiful fences from wood:

  • Palisade.
  • Picket fence.

  • Ladder.
  • Watches.
  • Chess.
  • Ranch.
  • Grid or lattice.

According to the characteristics, you can decide on the choice of the fence that will suit you. In production, it was the picket fence that distinguished itself by its simplicity. Even one who is considered a beginner can do it with his own hands. It will be enough just to fill the boards with equal intervals on the base. Pipes or wooden beams can be used as support pillars.

The height of the fence of wood you can choose arbitrarily, often this type of beautiful fence made of wood with their hands to make it to the front garden or suburban area zoning. To get a beautiful look, you will need decoration, such as staining.

Also, many are probably familiar with the wattle fence. In the standard sense, this is a special type of fence, which is created from weaving twigs or branches with vertical inserts of a similar material. Such a special decorativeness is appreciated in the Russian landscape style, which is also called Russian country.

But there is also an improved version of the wood structure called braiding. In general, the essence of the manufacture is the same, but a board is used as the basis, although there are still options using a vine.

In order to make a lattice fence with your own hands, you will need a lot of slats. If you want to simplify your task, you can use ready-made panels. In American cowboy films, there are many shots that convey the beauty of simple wooden structures, mainly used on the ranch.

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir application gave the name to such a fence, which is even easier to manufacture than a picket fence. True, this type of fence is not suitable for an external fence, but to emphasize a certain area on the site will be quite appropriate.

In all the previous versions, there is one peculiarity - through them you can see the inner component of the courtyard of a private house. But if you do not want to show your life to others, such a beautiful wooden fence for a private house, like a chessboard, is suitable. It is somewhat reminiscent of a picket fence in terms of assembly, but in this case the boards are packed not in one, but in two rows, and thanks to the decent height of the structure, this will be a reliable fence from prying eyes.

A fence made of wood, and which resembles a horizontal blind, is called a ladder. There are two manufacturing options - a solid fence or an open structure. But the palisade reminds of the adventures of Robinson Crusoe, who made an uncomplicated fence with his own hands to protect against animals. Such a fence is rarely done, since it is costly. And even durability in this case will not be able to outweigh your scales in favor of beauty, since such a structure is massive and difficult to install.

And, finally, the classic type of fencing, namely padded shields that are installed on supports. It is easy to get an original external type fence if you paint it in your favorite color. We will talk about this and other ways of decorating further.

Methods of decoration

Dyeing is the most popular and simplest way to transform the appearance of a fence. Even the simplest types of fences can be made unique and vibrant if you choose the right color scheme.

A picket fence is a field for creativity, as it is more suitable than anyone else for original ideas for coloring. There are many design approaches. Since now it is difficult to surprise someone with a monochromatic fence, now it has become even more popular to paint fences with several colors at once, or to create full-fledged paintings. An interesting idea would be a box of pencils or a pretty rainbow. Shades can be chosen both calm and bright, since a lot is determined by the size of the fence and the environment.

Important! To decorate a fence, paints must be of high quality. In addition to the shade itself, resistance to external factors is equally important, since otherwise very soon your beautiful wooden fence will fade and will not be as attractive as before.

But not everyone likes to keep the attention of those around them with bright colors. In this case, if you want to bring elegance to the exterior, use white paint. Impractical? Then opt for the traditional green, blue or gray.

But you can decorate a fence not only with paints. You can experiment with the height of the fence, and then even the simplest design will look unique.If you know how to work with carpentry tools, you will be able to design an exclusive wooden fence.

The task of hiding your life from strangers and at the same time not making the structure heavy is not easy, but it can be solved if you combine a fence and its lower part will be made in the form of a solid shield, and the upper one will be like an air crate made of wood. For seasonal shelter, planting bindweed plants near the fence will help.

So even the simplest fences will look romantic and cozy.

If you have a house in a Cossack village, a fence with carved platbands will organically fit into the space. And you can make a fence from wood cuts, which looks extravagant. Another non-trivial solution would be a fence made of boards, which is assembled in four directions. And even pallets can become a budget and no less beautiful solution, although this fence is more suitable for internal zoning or placement near the front garden.

Staining will help to decorate such a fence.


As you can see, there are many options on how to make a beautiful wooden fence with your own hands. The main thing is that you put a piece of your soul into this business and show ingenuity.